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12/08/2014EPA Finalizes Libby Amphibole Asbestos Health Assessment/Risk assessment shows EPA cleanup has reduced cancer and non-cancer risks in Libby and Troy
11/12/2014EPA Announces Support for Small Businesses to Bring Green Technology, Innovative Research to Marketplace/Small businesses in Calif., Del., Ga., Ill., La., Ohio, N.Y., and Tenn., to receive EPA funding
11/12/201410:30AM TODAY: EPA Administrator to Hold Press Call to Announce Support for Small Businesses
10/22/2014EPA Supporting Next Generation of Environmental Scientists Through 105 Fellowship Grants
10/15/2014EPA Announces Winning P3 Student Teams for Pioneering Projects to Solve Environmental Problems
09/09/2014EPA Announces Funding to Create Two New Drinking Water Innovation Centers
07/23/2014EPA Funds Environmental Health Research for Tribal Communities
07/14/2014EPA Supporting Small Businesses by Advancing Sustainable and Innovative Products and Research/Twenty-one businesses receiving funding to strengthen the economy and the environment
05/28/2014EPA Funds University Research on Cleaner Fuel Burning to Improve Air Quality/The World Health Organization estimates that cookstove smoke accounts for over 4 million premature deaths annually
05/22/2014ADVISORY: EPA Announces Grants to Six Universities for Clean Cookstove Research/The United Nations Foundation’s Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to host announcement event
05/16/2014EPA Recognizes Environmental Innovation at World’s Largest Science Competition for High School Students/Miriam Terese Demasi wins EPA Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award and will participate in National Sustainable Design Expo in 2015
05/07/2014EPA Releases EnviroAtlas Ecosystem Mapping Tool
05/06/2014National Research Council Releases Report Praising EPA’s IRIS Program Enhancements
05/05/2014EPA Employees Selected as Finalists for 2014 Service to America Medals
04/28/2014EPA Recognizes Seven University Teams for Environmental Solutions
04/24/2014ADVISORY: EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet Competition at the USA Science and Engineering Festival
04/14/2014EPA Scientist Receives Prestigious Award
04/10/2014EPA Awards Over $9 Million to Universities for Research to Help Predict the Implications of Chemicals on Human Health and the Environment
02/12/2014EPA Awards More Than $3 Million to Researchers Studying How Chemical Exposures May Impact Brain Development
02/12/2014U.S. EPA and its Federal Partners Advance Decontamination Techniques/Researchers clean up buildings to practice real world techniques of large-scale decontamination
02/05/2014EPA Releases New PSA for American Heart Month
12/17/2013EPA Releases Chemical Screening Data on 1,800 Chemicals/Agency improves access to chemical data and announces ToxCast Data Challenges
11/25/2013EPA Appoints New Scientific Integrity Official
11/14/2013EPA Awards $1.65 Million in Research Fellowships to Undergraduates/EPA’s GRO Fellowships have supported students for more than 30 years
10/24/2013EPA Announces Funding for Students’ Innovative Green Technologies
08/01/2013EPA Awards $2 Million to Small Businesses for Sustainable Technology Development
07/31/2013EPA Strengthens Chemical Assessment Process to Protect Public Health
07/24/2013EPA Software Helps Reduce Water Pollution as Part of President’s Climate Action Plan / National stormwater calculator helps manage stormwater runoff
07/09/2013Media Advisory: EPA Will Hold Public Meeting at Kent State about Health Study
06/19/2013EPA Recognizes Students for Sustainable Environmental Solutions
06/12/2013EPA Awards $2 Million for Small Business Innovation Research: Promoting Green Jobs
06/05/2013EPA Awards More Than $4.3 Million in Partnership with NSF and NOAA for Climate and Air Quality Research /
Southern Company, Electric Power Research Institute provide additional support
06/04/2013EPA and NIH Announce the Winning Team in My Air, My Health Challenge / Winners developed a low cost, real time personal digital device that measures health effects of harmful air pollution
05/17/2013EPA Recognizes Environmental Innovation at Science Competition for High School Students/Jacquel Caron Rivers and Arne Joi Saguni Nipales win the Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award, and will participate in National Sustainable Design Expo in 2014
05/03/2013EPA Strengthens Conflict of Interest Review Process for Science Review Panels
03/25/2013EPA’s Science Advisory Board Announces Independent Panel to Peer Review Agency’s Hydraulic Fracturing Research
EPA Releases Update on Ongoing Hydraulic Fracturing Study
12/20/2012EPA and National Science Foundation Support Research for Safer Chemical Design
12/11/2012EPA and Consumer Product Safety Commission Collaborate to Research Health Impacts of Nanomaterials
12/04/2012EPA Awards Almost $700,000 to Student Teams in Sustainable Technology Competition
11/15/2012EPA, NIH Announce Finalists of Air Pollution Sensor Challenge
11/14/2012EPA Awards More Than $5.3 Million for Research Fellowships
09/13/2012EPA Awards Almost $11 Million to Advance Chemical Safety Research
09/06/2012EPA Awards $1.5 Million to Universities for Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment Methods
08/07/2012EPA Awards $2 Million to Small Businesses to Support Environmental Innovation, Protect Health
08/06/2012EPA Announces Funding for Research to Improve Air Quality, Protect Health
07/23/2012EPA Scientists Receive Presidential Honor
