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EPA Helps Florida Deal with Fuel Shortage

Release Date: 09/07/2004
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(09/07/04) To ease Florida’s fuel supply concerns in the wake of two hurricanes with another storm approaching, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has allowed the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel statewide that exceed federal requirements. Last week as Hurricane Frances approached, EPA temporarily allowed Florida fuel suppliers to sell motor vehicle diesel fuel exceeding the sulfur content standard for highway use under the Clean Air Act (CAA). That waiver will now run through Sept. 15. The agency also relaxed the requirements on certain areas of the state to sell gasoline meeting a strict vapor standard during high-ozone season. In requesting the waiver extension Monday, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection stressed that a maximum fuel supply was needed as emergency workers and clean-up crews address the needs of storm-damaged communities and as millions of evacuated citizens returned home. In a letter to the Florida DEP, EPA said it would allow use of winter grade gasoline in Florida beginning today. Since the winter fuel sale date is only a week away, EPA lifted the restrictions early to ease the fuel shortage throughout the state.