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Effluent Guidelines and Standards for the Construction and Development Industry - Revision

a.k.a. C&D ELG - Turbidity Standard Revision

RIN: 2040-AF27 (What's this?)

Docket No.: EPA-HQ-OW-2010-0884 (What's this?)

Current Phase: Withdrawn (What's this?)

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EPA issued a final rule in 2014 (79 FR 12661) withdrawing the numeric turbidity effluent limitations and monitoring requirements at 40 CFR 450.22(a) and (b). At this time, EPA does not have sufficient data to inform establishment of national, numeric turbidity effluent limitations.

EPA is also concerned that national, numeric turbidity effluent limitations may be a disincentive to the installation of green infrastructure to manage stormwater. For example, meeting a numeric standard may require installation of a sediment basin or other impoundment on certain sites, which may be a disincentive to installing distributed stormwater controls. Because of these reasons, EPA is withdrawing the rulemaking to establish such limitations.