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06/18/2010EPA Announces a Schedule of Public Meetings on Hydraulic Fracturing Research Study
06/15/2010EPA Places Four IRIS Assessments on Hold Pending Review
06/01/2010EPA Releases Draft Formaldehyde Assessment Report for Peer Review and Public Comment
05/21/2010EPA Releases Draft Dioxin Report for Peer Review and Public Comment
05/20/2010EPA Holds Seminar on Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease
05/13/2010Pharmaceutical Companies Provide EPA 100 Drugs to Help Predict Toxicity
05/11/2010EPA Awards Small Businesses to Develop New Environmental Technologies
04/29/2010EPA Opens Access to Chemical Information/Searchable database on chemical hazard, exposure and toxicity data now available
04/26/2010EPA Awards More Than $1 Million to College Teams for Environmental Innovation / Students encouraged to develop technological and scientific solutions to protect human health and the environment
04/26/2010EPA and NASA Administrators to Extend Environmental and Earth Science Agreement / Agencies to help grow America’s next generation of scientists
04/23/2010MONDAY: EPA, NASA Administrators to Discuss Science, Engineering Education at Howard University
04/05/2010EPA Awards $2 Million to Small Businesses to Develop Ground-Breaking Technologies
03/24/2010EPA Releases Public Database on Risk Assessments
03/18/2010EPA Recognizes Leaders in Energy Efficiency: Winners save energy and money through Energy Star program
03/18/2010EPA Initiates Hydraulic Fracturing Study: Agency seeks input from Science Advisory Board
11/12/2009EPA, NIEHS and NIOSH Showcase Environmental and Occupational Justice Research Efforts; Special online supplement to American Journal of Public Health: a resource for the public and policy makers
10/27/2009EPA Releases Guide to Help Scientists Understand Children’s Exposure to Pollutants
10/27/2009Federal Agencies to Discuss Best Ways to Prioritize, Evaluate Scientific Research
10/08/2009EPA Awards Competitive Grants for Students to Design Sustainable Technologies that Help Environment and Economy
09/29/2009EPA Announces Research Strategy to Study Nanomaterials
07/23/2009EPA Grant to University of Chicago for Research on Food Allergy Triggers
07/07/2009EPA, University of Michigan to Research
Health Effects of Roadway Pollution on Children
05/28/2009Scientists Convene to Discuss New Method to Study How Toxic Chemicals Impact Human Health
05/26/2009EPA Administrator Pledges Strong Federal Cleanup Presence at Dow Dioxin Site in Michigan and Accelerated Assessment of Dioxins’ Human Health Impacts
05/21/2009EPA Announces New IRIS Assessment Development Process
05/06/2009Year of Science 2009: EPA Celebrates May as Sustainability Month
04/21/2009EPA’s P3 Award Winners Celebrate a Green Future
04/17/2009Climate Change Impacts on Regional Air Quality Report Just Released by EPA
04/16/2009Earth Day 2009: Green Technologies and Buildings Bloom on the National Mall
04/15/2009Phoenix, Mesa and Valley Metro Rail Receive EPA assistance to Promote Transit-oriented Development
04/03/2009EPA Awards $3.5 Million in Grants for Particulate Matter Research
03/31/2009EPA Launches Guidance on Environmental Models
03/25/2009EPA Releases New Strategic Plan for Evaluating the Toxicity of Chemicals
03/16/2009New Grants to Measure Progress of Environmental Programs in Protecting Human Health
03/12/2009EPA Releases Comprehensive Database on Environmental Chemicals
Agency continues efforts to provide new level of transparency
02/20/2009Small Businesses Receive Contracts for Green Technology
01/07/2009Year of Science 2009: EPA Joins Grassroots Effort to Celebrate Science
12/16/2008How Healthy Are America’s Coasts?
EPA’s Environmental Assessment Provides Wellness Check-Up
11/13/2008Starting a New Day Around the Globe with Sustainable Energy Solutions
10/29/2008EPA Teams up with the National Geographic Society and World Resources Institute to Map Ecosystem Services, Develop Enhanced Decision-Making Tools
10/17/2008The Green Hunt: An Early Halloween Treat for DC Science Buffs
09/29/2008Growing a Garden of Future Environmental Leaders -
54 Students Receive EPA Research Fellowships
09/18/2008Nanotechnology: A Brave New World Requires Bold New Research Approaches
09/04/2008To Your Health: EPA Announces Safe Drinking Water Research
08/21/2008Where Did the Grass Go?
