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06/13/2013Two California Cities and an Arizona University Receive Grants for Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (AZ, CA)
06/13/2013Six California Companies Included in
$2 Million EPA Award to Small Businesses (CA)
06/06/2013$700,000 in U.S. EPA Climate and Air Quality Grants Awarded to Two U.C. Schools (CA)
06/05/2013EPA Fines Phoenix Lamp Recycler More Than $70,000 for PCB Violations (AZ)
05/28/2013U.S. EPA to Hold Public Interagency Meeting on Reactive Nitrogen Research in Fresno, CA (CA)
05/17/2013EPA Transfers Operations of Whittier Narrows Treatment Plant to State of California (CA)
05/16/2013San Diego County Meets National Air Quality Standard for Smog (CA)
05/16/2013Texaco Begins Soil Cleanup, Additional Groundwater Work at Ventura County Superfund Site (CA)
05/08/2013U.S. EPA Awards City of Brea $200,000 Brownfields Grant to Transform Former Railroad Tracks into Greenspace (CA)
05/08/2013$1 million given to Nye County, Nevada in U.S. EPA Brownfields grants to support site assessment and cleanup of toxics (NV)
05/08/2013U.S. EPA awards $400,000 in Brownfields assessment funds to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs
05/08/2013Two Grass Valley, Calif., groups awarded $1 million in U.S. EPA Brownfields grants (CA)
05/02/2013CSU, EPA Agreement Increases Opportunities for Future Environmental Stewards (CA)
05/01/2013U.S. EPA accepting public comments on proposed cleanup plan for Aerojet Superfund site in Northern Calif. (CA)
04/22/2013Green Award recognition given to Hawaii federal agencies (HI)
04/22/2013University of Arizona Recognized in EPA’s First-Ever Campus RainWorks Challenge (AZ)
04/22/2013U.S. EPA Requires ADOT to Reduce Pollution from Stormwater Runoff (AZ)
04/22/2013Green Award for innovation given to U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest office (CA)
04/22/2013Green Award for innovation given to southern California federal agency (CA)
04/22/2013Cal Poly Pomona Receives Honorable Mention at EPA’s First-Ever Campus RainWorks Challenge (CA)
04/16/2013NEWS BRIEF: Andersen Air Force Base beach cleanup to use U.S. EPA’s Marine Debris tracking methods (GU)
04/16/2013Fremont, Calif., Student Honored with President’s Environmental Youth Award (CA)
04/12/2013MEDIA ALERT: EPA, Navajo Nation convene fifth annual stakeholder workshop to address uranium contamination
(AZ, NM)
04/10/2013NEWS BRIEF: U.S. EPA issues permits requiring upgrades to Northern District and Agana sewage treatment plants
04/03/2013EPA Settles with Hydrofarm, Inc. for Selling Unregistered Pesticides (CA)
03/28/2013U.S. EPA, Hawaii Department of Health fine ship repair co. more than $700,000 for water pollution violations (HI)
03/26/2013Goodrich Corp. To Clean Up Contamination At Rialto Superfund Site (CA)
03/25/2013U.S. EPA Finds South Coast Air Basin Meets Health Standard for Coarse Particulate Matter (CA)
03/18/2013EPA Begins Construction of Groundwater Treatment System for Torrance Superfund Sites (CA)
03/15/2013U.S. EPA Orders NASA to Clean Up Soils Threatening Sensitive Habitat (CA)
03/12/2013Northern California Cities Lead Nationally with Most Energy Star Buildings (CA)
03/12/2013Los Angeles Ranks #1 City in U.S. with Most Energy Star Building for Fifth Consecutive Year (CA)
03/04/2013U.S. EPA Honors Arizona State University’s Sustainable Cities Network (AZ)
03/01/2013Media Advisory: EPA To Present Award to Arizona State University (AZ)
02/28/2013EPA reaches agreement over Waimanalo Gulch Landfill fire threat / $1.1 million penalty for Clean Air Act violations (HI)
02/28/2013U.S. EPA Honors San Diego Organizations With Climate Leadership Awards (CA)
02/28/2013Four S.F. Bay Area Companies Receive Top Honors from EPA for Climate Work (CA)
02/26/2013U.S. EPA Honors GRID Alternatives as Climate Change Champion for Solar Panel Job Training Work in Low-Income Communities (CA)
02/26/2013U.S. EPA Honors GRID Alternatives for Solar Panel Job Training (CA)
02/19/2013EPA fines six Arizona school districts for asbestos violations (AZ)
02/15/2013EPA Reaches $1.6 Million Settlement at Operating Industries Superfund Site (CA)
02/06/2013EPA Requires Nevada Gold Mines to Correct Reporting Violations, Pay $618,000 (NV)
02/01/2013MEDIA ADVISORY: Sunrise Landfill Repairs Completed After Damaging 200-Year Storm / Feb 5 Tour (NV)
01/31/2013Southern California Landfill Recognized for Transforming Waste into a Green Community Asset (CA)
01/28/2013EPA resolves violations with four Guam companies for hazardous materials reporting failures (GU)
01/28/2013EPA Resolves Air Violations with Thermal Energy Development Partnership in Tracy, California for $145,000 (CA)
01/24/2013EPA Details Results of $100M Federal Effort to Clean up Navajo Uranium Contamination (AZ, NM)
01/18/2013EPA Proposal for Navajo Generating Station Cuts Harmful Emissions 84%, Improves Visibility at National Parks, Protects Public Health (AZ)
01/17/2013Automotive Electronics Manufacturer Fined $500,000 for Selling Illegal Devices Resulting in Tons of Excess Particulate Matter Emissions (CA, UT)
01/16/2013EPA Issues Nevada Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011 (NV)
01/16/2013EPA Issues Arizona Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011 (AZ)
01/16/2013Baja California Celebrates First Urban Composting Center, Will Produce Almost 150 Tons in its First Year for Urban Greenscaping in Tijuana (CA)
01/16/2013EPA Issues Guam Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011 (GU)
01/16/2013EPA Issues CNMI Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011 (MP)
01/16/2013EPA Issues Hawaii Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011 (HI)
01/16/2013EPA Issues American Samoa Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011 (AS)
01/16/2013EPA Issues California Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011 (CA)
01/08/2013EPA Honors Dr. Jeanne Conry as Children’s Environmental Health Champion 2012 (CA)
12/21/2012Preliminary results from investigation of injection wells at Lahaina wastewater facility (HI)
12/17/2012EPA Proposes New Pollution Reduction Plans for Malibu Creek and the Ventura River (CA)
12/10/2012WEDNESDAY: EPA Will Hold Public Meeting to Discuss Final Results of Radiological Investigation at Santa Susana / Agency Officially Completes Work at Superfund Site (CA)
12/10/2012Company Self-Discloses Air Violations (CA)
12/06/2012U.S. EPA Awards Five Calif. Groups Nearly $125,000 in Environmental Justice Grants (CA)
12/05/2012$60,000 in EPA Grants Awarded to Calif. University Groups (CA)
12/05/2012U.S. and Local Governments Achieve $50 Million Settlement to Address Contamination at Superfund Site in Rialto, Calif. (CA)
12/05/2012S.F. Bay Area “Smart” Fund Receives Honorable Mention for EPA Award (CA)
12/04/2012EPA Proposes New NPDES Permits for Agana and Northern District Sewage Treatment Plants (GU)
12/04/2012U.S. EPA, Navajo Nation Celebrate First Superfund Job Training Graduating Class (AZ, NM)
12/03/2012EPA Will Remove 1,100 Tons of Perchlorate-Contaminated Soil in Barstow, Calif. (CA)
11/20/2012EPA Fellowships Awarded to 25 Ariz., Calif., Nev. Students (AZ, CA, NV)
11/20/2012U.S. EPA Reaches $2 Million Settlement with 290 Parties to Further Clean Santa Barbara County Toxic Dump Site (CA)
11/15/2012EPA Honors Calif., Nev., Ariz. Universities for Pledge to Significantly Reduce Food Waste (AZ, CA, GU, NV)
11/14/2012EPA Honors University of Guam for Zero Waste Pledge (GU)
11/13/2012EPA Resolves Large Capacity Cesspool Case with Brennecke’s Beach Broiler (HI)
11/13/2012MEDIA ADVISORY: EPA Recognizes 19 Universities for Food Waste Reduction (AZ, CA, GU, NV)
11/08/2012Los Angeles Companies Agree to Pay $140,000 for Clean Air Act Violations (CA)
11/07/2012U.S. EPA, DoD Northern Command Providing Hazardous Material Response Equipment to Border Towns (AZ)
11/07/2012NEWS BRIEF: EPA Puts GWA on Notice for Drinking Water System Deficiencies (GU)
11/07/2012EPA Honors Adobe for Eliminating Waste at Corporate HQ (CA)
11/06/2012MEDIA ADVISORY: US EPA and Northern Command to Provide Emergency Response Equipment to Nogales, Agua Prieta (AZ)
10/29/2012EPA Continues Work at San Gabriel Valley Superfund Site; Additional $1.44 Million Settlement Reached for Groundwater Cleanup (CA)
10/25/2012MEDIA ADVISORY - U.S. EPA to sponsor free CNMI workshop on Toxics Release Inventory reporting (MP)
10/24/2012EPA reaches agreement with the County of Maui for air pollution issues at landfill. County to spend $5.1 million on compliance measures and renewable energy project (HI)
10/18/2012EPA Awards $214,000 to Reduce Sources of Ocean Pollution (CA)
10/17/2012U.S. EPA Awards Arizona more than $27 million to Improve Water Quality, Protect Public Health (AZ)
10/17/2012EPA Awards $6.5 Million for Ten Projects to Restore
San Francisco Bay Water Quality and Habitats (CA)
10/16/2012EPA Awards $39,327 to American Lung Association of CA to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Asthma Management in San Diego Schools (CA)
10/16/2012U.S. EPA Honors Fresno State's WET Center (CA)
10/16/2012EPA Awards More Than $32,000 for Clark County Schools Indoor Air Quality (NV)
10/16/2012EPA Awards More Than $31,000 to American Lung Association to Educate Children, Health Care Providers on Asthma Management in 3 Arizona Counties (AZ)
10/16/2012 EPA and Fresno State Collaborate to Engage Students in Environmental Careers (CA)
10/16/2012EPA Awards $66,000 to Improve Santa Clara County Indoor Air (CA)
10/15/2012U.S. EPA Awards Over $126,000 to Nevada for Clean Diesel Project (NV)
10/15/2012U.S. EPA Awards over $100,000 to Pacific Territories for Clean Diesel Projects (AS, GU, MP)
10/15/2012U.S. EPA Awards Over $5 Million to California for Clean Diesel Projects (CA)
10/10/2012MEDIA ADVISORY - U.S. EPA to sponsor free Guam workshop on Toxics Release Inventory reporting (GU)
10/10/2012EPA Awards $214,000 to Reduce Sources of Ocean Pollution (CA)
10/04/2012U.S. EPA Awards Contract Up to $46.7 M to South S.F., Calif. Biotechnology Company (CA)
10/03/2012U.S. EPA Honors Dixon Ridge Farms as Sustainable Agricultural Champion (CA)
10/02/2012Media Advisory: EPA Officials to Attend Grand Opening of Merritt Crossing Senior Apt. Bldg. (CA)

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