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Sustainable Business Clearinghouse


Organization Environmental Protection Agency
Organization Type Government
URL http://www.epa.gov/greenscapes/
Geographic Scope Nationwide
Issue Biodiversity/Ecosystems, Brownfields/Land Use, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Management Systems, Green Building, Green Technologies/Innovations, Hazardous Waste & Materials, Material Conservation/Waste Minimization, Pollution Prevention, Recycling, Soil Protection, Water Efficiency
Sector All
Type Of Assistance How-To Guides, Metrics/Assessment Tools, Technical Assistance
Description EPA's GreenScapes program provides cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for landscaping. Designed to help preserve natural resources and prevent waste and pollution, GreenScapes encourages companies, government agencies, other entities, and homeowners to make more holistic decisions regarding waste generation and disposal and the associated impacts on land, water, air, and energy use.

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