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Amendments to Part 63 Subpart YYYYY Electric Arc Furnace Area Source Standard

a.k.a. Area Source NESHAP for Electric Arc Furnaces - MACT Amendments for Mercury (subpart YYYYY)

RIN: 2060-AR27 (What's this?)

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Current Phase: Pre-Proposal (What's this?)

We are amending the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standard for mercury in the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) area source rule to develop an emission limit for mercury. This limit will replace the mercury switch program as MACT.

The states and environmental groups asked the EPA to reconsider the MACT work practice standard for mercury from the 2007 promulgated rule because they believe the switch program has had a much lower success rate than expected, and is unenforceable since only self-certification is required to comply with the MACT. In addition, the basis for the work practice promulgated as MACT in 2007 is no longer valid since mercury emissions can be collected, measured, and controlled at EAF as evidenced by over 30 facilities out of the 91 area EAFs that have measured mercury emissions and one facility that is collecting and controlling mercury under a state (NJ) mercury limit.

NPRM: Published in FR00/0000 (projected)

Potential Effects

Children's Health
This rule is likely to address an adverse impact on childhood lifestages, including prenatal (via exposure to women of childbearing age). The potential adverse impacts are expected to be due to toxicity (i.e., the developing fetus, infants, and/or children are more likely to have an adverse response than adult lifestages).

Environmental Justice
This rulemaking involves a topic that is likely to be of particular interest to or have particular impact upon minority, low-income, tribal, and/or other vulnerable populations because:

  • This topic is likely to present an opportunity to address an existing disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations.

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  • NPRM - No Information Available.
Citations & Authorities

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Citation
40 CFR Part 63

Legal Authority
42 USC 7412