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Document Record Detail

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RCRA Online Number:14644
Organization of Recipient:NA
Description: A mixture of a Bevill-exempt waste and a characteristic waste (or a waste listed solely for exhibiting a characteristic) remains subject to the land disposal restrictions (LDR) even if it is no longer hazardous at the point of land disposal. A Bevill mixture is hazardous if it exhibits a characteristic of the non-excluded waste, but not if it exhibits a characteristic imparted by the Bevill waste. LDR attaches at the point of generation. A Bevill mixture must be treated for characteristics and underlying hazardous constituents (UHCs) attributed to the non-excluded portion, but not UHCs uniquely contributed by the Bevill portion. A facility remains subject to all applicable LDR notification requirements. The act of mixing a hazardous waste with a Bevill-exempt waste to render it nonhazardous is treatment, may require a permit, and may be a form of impermissible dilution.
Regulatory Citation(s) : 260.10, 261.3(a)(2)(i), 261.3(a)(2)(iii), 261.4(b)(7), 261.31, 268.3, 268.7 EXIT disclaimer
Statutory Citation(s):NA Read US Code 42, Chapter 82 EXIT disclaimer
Topic(s):Bevill Amendment; Characteristic Wastes; Exclusions (RCRA); Identification of Hazardous Waste; Land Disposal Restrictions; Mining Waste; Treatment
Approximate Number of Hardcopy Pages:1
EPA Publication Number:530-R-02-005k
RPPC Number (if applicable): NA
Official OSW Policy:No


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