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10/30/2006EPA Awards Research Fellowships for College Students
10/24/2006New Data Show Decline in Children's Exposure to Pollutants
10/11/2006Students Plant a Green Future for the Environment and the Economy
09/22/2006New Environmental Scientists are Ready to Take on America's Challenges
08/18/2006Student Applicants Sought For $1.25 Million in Sustainability Grants
05/12/20062006 Science Forum: Your Environment, Your Health, Your Future
05/11/2006Going for the Gold with Green Technology
05/03/2006Green Technology: Use Less Resources and Increase Profits - The First National Sustainable Design Expo
03/22/2006EPA Continues Efforts to Understand Effects of Ozone on Human Health and the Environment - Ozone Air Quality Criteria Document Released
03/16/2006$5 Million Awarded to Study Health and Environmental Effects of Nanotechnology
03/01/2006EPA Scientists Share Innovations with Public and Businesses
02/06/2006EPA's FY 2007 Budget Reflects Efficiency, Collaboration and Sound Science
02/03/2006EPA Press Briefing for President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2007
01/25/2006New Tool for Determining Cause of Ecological Harm to Rivers and Streams
01/25/2006EPA Provides Faster Water Quality Tests for Safe Beach Swimming
12/08/2005EPA Releases Plan to Test Alternative Method to Remove Asbestos
12/07/2005EPA Nanotechnology Draft White Paper
12/02/2005EPA Celebrates the Nation's Cleaner Environment on its 35th Anniversary
11/30/2005Sustainability Projects Funded at 41 Universities
11/16/2005EPA Announces Research Fellowships
10/24/20052005 Nanotechnology and the Environment Grants Workshop
10/18/2005Nanotechnology for Hazardous Waste Site Remediation Technical Workshop
07/21/2005New Environmental Research Fellowship Opportunities Available
05/25/2005Federal Dollars Help States Improve the Nation's Beaches
People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Student Awards
05/16/2005News Advisory: People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Student Designs on National Mall
05/16/2005News Advisory: EPA's Science Forum 2005 to Focus on Environmental National and International Partnerships
05/13/2005Ninety Percent of Population Served by Community Water Systems Meet Drinking Water Standards
03/29/2005EPA Issues "Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment" and Supplemental Guidance on Risks From Early-Life Exposure
03/28/2005 EPA to Announce Cancer Guidelines
03/08/2005 Acting Director Named for Office of Research and Development;
03/04/2005EPA Welcomes Coca-Cola, Fuji Hunt, Firestone, 51 other Facilities to Performance Track Program Dedicated to Environmental Improvements Beyond Current Regulatory Requirements
12/20/2004Draft Metals Risk Assessment Framework Released
12/08/2004 EPA Updates Information on Sediments
11/17/2004 EPA Updates Homeland Security Strategy
11/12/2004 New Tracking Tool for EPA Chemical Health Assessments
11/12/2004National Homeland Security Research Center Created by EPA
11/12/2004 $4 Million in Grants to Research Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology
11/09/2004 EPA Statement on Children's Environmental Exposure Research Study
11/04/2004EPA Science Advisor Stepping Down
11/04/2004 EPA Awards Environmental Justice Grants to 73 Community Organizations
10/22/2004$660,000 to Research Grants Announced for Sustainable Development
10/20/2004EPA Research Fellowships Announced
10/13/2004Environmental Technology Council Created
09/30/2004 EPA to Recognize Winners of Laboratories for the 21st Century Student Design Competition
09/28/2004Dedication of New Environmental Research Annex
09/23/2004Latest Notifications Page Added to
08/30/2004EPA’s Performance Track Announces New Members
08/27/2004New Environmental Research Fellowship Opportunities Announced
07/28/2004 Meetings to be Held on Improved Public Access to Federal Rulemaking;
07/21/2004 EPA and DHS Accepting Proposals for Research on Microbial Risk Assessment for Homeland Security
07/14/2004 Contracts for Nanomaterials and Clean Technologies Awarded
