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01/26/2011Nation’s Second Largest Refinery to Pay More Than $5.3 Million Penalty for Clean Air Act Violations / Smog- and asthma-causing emissions to be cut by 8,500 tons per year
01/06/2011EPA Seeks Nominations for Annual Environmental Quality Awards
12/16/2010EPA Issues Annual Report on Chemicals Released Into Land, Air and Water in U.S. Virgin Islands; HOVENSA Tops the List as Biggest Polluter in US VI
12/07/2010U.S. Proposes Major Reductions in Air Pollution from Large Ships in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Island Waters
12/06/2010EPA Reports a Successful Year Enforcing Environmental Law in U.S. Virgin Islands
10/28/2010EPA Approves U.S. Virgin Islands’ List of Waters Facing Pollution Threats; New Pollutants Included for Christiansted Harbor, the Offshore Southgate Subwatershed and Mangrove Lagoon
05/19/2010EPA Marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day by Recognizing Environmental Achievers in the U.S. Virgin Islands
05/17/2010EPA Helps People Take Control of Their Asthma
03/22/2010Virgin Islands Halts Illegal Sewage Discharge on St. Croix; Federal Judge Orders Upgrades
01/07/2010EPA Seeks Nominations for Prestigious Environmental Award
12/08/2009EPA Releases Most Up-to-Date Information Ever About Chemicals in U.S. Virgin Island Communities
11/05/2009EPA Announces Regional Administrator for Region 2
09/30/2009EPA Awards Virgin Islands $4 Million in Recovery Act Funds for Water Infrastructure Projects to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Public Health
09/25/2009EPA Awards $57,000 in Recovery Act Funds to Clean Up Underground Petroleum Leaks in U.S. Virgin Islands
08/21/2009Virgin Islands Site Ready to Come off Superfund List
04/24/2009EPA Applauds Environmental Champions from the U.S. Virgin Islands
03/19/2009Toxics Release Inventory Shows Progress in U.S. Virgin Islands
02/24/2009EPA to Study Coral Reefs in U.S. Virgin Islands
10/29/2008EPA Orders Virgin Islands to Remove Scrap Tires That Pose Health Threat
07/21/2008EPA Helps Combat Pollution in Coral Bay with Cooperative Agreement
05/13/2008EPA and Partners Kick Off Green Building Design Challenge; Contest to reward reuse designs that save resources, costs
05/08/2008VI Government in Agreement to Clean Up Handling of Hazardous Waste
04/25/2008EPA Applauds Environmental Champions in the Virgin Islands
03/17/2008EPA Announces $5.4 million for New Clean Diesel Projects in the Northeast
03/12/2008EPA Strengthens Smog Standards to Better Protect Human Health and the Environment
03/07/2008EPA Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Changes to HOVENSA Cleanup; Public Meeting Set for March 12
02/21/2008EPA Annual Toxics Report Details Chemicals Released From Facilities in the USVI
02/06/2008EPA Settlement with GSA in USVI Sheds Light on Need to Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs
12/05/2007EPA Dives into Caribbean to Develop 3-D Look of Coral Reef
11/15/2007EPA Enforcement Actions in VI Lead to Environmental Improvements
09/18/2007Settlement with EPA Spells Greener Future for Dry Cleaner on St. Thomas
06/08/2007$1.7 Million available for Clean Diesel Projects in Northeast; EPA solicits applications for Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program and Clean School Bus USA
06/08/2007$1.7 Million Available for New Clean Diesel Projects in Northeast; EPA seeking proposals until July 31
04/26/2007EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Virgin Islands
03/27/2007EPA Settlement with the UVI to Benefit All Schools
03/22/2007EPA Annual Toxics Report Details Chemicals Released from Facilities in the USVI
03/05/2007EPA Settlement with Dry Cleaner on St. Thomas Pushes Business into the Here and Now
01/30/2007EPA's Soderberg Wins Gold Award for Contributions to Clean Water in the Caribbean Region
12/13/2006EPA Proposes to Give VIWAPA Five Years to Install State-of-The Art Equipment; Requires Additional Monitoring in Meantime
08/30/2006EPA Cites the Virgin Islands Government For Widespread Hazardous Waste Violations
06/13/2006As Hurricane Season Begins, EPA Reminds Local Facilities to Be Prepared
06/01/2006EPA Takes Off to Kick Off Beach Season
05/24/2006EPA Stops Hazardous Waste Violations At Christiansted Dry Cleaners
05/16/2006EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Virgin Islands
05/12/2006$1.5 million Available for Clean Diesel Projects in Caribbean and Northeast; EPA solicits applications for Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program and Clean School Bus USA
04/12/2006Chemical Releases to Air and Water Drop Drastically in USVI
11/16/2005EPA Enforcement Going Strong Nationally And Locally
10/27/2005EPA Cites Dry Cleaner in Charlotte Amalie
10/26/2005Metal Scrap Dump Beside Anguilla Landfill Will Be Cleaned Up
09/09/2005USVI and VIWMA Agree to Clean Up Scrap Area Open Dump Next to Anguilla on St. Croix
08/17/2005EPA Cites Cleaner in Christiansted for Hazardous Waste Violations
05/25/2005EPA Funding Protects Beach-Goers in U.S. Virgin Islands
04/21/2005EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Virgin Islands
12/17/2004EPA Determines that all Areas of U.S. Virgin Islands Meet New Fine Particle Air Pollution Standard
06/28/2004EPA Proposes that All Areas of U.S. Virgin Islands Meet Particle Air Pollution Standard
05/27/2004EPA-Funded Study Shows Educating Families about Asthma Reduces Attacks
