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Implementing Periodic Monitoring in Federal and State Operating Permit Programs

a.k.a. CAM - Compliance Assurance Monitoring Rule (Part 64)

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Current Phase: Withdrawn (What's this?)

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This action is being withdrawn. This rule was intended to revise the existing Compliance Assurance Monitoring rule (40 CFR part 64) to be implemented through the operating permits rules (40 CFR Parts 70 and 71).

The revised CAM rule would have defined when periodic monitoring is created for sources to use in determining compliance status relative to applicable requirements (e.g., emissions limits). The revisions would have specified criteria and procedures that source owners would address in creating effective periodic monitoring. A federal rule would provide for greater consistency in monitoring requirements than can be achieved through processes applied state-by-state and permit-by-permit. The result would also further satisfy the Clean Air Act requirement that EPA require enhanced monitoring sufficient to assure compliance for all major sources.