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Document Record Detail

Full Document:
RCRA Online Number:14594
Organization of Recipient:NA
Description: For the purposes of air emission standards in 40 CFR Parts 264/265, Subpart CC, an owner or operator may use either direct measurement or knowledge of the waste to determine the average volatile organic (VO) concentration at the point of origination. Direct measurement requires analysis in accordance with the requirements of Method 25D or another specified method. Results must be adjusted to equate to a Method 25D equivalent concentration by multiplying the total concentration by the appropriate fm factors (SEE ALSO: 61 FR 59932, 59942; 11/25/96). If the determination is based on knowledge, information prepared by the owner or operator or supplied by the generator should be used. Any applied knowledge or chosen test does not need to account for any organic compounds present in the waste that have a Henry's Law constant of less than 0.1Y/X at 25C (SEE ALSO: 265 Appendix VI).
Regulatory Citation(s) : 264.1082(c)(1), 265.1083(c)(1), 265.1084(a)(3), 265.1084(a)(4) EXIT disclaimer
Statutory Citation(s):NA Read US Code 42, Chapter 82 EXIT disclaimer
Topic(s):Air Emissions (RCRA)
Approximate Number of Hardcopy Pages:1
EPA Publication Number:EPA530-R-02-005b
RPPC Number (if applicable): NA
Official OSW Policy:No


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