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Sustainable Business Clearinghouse

Resource Conservation Challenge

Organization Environmental Protection Agency
Organization Type Government
URL http://www.epa.gov/osw/rcc/
Geographic Scope Nationwide
Issue Electronics, Energy Efficiency, Green Product Design, Hazardous Waste & Materials, Material Conservation/Waste Minimization, Pollution Prevention, Recycling, Regulations, Remanufacturing, Water Efficiency
Sector Aerospace, Automotive, Building Materials, Chemicals and Plastics, Construction, Energy and Energy Services, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Mining and Minerals, Non-Ferrous Metals
Type Of Assistance Compliance Assistance, General Information, How-To Guides, Technical Assistance
Description The Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) is a national effort to conserve natural resources and energy by managing materials more efficiently. The goals of the RCC are to a)prevent pollution and promote reuse and recycling, b) reduce priority and toxic chemicals in products and waste and c) conserve energy and materials. The RCC consists of numerous partnerships and collaborations with federal, state, local, and tribal governments; industry organizations; businesses and corporations; and individual citizens.

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