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10/18/2011Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington groups awarded over $219,000 for Environmental Education
10/17/2011Oregon Seafood company fined for failing to track ozone-depleting refrigerants
10/17/2011Tillamook Dairy Owner to Preserve Hoquarten Slough Wetlands
09/30/2011Owner of ‘Davy Crockett’ Barge Indicted for Oil Spill on Columbia River
09/29/2011Final Cleanup Plan Selected For North Ridge Estates Superfund Site in Oregon
09/28/2011Trident Seafoods Corp. to Pay $2.5 Million to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations and Spend More Than $30 Million to Upgrade Processing Plants
09/27/2011Kent-based trucking company fined over $46,000 for chemical reporting violations
09/27/2011EPA proposes changes to FMC Superfund site cleanup plan, seeks comments from the public
09/26/2011Oregon Export Company pays $17,000 for illegally exporting hazardous waste to Hong Kong
09/20/2011Albertsons and Whole Foods’ green refrigeration efforts garner national awards
09/19/2011EPA issues final air quality permits to Shell for Arctic oil and gas exploration
09/19/2011Idaho oil distributor pays $15,000 penalty for inadequate spill prevention measures
09/19/2011Ferndale wood treatment company fined over $25,000 for improperly reporting chemical use and releases
09/19/2011Fort Wainwright fined over $79,000 dollars for banned motor vehicle waste disposal wells
09/15/2011North Ridge Estates in Oregon added to EPA’s National Priorities List
09/15/2011Bremerton Gasworks in Washington proposed for national hazardous cleanup listing
08/11/2011EPA helps states protect beachgoers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska
08/08/2011Chilkoot Lumber Company and owner fined $9,500 for leaking PCB transformers in Haines, Alaska
07/27/2011Monitoring finds air toxics near Concord Elementary School below levels of concern
07/22/2011EPA seeks public comments on new air quality permits for Shell and ConocoPhillips Arctic oil exploration activities
07/20/2011Zender Environmental Health and Research Group selected to receive a $300,000 EPA Job Training Grant funds to train workers for a brighter, “greener” future.
07/20/2011City of Tacoma Awarded $300,000 in EPA Brownfields Job Training Grant funds to train workers for a better, “greener” future
07/12/2011Oregon pesticide company agrees to pay $54,000 for using outdated labeling on pesticide products
07/01/2011EPA seeks public comments on revised air quality permits for Shell's Arctic oil exploration activities
06/28/2011Spokane wins EPA PISCES award for innovative stormwater project
06/23/2011U.S. addresses sewage discharge violations in Unalaska
06/23/2011Klamath Falls Mini Marts pay $30,000 penalty for failing to check tanks for leaks
06/21/2011Oregon dairy pays $12,000 for alleged animal waste discharges
06/16/2011City and Port of Seattle commit to $33 million cleanup of Terminal 117 on Lower Duwamish Waterway
06/13/2011Hecla Mining Company to Pay $263 Million in Settlement to Resolve Idaho Superfund Site Litigation and Foster Cooperation
06/10/2011EPA awards nearly $600,000 to cleanup and revitalize two Washington communities
06/08/2011“Carbon Yeti” snares City of Bellevue an EPA “Clean Air Excellence Award”
06/06/2011Skagit County’s Samish Bay shellfish beds deserve better protection, say federal, state and county officials
06/01/2011Air toxics near Lapwai High School below levels of concern
05/23/2011EPA Region 10 Asks Washington Residents to Fight #1 Cancer in U.S. with “Don’t Fry Day” (Friday, May 27)
05/23/2011EPA Region 10 Asks Oregonians to Fight #1 Cancer in U.S. with “Don’t Fry Day” (Friday, May 27)
05/23/2011EPA Region 10 Asks Idaho Residents to Fight #1 Cancer in U.S. with “Don’t Fry Day” (Friday, May 27)
05/23/2011EPA Region 10 Asks Alaskans to Fight #1 Cancer in U.S. with “Don’t Fry Day” (Friday, May 27)
05/16/2011U.S. Silver Corporation pays EPA $87,000 to settle Clean Water Act violations in Idaho’s Silver Valley
05/05/2011Poulsbo, Wash. gas station agrees to pay over $11,000 for failure to monitor underground fuel tanks
04/26/2011Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. pays over $3,000 for failure to report ammonia release
04/25/2011Maple Valley high school receives national award for greening up school operations
04/25/2011Air toxics near Toledo Elementary School are below levels of concern
04/25/2011Air toxics near Harriet Tubman School are below levels of concern
04/22/2011Five eastern Washington gas stations fined over $8,000 for violating federal air rules on tribal land
04/20/2011Idaho mining company agrees to pay $1.4 million penalty to settle alleged clean water act violations
04/14/2011Four Northwest communities awarded EPA funds to protect health, reduce GHG emissions
04/12/2011Federal Court approves $700,000 settlement to resolve EPA claim at Circle DE Lumber site in Klamath Falls
04/06/2011College Works Painting pays $32,508 EPA penalty for failing to inform homeowners or residents of possible lead hazards
03/30/2011EPA Seeks Public Comment on Sediment Cleanup Options for Boeing Plant 2, One of Duwamish River Corridor’s Most Contaminated Sites