04/22/2004EPA Region 2 Administrator Honors Environmental Achievers in the Virgin Islands
04/08/2004St. Croix Public Water System Faces Fine for Drinking Water Violations
02/25/2004EPA Announces Availability of $60,000 to Create Environmental Information Center on St. Croix
06/30/2003EPA Releases Annual Report on Releases of Pollution to Air, Water and Land in Virgin Islands
04/24/2003EPA Region 2 Administrator Jane M. Kenny Honors Environmental Achievements in U.S. Virgin Islands
10/31/2002EPA Issues Complaint and Compliance Order Against Virgin Petroleum of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands; $82,087 Penalty Assessed on Underground Storage Tank Violations
04/30/2002EPA Region 2 Administrator Jane M. Kenny Honors Environmental Achievements in U.S. Virgin Islands
02/21/2002Innovative Cleanup of St. Croix Alumina Contamination Begin
09/10/2001EPA Orders Territorial Court to Test for Nitrates in Building Water Supply; Court Cited for Violating Federal Safe Drinking Water Act
08/15/2001Virgin Islands Signs EPA Order to Clean Up Anguilla Landfill; Concern for Virgin Islanders' Health and the Environment Prompts Action
07/24/2001University of Virgin Islands Environmental Education Project Gets Big Boost from EPA; Project Receives More than 14,000 in Funding from EPA
05/31/2001EPA to Hold Free Workshops for Tank Owners and Others on Improving Environmental Compliance in the Virgin Islands; Underground Storage Tanks – #1 Source of Groundwater Pollution – to Be Main Topic
05/17/2001EPA Finalizes Plan to Clean Up St. Croix Alumina Contamination; Work Set to Begin
04/11/2001EPA Releases Most Recent Information on Toxic Releases into U.S. Virgin Islands' Environment
01/18/2001VI Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation Agrees to Pay $5,000 for Drinking Water Violations; EPA Levies First Fine for Failure to Complete Consumer Confidence Reports; Warns that Others Face Fines
01/11/2001EPA Invites Public to Meeting on St. Croix Alumina Cleanup Plan
11/30/2000A Roundup of Recent News Items in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.V.I.
09/13/2000A Roundup of Recent News Items in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
08/10/2000EPA Announces Comprehensive Set of Actions to Protect and Improve Caribbean Waters
08/02/2000University of the Virgin Islands Gets $5,000 EPA Education Grant; Will Design Environmental Comic Book for 8 to 10 Year-Olds
05/11/2000EPA Gives Public Picture of U.S.V.I.'s Environmental Releases; Many New Industry Groups, Including Utilities, Report Toxic Releases for First Time – Data Show Improvements
05/08/2000EPA Proposes Rejection of V.I. Landfill Program; Invites Public to Comment at Hearings on June 27 and 28
05/05/2000EPA Honors Environmental Advocates for Exemplary Work; An Individual and a Business in Virgin Islands Recognized for Environmental Accomplishments
04/25/2000EPA Issues First-Ever Orders to Water Systems for Failure to File Consumer Confidence Reports
04/07/2000V.I. Government Agrees to Clean Up Bovoni Landfill Proposed EPA Order Cites Danger to Human Health and the Environment, Public Welcome to Comment
03/23/2000EPA Removing 475 Gallons of Paints and Other Materials from Church on St. Thomas; Agency Also Completes Removal of Waste Pesticide and Contaminated Soil from Department of Agriculture Site on St. Croix
02/11/2000EPA Charges Christiansted Car Dealer with Releasing Used Automotive Oil into Environment; Agency Seeks $30,800 Fine and Orders Company to Clean Up Its Act
02/09/2000Regarding Raw Sewage By-Passes on St. Croix; Statement by William J. Muszynski, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 Deputy Regional Administrator
01/12/2000EPA Removing 1,540 Gallons of Pesticides from Dept. of Agriculture Facility in Kingshill
01/04/2000Start of First Work Week of the Millennium Brings No Y2K Problems at Environmentally Sensitive Sites
11/10/1999Non-Profit Receives Grant To Address Environmental Justice Concerns; Group Will Use Money to Monitor Water Quality and Educate Public
11/09/1999EPA Completes Federal Superfund Cleanup of Warehouse in Subbase Area of Charlotte Amalie
11/04/1999U.S. Attorney and EPA Present Hess $1 Million To Governor Turnbull; Funds To Be Used For Major Environmental Improvements, Especially To Landfills
10/12/1999EPA Charges Gas Station Tanks in Christiansted Were Mismanaged; Agency Seeking $24,812 Penalty
08/19/1999Federal Government Grants $17,000 To St. Croix Groups For Environmental Education Projects
08/19/1999Federal Government Grants $17,000 To St. Croix Groups For Environmental Education Projects
06/10/1999Trash-Spoiled Wetland Near Bovoni To Be Restored
05/13/1999Federal Government Reports On Toxic Releases Into U.S.V.I's Air, Water And Land; Quality of Environment On an Upward Trend
03/09/1999EPA TO USVI Regulated Community: Test for Y2K Now; Agency to Waive Fines to Encourage Testing for Possible Y2K Problems
12/10/1998Non-Profit in St. Croix Receives Environmental Justice Grant From EPA
12/04/1998Varlack Ventures Pleads Guilty To Criminal Violations Of Clean Water Act
08/26/1998EPA Supports Environmenetal Education Project in the U.S. Virgin Islands
06/26/1998Federal Judge Hits Gas Station Owner on St. Croix With $1 Million Judgement For Violating EPA's Underground Storage Tank Rules
06/18/1998EPA Reports On Toxic Releases To Air, Water and Land in the Virgin Islands