07/14/2004EPA Achieves Highest Marks for E-Government Efforts from OMB
07/07/2004Air Pollution Control Technologies Grants Awarded
06/30/2004Advanced Environmental Monitoring Contracts Awarded
06/23/2004 2002 Toxics Release Inventory Released
06/16/2004 New Report Profiles Environmental Performance in 12 Major Sectors
06/09/2004 New Guide Will Support Specialty-Batch Chemical Manufacturers’ Participation in EPA’s Voluntary Programs
06/07/200430 Communities Receive Environmental Justice Cooperative Agreements
05/28/2004Administrator Mike Leavitt To Deliver Keynote Address at 2004 Science Forum on Tuesday, June 1 - Annual Science Meeting Will Focus on Healthy Communities and Ecosystems
04/20/2004EPA Recognizes Partners for Environmental Progress
04/14/2004Earth Day 2004 Community Service Award Presented to D.C.’s Earth Conservation Corps
03/26/2004Green Investing: A Growing Trend
03/24/2004Risk Assessment Principles and Practices Staff Paper Released
03/09/2004Second National Coastal Report and Ocean Monitoring Agreement Announced
03/08/2004Second National Coastal Condition Report and Ocean Monitoring Agreement to be Announced
03/03/2004 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Released for Public Comment
03/03/2004 Science Advisory Board Review of Draft Guidance for Assessing Risks from Early-life Exposure to Carcinogens
03/01/2004World Trade Center Panel Formed to Review Health Protection-Expert Panel to Begin Assessments in March
02/18/2004EPA and Department of Energy Sign Agreement to Expand Research and Computing Collaboration
02/17/2004EPA and Department of Energy to Sign Agreement for Research and Computing Cooperation
2004 Integrated Risk Information System Agenda;
02/11/2004Performance Track Welcomes 39 New Facilities
01/29/2004EPA Issues New Guidance and Database for Research Models
01/27/2004EPA Issues New Best Practices Guidance for Research Models
01/09/2004New Innovative Partnership with Staples, Electronics Manufacturers to Take Back E-waste from Customers
12/11/2003National Student Competition for Sustainability Designs
12/11/2003Pollution Reduction Enforcement Numbers More Than Double; Agency Using Better Data to Guide Enforcement Initiatives
11/20/2003 Science Inventory Launched for Public Use
11/13/2003Geography Awareness Week and Geographical Information Systems Day
10/31/2003National Environmental Assistance Summit: An Alliance to Prevent Pollution, Achieve Compliance and Innovate for Environmental Results
10/31/2003 Request for Research Applications to Model Future Air Pollution Distribution
10/23/2003EPA to Hold Five National Dialogues for Public Comment on the “Draft Report on the Environment”
10/23/2003The “Handbook” on Economic and Environmental Risk to Children
10/23/2003“America’s Children and the Environment” Online
10/10/2003Chesapeake Bay -- The Site of First World Monitoring Day Event
10/09/2003 EPA to Fund Research on the Role of Particulate Matter in Cardiovascular Disease
09/17/2003EPA Wins Award for Excellence in Enterprise Architecture: A Key Part of President's E-Government Iniatives
09/17/2003Nominations Being Accepted for Prestigious "Green Chemistry" Awards
08/22/2003EPA Announces New Fellowship Opportunities in Research
08/12/2003EPA Awarded $2 Million in Environmental Information Grants
07/29/2003EPA Funds New Research on Air Pollution, Children’s Health and Watershed Protection
07/10/2003EPA Accepting Proposals for Research in Market Mechanisms and Incentives
07/10/2003EPA to Sponsor Research on the Health and Environment Impacts from Nanomaterials
07/03/2003New Assessment Factors Enhance EPA Science
Media Roundtable on EPA's General Assessment Factors
Latest Toxic Relsease Inventory Shows Continued Decline Chemicals Released into Environment
06/23/2003EPA Announces Unprecedented First 'Draft Report on the Environment'--Report Shows Real Progress; Helps Identify Areas Where There is "More to be Done"
06/20/2003EPA Administrator Whitman to Present "Draft Report on the Environment"

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