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National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Stationary Combustion Turbines- Petition to Delist

a.k.a. Petition to Delist as HAP Source Category: Gas Turbines

RIN: 2060-AK73 (What's this?)

Docket No.: EPA-HQ-OAR-2003-0196 (What's this?)

Current Phase: Proposal (What's this?)

In August 2002, the Agency received a petition to remove certain types of stationary gas-fired combustion turbines from the list of hazardous air pollutant sources under Section 112(c) of the Clean Air Act.

After requesting additional data from the petitioner regarding their petition and reviewing the additional data, the Agency proposed a partial granting of the petition by proposing to delist 4 subcategories of stationary gas-fired turbines in April 2004. Simultaneously, the Agency proposed a stay of the effectiveness of the combustion turbine maximum achievable control technology (MACT) for new sources in those subcategories of turbines, delaying the imposition of control requirements for the proposed delisted new turbines until a final action is taken regarding the delisting.

NPRM: Sent to OMB for Regulatory Review03/08/2004
NPRM: Received by OMB03/08/2004
NPRM: Regulatory Review Concluded03/17/2004
NPRM: Comment Period Open04/07/2004
NPRM: Published in FR04/07/2004
NPRM: Comment Period Closed05/24/2004
Final Rule: Published in FR00/0000 (projected)

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