06/06/2012EPA and Partners Announce “My Air, My Health Challenge” / Inventors will compete to develop personal air pollution and health sensors
06/05/2012EPA and NIH Announce Challenge to Develop Personal Air Pollution and Health Sensors
06/01/2012EPA Draft Ammonia Assessment Available for Public Comment / Draft assessment continues agency’s responsiveness to NAS recommendations
05/22/2012EPA Awards $2 Million to Small Businesses
05/18/2012EPA Recognizes Environmental Innovation at Science Competition for High School Students / Thabit Pulak, age 16, wins the Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award, and will participate in National Sustainable Design Expo in 2013
05/16/2012EPA Announces NAS’ Review of IRIS Assessment Development Process
04/25/2012EPA Awards More Than $1 Million to College Teams for Innovative Environmental Solutions
04/19/2012EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet Expo on National Mall
03/12/2012U.S. EPA and L'Oreal announce research collaboration in San Francisco that may help end animal testing
03/08/2012U.S. EPA Receives Unprecedented Private Sector Research Funding from Global Cosmetic Company L'Oreal
02/17/2012EPA Updates Science Assessment for Dioxins / Air emissions of dioxins have decreased by 90 percent since the 1980s
02/10/2012EPA Releases Final Health Assessment for Tetrachloroethylene (Perc) / Public health protections remain in place
11/18/2011EPA Seeks Nominations for New Science Advisory Board Committee
11/03/2011EPA Announces Final Study Plan to Assess Hydraulic Fracturing/Congressionally directed study will evaluate potential impacts on drinking water
10/19/2011EPA Releases Air Quality Model to Study Harmful Air Pollution / Model will help scientists protect public health
10/18/2011EPA Awards $6.6 Million to Universities for Black Carbon Research
09/28/2011EPA Releases Final Health Assessment for TCE
09/27/2011EPA Scientists Receive Presidential Honor
08/29/2011EPA Announces Schedule for Dioxin Assessment
08/05/2011EPA Releases Draft Policy for Ensuring Scientific Integrity / Agency seeking public comment
08/04/2011EPA Awards Contracts to U.S. Companies to Screen Chemicals for Human Health Impacts
07/20/2011Innovative Research on EPA’s R/V Lake Guardian
07/12/2011EPA Strengthens Key Scientific Database to Protect Public Health
07/11/2011TOMORROW: Media Briefing on New Improvements to EPA’s Scientific Assessment Process
06/23/2011Research Flights Seek to Improve View of Air Pollution from Space
06/22/2011TOMORROW: Media Briefing on Air Quality Research Flights
06/15/2011EPA Improves Access to Information on Hundreds of Chemicals / Searchable databases on chemical toxicity and exposure data now available
05/24/2011EPA Funds 10 Small Businesses to Develop Environmental Technologies
05/13/2011EPA Recognizes Environmental Innovation at Science Competition for High School Students /
Param Jaggi Wins Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award
04/18/2011EPA Awards P3 Grants to College Teams for Environmental Innovation / Students develop technological and scientific solutions that protect the planet and create jobs
04/11/2011EPA Announces Plan of Action to Address Four IRIS Assessments
03/10/2011New Robot System to Test 10,000 Chemicals for Toxicity
03/07/2011EPA Awards $32 Million to Understand Health Impacts of Air Pollution
02/17/2011EPA Awards $5.5 Million to Support Nanotechnology Research / Research to help determine whether health risks exist
02/15/2011EPA Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas to Speak at State of Green Business Forum
02/10/2011EPA Hosts Conference on Advancing the Next Generation of Risk Assessment
01/21/2011EPA Awards $25 Million to Improve Air Quality
01/18/2011Administrator Jackson, SBA Administrator Mills Announce Launch of Water Technology Innovation Cluster / Smart environmental protection creates jobs
01/13/2011EPA Among Sponsors of ScienceOnline2011
01/11/2011EPA Awards $7 Million to Study Effects of Pollution Exposures and Social Stressors on Communities / Research grants aim to gather comprehensive community wide data on human health impacts
11/30/2010EPA Administrator and NAS President Recognize EPA 40th Anniversary, Announce Groundbreaking National Research Council Study
11/30/2010EPA Screens 1,000 Chemicals Using ToxCast
11/23/2010EPA Supported Research Finds Higher Incidence of West Nile Virus in Low-Income Neighborhoods
11/12/2010EPA Releases Reports on Dioxin Emitted During Deepwater Horizon BP Spill/Reports find levels of dioxins created during controlled burns were below levels of concern
09/28/2010EPA Helps to Launch Science and Engineering Festival Tomorrow
09/14/2010EPA Awards Grants for Students to Design Sustainable Technologies to Help Environment and Economy
09/09/2010EPA Formally Requests Information From Companies About Chemicals Used in Natural Gas Extraction / Information on hydraulic fracturing chemicals is key to agency study of potential impacts on drinking water
08/05/2010EPA Develops Innovative Software to Secure Nation’s Water Supply / Canary software enhances detection of hazardous contaminants in drinking water systems
07/19/2010EPA and Other Federal Agencies Collaborate to Improve Chemical Screening
07/08/2010EPA Launches a Collaborative Web Site for Integrated Environmental Modeling
06/30/2010EPA Releases First Round of Toxicity Testing Data for Eight Oil Dispersants
06/30/2010TODAY: Top EPA Scientist to Discuss Data from First Round of Dispersant Testing
06/18/2010EPA Announces a Schedule of Public Meetings on Hydraulic Fracturing Research Study

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