Regulatory Development and Retrospective Review Tracker

Rulemakings by Phase

An EPA regulation goes through a complex development process that involves scientific, economic, and policy analyses from experts both inside and outside of EPA. Click on phases in the diagram below to learn about regulations that are in each phase of the process, or view a list of all of the priority rulemakings currently in Reg DaRRT.

Phase 1: Pre-Proposal Phase 2: Proposal Phase 3: Final Rule Published End of Development


You may also find these pages useful:

  • Rulemakings by Phase: Withdrawn – If EPA decides to terminate a rulemaking, it drops out of the process shown in the graphic above. It may be withdrawn during the Pre-Proposal or Proposal phase. We retain these rulemakings on Reg DaRRT for historical purposes for one year after the rulemaking is withdrawn.
  • Archived Rulemakings - This page lists every rulemaking that finalized over 1 year ago. Prior to that point, finalized rulemakings are available from the Final Rule Published page.
  • About Reg DaRRT – Learn about the various phases of the process and more.