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Addressing Toxics, Hazardous Materials, and Waste

Organization Environmental Protection Agency
Organization Type Government
URL http://www.epa.gov/international/toxics/
Geographic Scope Nationwide
Issue Air Pollution/Quality, Cogeneration/Combined Heat and Power, Green Chemistry, Hazardous Waste & Materials, Pesticides, Pollution Prevention
Sector All
Type Of Assistance General Information, How-To Guides, Metrics/Assessment Tools, Research
Description Improper management and disposal of toxic substances poses a threat to local and global environments. Once released into the environment, many of these substances can travel long distances and affect ecosystems and human populations far from the point of use or disposal. In addition, toxic chemicals can accumulate in the environment and pose long-term threats to human health. EPA works to reduce the use and release of toxics that can cause harm to humans and ecosystems, by providing technical assistance and capacity building to developing countries and by providing technical input into international negotiations for the sound management of toxic substances and wastes.

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