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Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support Rule

a.k.a. Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support Rule

RIN: 2060-AS66 (What's this?)

Docket No.: Not yet available (What's this?)

Current Phase: Proposal (What's this?)

This action proposes to make numerous changes to promote the production of renewable fuels and clarify certain requirements under the RFS program. This action would propose to allow for feedstocks partially converted at a facility other than a renewable fuel production facility to be fully converted at a renewable fuel production facility into finished renewable fuel.

These partially converted feedstocks are referred to as biointermediate feedstocks. Further, this action would also propose to add new registration, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements for certain renewable fuel production facilities using carbon capture and storage (CCS) if the EPA were to allow CCS as a lifecycle GHG emissions reduction technology in the context of the RFS program. Additionally, this action also proposes to require obligated parties to report a breakdown of their gasoline, diesel, and heating oil production; provide an additional RIN-generating pathway that is an extension of an existing pathway; and make numerous technical corrections. Finally, this action would implement fuel quality specifications for blends containing 16 to 83 volume percent ethanol. This action would provide substantial additional flexibility for ethanol flex fuel (EFF) producers that accommodate current market realities while continuing to ensure EFF quality is consistent with controlling pollution when used in flexible fuel vehicles.

NPRM: Sent to OMB for Regulatory Review05/10/2016
NPRM: Received by OMB05/10/2016
NPRM: Regulatory Review Concluded09/23/2016
NPRM: Comment Period Open11/16/2016
NPRM: Published in FR11/16/2016
NPRM: Public Meeting12/06/2016
NODA: Published in FR12/14/2016
NODA: Comment Period Open12/14/2016
NPRM: Comment Period Extension Published in FR12/27/2016
NPRM: Comment Period Closed01/17/2017
NODA: Comment Period Closed01/17/2017
NPRM: Comment Period Closed with Extension02/16/2017
Final Rule: Published in FR00/0000 (projected)

Potential Effects

Of the potential effects described in Reg DaRRT, none are anticipated at this time.

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