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05/18/2010Ohio Utility to Settle Clean Air Act Violations

Emissions to be cut by more than 34,000 tons annually
05/11/2010Las Vegas Man Added to EPA’s Fugitive List / Man Indicted for violating clean air law
05/10/2010PEP BOYS AGREE TO PAY $5 MILLION TO RESOLVE CLEAN AIR ACT VIOLATIONS CLAIMS / Largest importation case in Clean Air Act history
04/29/2010EPA Launches New Web Tools to Inform the Public About Clean Water Enforcement
Interactive Web tool allows the public to check water violations in their communities
04/28/2010EPA Launches Online Map Tracking Enforcement Actions in Chesapeake Bay Watershed
04/20/2010Residential Homebuilder Settles Clean Water Act Violations in 18 States and D.C. / Settlement affects 161 construction sites in Chesapeake Bay watershed
04/19/2010EPA, Congressional Black Caucus Visit South Carolina on Joint Environmental Justice Tour / Marks second stop in nationwide tour highlighting impact of environmental issues on underserved communities
03/31/2010Two Shell Chemical Companies Agree to Reduce Harmful Emissions Under Comprehensive Clean Air Act Settlements/Agreements reduce more than 1,450 tons of harmful air emissions annually
03/16/2010EPA Hosts Symposium to Strengthen Research and Policy on Environmental Justice /
The opening session and all plenary sessions will be Webcast live
03/01/2010EPA Announces Environmental Justice Video Contest: Faces of the Grassroots
02/22/2010Cummins Inc. Agrees to Pay $2.1 Million Penalty for Diesel Engine Clean Air Act Violations
01/26/2010Senior EPA Officials to Attend National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Meeting in New Orleans
01/25/2010Westar Energy to Spend Approximately $500 Million to Settle Clean Air Act Violations

Emissions to be cut by more than 75,000 tons annually
01/22/2010EPA, Congressional Black Caucus Announce Joint Environmental Justice Tour

Jackson, Miss. marks first stop on tour highlighting impact of environmental issues on underserved communities
01/21/2010United States Announces Two Major Clean Air Act New Source Review Settlements at 28 Industrial Plants Nationwide
01/21/2010TODAY: EPA, DOJ Enforcement Heads To Announce Two Major Clean Air Act New Source Review Actions
12/23/2009U.S. EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results and Mapping Tool
12/22/2009Duke Energy to Spend $93 Million to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations
12/10/2009Largest Environmental Bankruptcy in U.S. History Will Result in Payment of $1.79 Billion towards Environmental Cleanup and Restoration / Largest recovery of money for hazardous waste clean up ever
12/10/2009Federal Officials to Hold Conference Call to Discuss Largest Environmental Bankruptcy in U.S. History
11/25/2009Verizon Wireless Voluntarily Discloses Environmental Violations
11/24/2009EPA Awards $800,000 for Environmental Justice Projects in Five States
11/24/2009EPA Expands Outreach to Minority Students
11/17/2009EPA Announces Environmental Justice Showcase Communities
11/06/2009U.S. EPA Makes Available Data on Compliance with Hazardous Waste, Air Regulations
11/04/2009EPA Soliciting Applications for Environmental Justice Grant Funding
10/15/2009EPA Administrator Announces Plan to Retool and Reinvigorate Clean Water Enforcement Program
10/14/2009Utah Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Environmental, Other Crimes
10/05/2009Sulfuric Acid Manufacturer Agrees to Spend $30 Million to Resolve Clean Air Violations
09/29/2009Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Virginia Agrees to Settle Clean Water Act Violations in Chesapeake Bay Area
08/31/2009EPA Seeks Public Input on National Enforcement Priorities Through Online Forum
08/11/2009U.S. EPA’s Fugitive Website Helps Bring California Criminals to Justice
08/07/2009EPA Seeks Public Input on Clean Water Enforcement Action Plan Through Online Forum
08/04/2009Aluminum Recycler Agrees to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations -- Company to pay civil penalties and implement environmental improvements
07/20/2009EPA Administrator to Speak at Environmental Justice Public Meeting
07/06/2009U.S. EPA Administrator Jackson Takes New Steps to Improve Water Quality
05/28/2009United States Files Clean Air Lawsuit Against Engine Importer
05/26/2009EPA To Discuss Environmental Justice at Washington Conference
04/27/2009Company and Four Senior Managers Sentenced for Environmental, Worker Safety Crimes After Longest Trial in Environmental Crimes History
04/20/2009Dupont And Lucite International Agree To Pay $2 Million For Clean Air Violations
04/17/2009Environmental Justice Volunteers Mobilize Nationwide for Earth Month Cleanup of Former Washington, D.C. Landfill
04/13/2009United States Announces Largest Settlement Under Environmental Protection Agency’s Audit Policy
04/02/2009News Brief: New Fugitive Added to EPA Fugitives Web Site
03/24/2009EPA Awards $800,000 in Environmental Justice Grants to Communities in 28 States
02/19/2009BP Products to Pay Nearly $180 Million to Settle Clean Air Violations at Texas City Refinery
02/10/2009Wyoming and Kansas Refiners Agree to Settle Clean Air Act Violations
02/03/2009Coal-fired Power Plant to Spend More than $135 Million to Settle Clean Air Violations
01/12/2009Sulfuric Acid Manufacturers Agree to Reduce Air Pollution at Facilities
12/17/2008ExxonMobil to Pay Penalty for Violating Agreement
12/10/2008‘Wanted’ List Web Site Aims to Track Down Environmental Fugitives
12/04/2008Record Pollutant Reductions From Environmental Enforcement in 2008
11/19/2008State, Local Governments Get More Say in Federal Environmental Decision-Making
11/03/2008"Green Plus" a Green Minus for Coffers of Fuel Additive Company
10/21/2008Organizations Honored for Environmental Justice Achievements
10/10/2008EPA Approves Fuel Waiver for Phoenix area
09/23/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waiver for Georgia
09/18/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waivers for District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia
09/17/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waivers for Parts of Kentucky and Texas
09/15/2008EPA Approves Third Hurricane-Related Fuel Waiver for Texas
09/12/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Fuel Waivers for Virginia and Ohio
09/11/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Fuel Waiver for Nine Southeast States
09/05/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Fuel Waiver for Six Counties in Florida
09/05/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waivers for Parts of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina; Extends Waiver for Louisiana
09/01/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waiver for Texas
08/29/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waiver for 16 Parishes in Louisiana

First Settlement in Western U.S. Requiring State-of-the-Art Nitrogen Oxide Retrofit
08/07/2008EPA Announces Web-Based System for Companies to Self-Disclose Environmental Violations
08/01/2008EPA Encourages New Owners to Audit, Make “Clean Start”
06/17/2008Pipeline Company Settles Petroleum Spills
06/11/2008Four of the Nation’s Largest Home Builders Settle Storm Water Violations
06/10/2008EPA and Justice Department Officials to Hold Conference Call Regarding Four Major Environmental Settlements
06/09/2008Environmental Justice Public Meeting
04/24/2008Taiwanese and U.S. Companies Settle Clean Air Violations
04/11/2008Kids to Learn the Signs of Environmental Crime
04/01/2008Web-based Environmental Compliance Tool Available for Colleges
02/26/2008Home Depot Settles Storm Water Violations
02/26/2008Home Depot Settles Storm Water Violations
01/17/2008Massey Energy to Pay Largest Civil Penalty Ever for Water Permit Violations
01/16/2008Sinclair Oil Agrees to Improved Refinery Pollution Controls
01/09/2008Underwear Insurer Agrees To Pay For Environmental Cleanup
12/20/2007W.R. Grace to Pay Toward Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites
11/15/2007Polluters Agree to Spend Record $10.6 Billion on Environmental Controls and Cleanup
10/25/2007BP to Pay Largest Criminal Fine Ever for Air Violations
10/25/2007EPA and DOJ to Announce Largest Criminal Fine Ever Under the Clean Air Act
10/09/2007U.S. Announces Largest Single Environmental Settlement in History -
Historic pollutant reductions will save $32 billion in health costs annually
10/08/2007EPA and DOJ to Announce Record Pollution Settlement
10/03/2007EPA Awards Environmental Justice Small Grants to Communities
09/28/2007Hunt Refining Settles Federal Air Pollution Case for $49 Million
09/20/2007U.S. Imposes Highest Acid Rain Fine Ever
09/19/2007U.S. EPA Amends the National Environmental Policy Rule
09/14/2007Web-based Compliance Tool Available for Tribes
09/06/2007Fujicolor Processing Pleads Guilty to Environmental Crime
09/05/2007Pipeline Co. Pleads Guilty, Pays $1 Million for Fish Kill in Kansas
08/24/2007Owner of Massachusetts' Largest Asbestos Training School Indicted
08/21/2007Oklahoma Officials Found Guilty of Environmental Crimes - Elk City officials used prisoners to remove asbestos without proper protection
08/17/2007Texas Man Sentenced Gets Five Months Prison Time for Hazardous Waste Transport Crimes
08/16/2007Former St. Louis-Area City Councilman Gets Prison for Illegally Removing Asbestos
08/01/2007Virginia Man Goes to Jail for Using Homeless for Improper Asbestos Removal
08/01/2007Man Receives Jail Time for Illegal Asbestos Removal
07/20/2007Du Pont Agrees to Spend $66 Million to Reduce Air Pollution at Four Plants

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