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Under New Land Revitalization Agenda; EPA Adds Seven Final; 14 Proposed Hazardous Waste Sites to the Superfund National Priorities List

Release Date: 05/02/2003
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(05/02/03) EPA is continuing to make great progress in protecting public health, cleaning up the nation’s hazardous waste, and encouraging economic revitalization and land reuse by proposing 14 sites to the Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) and finalizing seven more. EPA’s selection of the 14 proposed new sites was based on various factors including: risk to human health and the environment, the need for urgent response, maintenance of a strong enforcement program, leverage of other cleanups, the level of support for listing from state, tribes, and communities, and program management and resource considerations. At all of these sites, EPA will work with states, tribes, local communities and other partners in identifying land reuse options and opportunities where they can work together to spur economic revitalization. In its recently announced Land Revitalization Agenda, EPA made a commitment that cleanup of contaminated land is not enough ---- these sites must be available to the community to provide jobs, tax revenues and recreational benefits that did not previously exist. Revitalization and reuse will now be a formal part of planning at every site. The 14 proposed sites are: AMCO Chemical, Oakland, Calif.; Captain Jack Mill, Ward, Colo.; 68th Street Dump, Baltimore, Md.; Madison County Mines, Fredericktown, Mo.; Newton County Mine Tailings, Newton County, Mo.; Ram Leather Care, Charlotte, N.C.; Troy Mills Landfill, Troy, N.H.; Rolling Knolls Landfill, Chatham Township, N.J.; Standard Chlorine Chemical Company Inc., Kearny, N.J.; White Swan/Sun Cleaners GW Contamination, Wall Township, N.J.; Armco Inc., Hamilton Plant, Hamilton, Ohio; Peters Cartridge Factory, Kings Mills, Ohio; Conroe Creosoting \fs24softlineCompany, Conroe, Texas; and Jones Road Ground Water Plume, Harris County, Texas. Proposed sites must go through a public comment period before they can be finalized on the NPL. The seven final sites are: United Metals Inc., Marianna, Fla.; Ward Transformer, Raleigh, N.C.; Omaha Lead, Omaha, Neb.; Woodbrook Road Dump, South Plainfield, N.J.; Pesticide Warehouse III, Manati, Puerto Rico; Gulfco Marine Maintenance, Freeport, Texas; Davenport and Flagstaff Smelters, Sandy City, Utah. These final seven sites are now eligible for Superfund remedial action funds. The NPL now contains 1,236 final sites. Cleanup construction has been completed at 850 sites and is underway at 384 additional sites. For Federal Register notices and support documents for the new proposed and final sites, see: