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11/16/2011DOE and EPA Release 2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide
11/09/2011EPA Announces Court Ordered Schedule for Action on State-Led Efforts to Reduce Harmful Haze-Forming Pollutants
11/09/2011The Governments of United States and Canada Harmonize Approach to Save Energy in Commercial Buildings
11/09/2011National Home Builders Commit to EPA’s New Guidelines for Energy Star Qualified Homes/Over 400 builders pledge to develop the next generation of Energy Star qualified homes in 2012
11/09/2011EPA Announces Most Areas Meet Air Quality Standards for Lead
11/07/2011EPA Updates Energy Star Tool to Support Greater Energy Efficiency in Hospitals/ Improving the energy efficiency of America’s hospitals by 10 percent would save $740 million annually in energy bills
11/02/2011EPA Announces Winner of the 2011 Energy Star National Building Competition
10/31/2011EPA Grants Clean Air Act Petition to Improve Air Quality in New Jersey/Action protects public health and cuts harmful emissions from Pennsylvania power plant
10/25/2011Saving Money, Staying Warm: Winter Energy Efficiency Tips from Energy Star
10/20/2011EPA Awards $50 Million for Clean Diesel Projects /Reducing diesel emissions helps decrease asthma attacks and premature deaths
10/05/2011Facilities Earn Energy Star CHP Award for Emissions Reductions and Energy Savings
09/28/2011EPA’s Response to Inspector General’s Report on Endangerment Finding
09/27/2011EPA Announces Winners of First-Ever Green Power Community Challenge
09/20/2011EPA’s Market Share for Energy Star Qualified Homes Reaches 25 Percent
09/20/2011EPA to Hold Three Public Hearings on Proposed Air Pollution Standards for Oil and Natural Gas Production
09/12/2011EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for Pennsylvania
09/02/2011Statement by EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson on the Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards
08/30/2011Energy Star Now Available for New Multifamily High-Rise Buildings
08/22/2011EPA Accepts First GHG Reporting Data/Agency launches electronic GHG reporting tool
08/15/2011EPA Affirms National Air Quality Standards for Carbon Monoxide Are Protective of Public Health/Air monitoring updates will put more focus on urban communities located near roadways
08/11/2011EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for Tennessee
08/09/2011White House Announces First Ever Oil Savings Standards for Heavy Duty Trucks, Buses/Saving $50 billion in fuel costs and over 500 million barrels of oil
07/29/2011President Obama Announces Historic 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standard/Consumers will save $1.7 trillion at the pump, $8K per vehicle by 2025
07/28/2011EPA Proposes Air Pollution Standards for Oil and Gas Production/Cost-effective, flexible standards rely on operators' ability to capture and sell natural gas that currently escapes, threatens air quality
07/27/2011EPA Announces Top Contenders in Energy Star National Building Competition / In the first six months of the competition, participants saved more than $3.7 million on utility bills
07/19/2011EPA Announces New Energy Star Requirements for Dishwashers and Furnaces
07/14/2011New Energy Star Initiative Recognizes Cutting-Edge Products with Highest Energy Efficiency / “Most Efficient” designation will help shoppers reduce their energy bills, provide incentives for manufacturers to innovate, and protect Americans’ public health and environment
07/13/2011TOMORROW: EPA and DOE to Make Energy Star Announcement
07/13/2011EPA Opens Public Comment on Secondary Air Standards for Nitrogen and Sulfur Oxides/
Agency announces pilot field study on environmental impacts
07/11/2011EPA Proposes Criteria to Waive Federal Requirements for Capturing Gasoline Vapors When Refueling Vehicles/Part of Obama Administration’s initiative to remove burdensome regulations
07/07/2011Here’s What They’re Saying About the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
07/07/2011EPA Reduces Smokestack Pollution, Protecting Americans’ Health from Soot and Smog/Clean Air Act protections will cut dangerous pollution in communities that are home to 240 million Americans
07/07/2011TODAY: EPA Administrator to Make Clean Air Act Announcement
07/06/2011EPA Seeks to Adopt Emission Standards for Large Commercial Aircraft
06/30/2011EPA Tips to Be Cool and Safe this Summer / Limit the heat and the sun, but not the fun
06/28/2011EPA Finalizes E15 Pump Labeling Requirements/New labels will help consumers find the right fuel for their vehicles
06/28/2011EPA to Tackle Emissions from Trucks Used at Ports / EPA, industry leaders, and environmental groups to join forces for cleaner, healthier air around harbors
06/24/2011Federal Agencies to Improve Coordination to Support Energy Development and Safeguard Air Quality
06/24/2011EPA Announces Timeline for Reconsideration of Air Toxics Standards for Boilers and Certain Incinerators / Open and transparent process will strengthen the basis for the protective, cost-effective and achievable standards
06/21/2011EPA Proposes 2012 Renewable Fuel Standards, 2013 Biomass-Based Diesel Volume
06/21/2011EPA Extends Public Comment on Mercury and Air Toxics Standards/Extension will have no impact on timeline for finalizing standards
06/20/2011Feds Launch Action Plan to Protect People and Families from Radon/Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer
06/13/2011EPA Improves Clean-Air Permitting in Indian Country/ Action protects public health, allows for public participation and fosters economic development in Indian Country
06/09/2011EPA Honors Outstanding Leadership in Asthma Care
06/07/201111th Annual Clean Air Excellence Awards Recognize Public And Private Sector Achievements / Winners’ efforts help environment, education, and economy
05/26/2011TODAY: White House to Hold Conference Call to
Discuss the President’s Regulatory Relief Plan
05/25/2011EPA, DOT Unveil the Next Generation of Fuel Economy Labels
05/23/2011Don’t Fry Day is Friday / EPA Sun Safety Tips
05/19/2011EPA Offers Energy Tips on Summer Cooling to Help Save Money, Reduce Pollution
05/16/2011EPA Announces Next Step on Air Toxics Standards for Boilers and Certain Incinerators/ Agency allows time to seek and review additional public input on new standards
05/11/2011EPA Seeks Small Entity Participation on Air Rules for Secondary Aluminum Production Facilities
05/04/2011GreenChill Partnership Reaches All 50 States
05/03/2011EPA to Hold Three Public Hearings on National Standard for Mercury Pollution from Power Plants
05/03/2011EPA Helps Build Awareness Around Asthma / Asthma affects nearly 25 million people in the U.S.