EPA’s Duluth Facility Plants Sustainable Landscape
07/23/2008Could Preserving Biodiversity Reduce Disease? EPA Funds $2.25 Million to Research Connections
07/23/2008EPA Blog will Feature "Science Wednesday"
07/17/2008EPA Releases Report on Climate Change and Health
07/14/2008EPA Releases Science Assessment on Health
Effects of Nitrogen Oxides
07/08/2008U.S. EPA, University of Vermont’s Gund Institute Team Up to Develop New Ways to Understand Ecosystem Services
06/20/2008New Report Available on Ecosystems and Climate Change
06/10/2008Green Buildings On the Rise
06/09/2008EPA Scientists Recognized with Prestigious Honor
05/20/2008EPA’s 2008 Report on the Environment
A Key Resource for the American People on the Environment
05/16/20082008 Report on the Environment Press Conference
05/15/2008EPA 2008 Science Forum Presents Innovative Environmental Technologies
05/05/2008Small Businesses Tackle Big Environmental Issues
04/23/2008College Students Find Greener Solutions to Protect the Planet - EPA P3 Award Winners
04/18/2008Earth Day 2008: Show Me the Green!
04/17/2008Earth Day 2008: Green Technology and Buildings Bloom on the National Mall
04/17/2008EPA to Host Earth Day Meeting on Sustainability Projects
04/14/2008Dr. Pai-Yei Whung Named EPA Chief Scientist
04/10/2008EPA Announces Improvements to IRIS Process
04/08/2008In Good Company: EPA's Homeland Security Project is Finalist for Prestigious Edelman Award
04/07/2008Biodiversity and World Health Day
04/03/2008EPA and DHS to Co-host Conference to Address High Priority Technical Challenges for Assessing Risk Exposure to Pathogens
April 8-10, Bethesda, MD
03/26/2008Small Businesses Grow Big Environmental Technologies
03/05/2008Ask EPA: Love Science or Engineering and Want to Protect the Planet?
03/04/2008EPA Knows More About Children's Health Today Than Ever - New Report Highlights 10 Years of Comprehensive Research
01/28/2008Nanotechnology: The Big News is Small
01/24/2008Greening the Planet and Our Economy – Student Style
12/17/2007Giving the Environmental Workforce of Tomorrow a Green Light
11/15/2007Collaboration Will Further Speed U.S. EPA Program’s Efforts to Prioritize Chemicals
11/08/2007Building a Sustainable America – One Community at a Time
10/31/2007GROwing Environmental Leaders for Tomorrow
10/10/20072007 Children's Environmental Health Workshop: Discover, Treat, Prevent, Prepare
10/10/2007EPA-funded Researchers Lead the Way in Children's Health Research
09/25/2007Protecting Americans through Better Chemical Exposure Monitoring
08/31/2007EPA Continues Efforts to Understand Effects of Oxides of Nitrogen on Human Health - First NAAQS Scientific Support Document Prepared Under New Development Process
08/09/2007EPA Scientist Assumes Leading Role in Toxicology Communication
08/08/2007Breaking the Silence:
$7.5 Million to UC Davis to Research Autism
08/02/2007A New Era in Environmental Chemical Testing: ToxCast Phase I Chemicals Announced
05/25/2007EPA Announces Study at Fairhope Municipal Beach in Fairhope, Alabama to Develop Rapid Beach Water Quality Tests
05/10/2007Draft Report on the Environment Released
05/02/2007$2.9 Million in Small Business Contracts for New Environmental Technologies
04/26/2007College Students Lead the U.S. towards a Greener Future - EPA P3 Awards Winners
04/23/2007Spring 2007 Forecast: A Green Planet and Green Economy
04/20/2007Spring into the Future: Sustainable, Green Designs on the National Mall
04/11/2007State-of-the-Art Approach Helps EPA Identify Chemical Risks
03/15/2007EPA to Review Laboratories
03/14/2007EPA to Hold Technical Briefing
03/08/2007Small Businesses: Big Payoffs in New Technologies for America
03/08/2007New Framework for Assessing Metals Risks
03/05/2007EPA Rated Top Magnet for Postdocs
03/01/2007EPA Announces New Human Health Research Web Site
02/28/2007EPA awards $210,000 to three So. Calif. small businesses
01/17/2007EPA Awards $5 Million in Safe Drinking Water Grants
01/11/2007EPA Names Directors to National Research Programs
01/08/2007U.S. EPA Names Harold Zenick Director of National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory
10/30/2006EPA Awards Research Fellowships for College Students

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