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Revision to Definition of Volatile Organic Compounds - Exclusion of Methyl Iodide (And Possibly Methyl Bromide)

a.k.a. VOC Exclusion - Methyl Iodide

RIN: 2060-AP22 (What's this?)

Docket No.: EPA-HQ-OAR-2008-0350 (What's this?)

Current Phase: Pre-Proposal (What's this?)

This action proposes to revise EPA's definition of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for purposes of preparing State implementation plans (SIPs) to attain the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for ozone under title I of the Clean Air Act (CAA).

This proposed revision would add methyl iodide to the list of compounds excluded from the definition of VOC on the basis that these compounds make a negligible contribution to tropospheric ozone formation. This action may also propose to add methyl bromide to this list.

NPRM: Published in FR00/0000 (projected)

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Citations & Authorities

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Citation
40 CFR 51

Legal Authority
42 USC 7602(s)