05/02/2011EPA Kicks Off 2011 Energy Star National Building Competition / Teams from 245 buildings around the U.S. compete to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
05/02/2011EPA Seeks Small Entity Participation on Two Upcoming Air Rules
04/27/2011Energy Star Challenge for Industry Saves Power, Money, and Prevents Harmful Emissions / More than 2 trillion Btu, enough energy to power 37,000 homes for a year, saved
04/26/2011EPA Announces New Addition to Energy Star Commercial Fryers Category
04/21/2011Energy Star Video Challenge Launched to Show Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money
04/18/2011EPA Publishes National U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory
04/18/2011EPA Recognizes Leaders in College and University Green Power Challenge
04/18/2011EPA Proposes Stronger Air Toxic Emissions Standards for Polyvinyl Chloride Production Facilities/Standards would cut harmful emissions that impact local communities
04/13/2011THURSDAY: EPA Administrator Jackson to Join USPS to Unveil Go Green Commemorative Stamps
04/12/2011EPA Recognizes Leaders in Energy Efficiency / 2011 Energy Star Award winners announced
04/07/2011First Senior Care Communities Earn EPA’s Energy Star
04/05/2011EPA Announces Updated Energy Star Standards for Lighting
04/04/2011EPA to Hold Public Hearing on Three Year Permitting Deferral for Biomass Facilities
03/28/2011EPA Monitoring Continues to Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern Have Reached the United States
03/22/2011CORRECTION: UPDATED – please note the addition of “hundreds of thousands” in the second and sixth paragraphs

Radiation Monitors Continue to Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern Have Reached the United States
03/22/2011Radiation Monitors Continue to Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern Have Reached the United States
03/18/2011JOINT EPA/DOE STATEMENT: Radiation Monitors Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern Have Reached the United States
03/18/2011Cities Competing to Win EPA’s Green Power Community Challenge / District of Columbia and Brookville, Md. currently lead the green power charge
03/17/2011EPA Issues Extension to Greenhouse Gas Reporting Deadline
03/16/2011EPA Proposes First National Standard for Mercury Pollution from Power Plants / Mercury and air toxics standards represent one of strongest health protections from air pollution since passage of Clean Air Act
03/16/2011TODAY: EPA, American Lung Association to Hold Press Conference to Discuss Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
03/15/2011TOMORROW: EPA, American Lung Association to Hold Press Conference to Discuss Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
03/14/2011EPA Proposes to Defer GHG Permitting Requirements for Industries that Use Biomass/Agency aims for science-based, reasonable approach to biomass
03/14/2011EPA Announces U.S. Cities with the Most Energy Star Certified Buildings / Third annual list shows dramatic growth, savings of energy efficient buildings
03/11/2011EPA Updates National Air Toxics Assessment
03/09/2011EPA Announces New Energy Star Requirements for Televisions and Cable/Satellite Boxes
03/08/2011EPA Updates Database on Health and Environmental Impacts of Electricity Generation/
User friendly web tool allows Americans to search for power providers by zip code
03/01/2011EPA Announces Next Steps for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program
03/01/2011EPA Report Underscores Clean Air Act’s Successful Public Health Protections/Landmark law saved 160,000 lives in 2010 alone
02/28/2011EPA Approves New Coolant for Car Air Conditioning Systems / Better climate protection without harming the ozone layer
02/25/2011EPA to Hold Public Hearing on Air Quality Standards for Carbon Monoxide
02/23/2011EPA Establishes Clean Air Act Standards for Boilers and Incinerators / Sensible standards provide significant public health benefits while cutting costs from initial proposal by nearly 50 percent
02/23/2011EPA Recognizes Campuses for Use of Combined Heat and Power
02/23/2011TODAY: Press Conference Call to Discuss Clean Air Act Standards for Boilers and Incinerators
02/22/2011EPA’s Energy Star Leaders Drive Greater Energy Efficiency
02/16/2011EPA Seeks Public Comment on the 16th Annual U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory
02/09/2011Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Opening Statement Before the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Power
02/08/2011TOMORROW: EPA Administrator to Testify on Clean Air Act
02/08/2011Innovative Energy Technology Transforms Wasted Heat into Electricity
02/01/2011EPA Partners Continue Large Green Power Purchases / One corporation nearly doubles its green power usage
01/31/2011EPA Proposes to Retain National Air Quality Standards for Carbon Monoxide / Air monitoring revisions would ensure people are protected
01/28/2011EPA to Hold Five Listening Sessions on Updating the Clean Air Act’s Pollution Standards for Power Plants, Refineries/ Sessions seek input to design common-sense, cost-effective greenhouse gas standards for largest polluters
01/24/2011EPA, DOT and California Align Timeframe for Proposing Standards for Next Generation of Clean Cars
01/21/2011EPA Grants E15 Fuel Waiver for Model Years 2001 - 2006 Cars and Light Trucks/Agency continues review of public comments for an E15 pump label to help ensure consumers use the correct fuel
01/20/2011EPA Announces Next Steps on Emissions Standards for Boilers, Certain Incinerators

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