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National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Group Regulation of Carcinogenic Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs)

a.k.a. Carcinogenic VOCs NPDWR - Group Regulation

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EPA announced in February 2011 that it plans to develop one national primary drinking water regulation (NPDWR) covering up to 16 carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

EPA will propose a regulation to address carcinogenic VOC contaminants as a group, rather than individually, in order to provide public health protections more quickly and also to allow utilities to more effectively and efficiently plan for improvements. PCE and TCE, which EPA determined to be candidates for regulatory revision under the second six year review of the existing NPDWRs, will be included in the VOC drinking water standard. Besides PCE and TCE, the group may include up to six additional regulated VOCs; and up to eight unregulated VOCs from the EPA's Contaminant Candidate List 3. The Safe Drinking Water Act, section 1412(b)(1)-(6), describes EPA's requirements for regulating contaminants. In accordance with these requirements, EPA will evaluate the health effects of carcinogenic VOCs, the feasibility of treatment, the affordability of treatment for small systems, and the costs and the benefits (as part of the Health Risk Reduction Cost Analysis). EPA has reached out to stakeholders via multiple meetings and the Web before deciding to develop the carcinogenic VOC group rule. EPA also plans to seek input from the Science Advisory Board, the National Drinking Water Advisory Council, the Department of Health and Human Services, and State and tribal drinking water programs prior to issuing a proposed rule.

NPRM: Published in FR11/2018 (projected)

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