03/29/2011City of Toppenish fined more than $134,000 for excess wastewater discharges
03/28/2011Gervais, Oregon-based Fiber-Fab pays $17,000 for failing to report on-site chemical use and releases
03/28/2011Spokane cold storage company pays $67,000 EPA penalty for failure to report ammonia release
03/10/2011EPA seeks public input on presidential order to review federal regulations
03/09/2011Eastern Oregon farm and trucking company face $34,000 fine for diesel spill
03/08/2011EPA proposes North Ridge Estates near Klamath Falls for National Priorities List
03/08/2011EPA proposes Astoria Marine Construction Company site for National Priorities List
02/28/2011Alaska placer miner settles EPA Clean Water Act discharge violations
02/15/2011EPA orders proper disposal of intercepted electronic waste shipment destined for Vietnam
02/07/2011EPA plans scientific assessment of Bristol Bay watershed
02/01/2011U.S. Oil and Refining Co. in Tacoma, Wash. settles with federal and local air authorities for Clean Air Act violations
02/01/2011Pacific Northwest and Alaska Federal agencies reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 380 million pounds in 2010
01/20/2011Usibelli Coal Mine, near Healy, Alaska, agrees to pay $60,000 EPA penalty for Clean Water Act violations
01/12/2011EPA issues order to Alyeska Pipeline Service in response to Alaska Pipeline leak
01/06/2011Washington fertilizer distributors fined over $33,000 for failing to properly plan for chemical releases at eight facilities
01/05/2011City of Bonners Ferry pays over $12,000 for Federal Clean Water Act violations
12/16/2010Air toxics near St. Helen’s Elementary School are below levels of concern - EPA posts final air toxics monitoring report today
12/16/2010EPA issues latest information on toxic chemical releases - Highlights for Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
12/16/2010Coeur Alaska, Inc., to pay $170,000 EPA penalty for “Unpermitted Discharges” at the Kensington Gold project
12/15/2010Oregon’s Environmental Justice Task Force awarded National Achievement in Environmental Justice Award
12/07/2010Tacoma-based Pacific Functional Fluids fined over $21,000 for failing to report chemicals
12/01/2010EPA praises Portland for its leadership in green urban growth practices
11/18/2010Oregon’s Bear Creek Cleaner Thanks to Watershed-Wide Projects
11/04/2010Alaska tribal village receives nearly $95,000 to reduce exposure to toxics
11/02/2010Pesticide distributors in Washington State fined over $35,000 for illegal imports and mislabeled products
11/02/2010Starbucks recognized as one of the Top Green Power Purchasers in the nation
10/25/2010Federal and State Responders Continue Mop-Up Operations at Scene of Friday’s Fire and Toxic Chemical Spill on Warm Springs Road in Boise, ID
10/20/2010Portland dubbed one of the country’s greenest communities with EPA designation
10/18/2010Duwamish Waterway cleanup options released for public review
10/14/2010Goodman Oil agrees to pay over $171,000 for storage tank violations at gas stations across Idaho
10/07/2010Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad pays $272,900 for diesel spill in Cow Creek derailment
10/07/2010Oregon and Washington groups awarded nearly $222,000 for Environmental Education
10/07/2010Firing range cleanup agreement means Kincaid Park soccer field construction can move forward
10/05/2010EPA awards $138,000 to support environmental justice projects in the Northwest and Alaska
09/30/2010Puget Sound Naval Shipyard pays $56,000 for hazardous waste violations
09/29/2010New stormwater treatment at Boeing Field will reduce toxic PCBs and help protect the Duwamish River and Puget Sound
09/27/2010Puget Sound-area developers fined nearly $50,000 for storm water run-off violations
09/27/2010Idaho fish farm could face penalties up to $177,500 for federal Clean Water Act violations
09/27/2010Idaho oil distributor pays $15,000 penalty for inadequate spill prevention measures
09/23/2010Landowners ordered to restore wetlands in Ocean Shores, Washington
09/15/2010Failure to report ammonia release costs Washington fruit processor close to $107,000 in EPA penalties and plant improvements.
09/13/2010City of Ketchikan fined nearly $3,000 for improper disposal of PCBs
09/08/2010Puget Sound protection efforts get nearly $13 million boost from EPA science grants
09/02/2010Port of Tacoma ordered to restore wetlands destroyed by unauthorized work in Commencement Bay
09/01/2010Public Comment Invited on Simplot Consent Decree Amendment
08/18/2010Cheese Manufacturer Sorrento Lactalis to Pay U.S. $315,000 for Exceeding Discharge Levels Into Idaho’s Mason Creek
08/18/2010Sumner, Washington landowners fined $18,000 for wetlands violations
08/04/2010Elk City Water and Sewer Association pays nearly $4,000 for Federal Clean Water Act violations
08/04/2010Eight Drinking Water Systems in Alaska are in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act
08/03/2010Idaho Fish Hatchery fined $98,000 for Clean Water Act violations

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