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Short-chained Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCPs); Regulation(s) Under Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

a.k.a. SCCP (Short-chained Chlorinated Paraffins) - TSCA Section 6(a)

RIN: 2070-AJ69 (What's this?)

Docket No.: Not yet available (What's this?)

Current Phase: Withdrawn (What's this?)

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EPA is withdrawing this action, which was initiated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). EPA initiated the action because Short Chained Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCPs) are persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic to aquatic organisms at low concentrations.

They can remain in the environment for a significant amount of time and can bioaccumulate in animal tissues, increasing the probability and duration of exposure. Even relatively small releases of these chemicals from individual facilities that manufacture import, process or use these chemicals or releases from waste management facilities have the potential to accumulate over time to higher levels and cause significant adverse impacts on the environment. EPA considered proposing an action under TSCA section 6 to ban or restrict the manufacture, import, processing or distribution in commerce, export, and use of this chemical under TSCA. However, EPA reached settlement agreements with the last two manufacturers of SCCPs in the US. As part of the settlements, the companies agreed to cease manufacturing SCCPs, thus negating the need to consider an action under TSCA section 6. Should EPA consider reinitiating this action in the future, a new entry will be created in the Regulatory Agenda.