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EPA Administrator, Governors to Review Boutique Fuels

Release Date: 05/04/2006
Contact Information: Jennifer Wood, (202) 436-2215 /

(Washington, D.C. - May 4, 2006) EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson launched a task force today to review the boutique fuels used across the county. Johnson laid out his vision for the task force, sought agreement on an approach and detailed a time-table to guarantee the success of the president's directive.

Boutique fuels are specialized blends produced for a specific state or area of the country to meet state and local air quality requirements. Boutique fuels deliver substantial air quality and public health benefits at minimal costs - ranging from point-3 (0.3) to three cents per gallon. However, these unique fuels may present serious challenges to the fuel distribution system and, especially in times of disruption, may have the potential to result in local supply shortages.

"This is the first step in addressing the president's goal to streamline America's fuel supply and distribution system," said Johnson. "I appreciate the governors' positive response, and I look forward to working together on a solution."

Drivers are feeling the burden of high gasoline prices across the country. With direct input from the nation's governors, the task force will seek to simplify and unify the system of fuel regulations, as well as increase cooperation among states on gasoline supply decisions.

EPA is setting an ambitious schedule to provide the president with a final report within six to eight weeks. In order to meet this timeline, EPA will hold a series of meetings to provide states the opportunity to present their views and recommendations. EPA also will involve industry experts, public health organizations and other interested parties.

The key elements of the report will include:
a review of the overall process,
a summary of actions to date, including EPA's 2001 boutique fuel report and provisions required by the Energy Act,
a current report of the use and utility of boutique fuels,
stakeholder opinion and feedback,
and options for possible changes to our fuel supply system.

Information on boutique fuels: