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News Releases issued by the Office of Administration and Resource Management


12/08/2014EPA Presidential Advisory Committee Issues Report on Ecological Restoration in the U.S. - Mexico Border Region
03/13/2014EPA to Lift Suspension and Debarment of BP From Federal Government Contracts/Agreement contains strong provisions to continue safety and ethics improvements in order to comply
11/28/2012BP Temporarily Suspended from New Contracts with the Federal Government
04/19/2011EPA Scores 100 Percent on Sustainability and Energy Goals
09/12/2008EPA Tests Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle under Real World Conditions
09/11/2008EPA Administrator to Unveil Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle in Agency's Fleet
03/11/2008EPA Makes Selection Decision for Desktop Services
01/10/2008EPA To Set Up Human Resources Shared Service Centers
11/15/2007U.S. EPA announces California
environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2007: Air and water quality, waste cleanup, land revitalization highlight year
06/01/2007Dedication of EPA Ariel Rios South Courtyard Green Infrastructure Project
05/02/2007EPA Gives Green Meaning to Its Meetings
10/24/2006New Data Show Decline in Children's Exposure to Pollutants
08/31/2006EPA Becomes First Federal Agency to Be Powered 100% Green
07/26/2006New EPA Facility Flashes Green, Wins Gold
03/23/2006Green Power: EPA Walks the Talk
02/06/2006EPA's FY 2007 Budget Reflects Efficiency, Collaboration and Sound Science
02/03/2006EPA Press Briefing for President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2007
01/26/2006EPA Administrator Names John Howard as Head of Policy Advisory Group
12/02/2005EPA Celebrates the Nation's Cleaner Environment on its 35th Anniversary
05/13/2005Luna Sworn In as Head of EPA's Administrative Office
02/03/2005 Comments Sought on Protections for Human Subjects
11/23/2004U.S. Senate Confirms Four EPA Appointees
10/20/2004EPA Research Fellowships Announced
09/10/2004Illinois Man Named Agriculture Advisor to EPA Administrator
04/22/2004 New Grants Champion State Efforts in Innovation