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04/25/2012EPA settles with BNSF Railway Company for improperly handling contaminated soil in North Portland
04/25/2012EPA Ensures Columbia Sportswear Company Properly Labels Pesticide-treated Clothing for Domestic Sale
04/11/2012Seattle and Portland among the top cities with the most Energy Star certified buildings in the United States
04/04/2012EPA to Hold Four(4) Public Information Sessions for Portland Harbor Draft Feasibility Study
03/15/2012EPA Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Energy Star by recognizing two school districts and four businesses in the Pacific Northwest
03/01/2012EPA ensures Oregon distributor properly labels pesticides
02/28/2012Oregon lumber mill cited for toxic chemical leaks and violations
02/27/2012Ten school districts in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska recognized as Energy Star Leaders
02/02/2012EPA announces summary of Pacific Northwest and Alaska enforcement actions for Fall 2011
01/26/2012Oregon Potato Company pays EPA penalty for failing to report ammonia release
12/21/2011SUPERVALU food recovery efforts garner National Waste Wise Award
12/20/2011Idaho, Oregon, and Washington manufacturers failed to notify authorities about chemical releases
12/16/2011Oregon Environmental Justice Task Force recognized by EPA
12/01/2011New Oregon Streamflow Assessment Tool Aids Clean Water Act Compliance
11/29/2011Oregon Construction Equipment Manufacturer Exceeds Federal Air Pollution Limits Pays Penalty
11/17/2011Federal Partners Unite to Help Rural Communities with Environmental and Economic Goals
11/16/2011EPA Honors 19 Organizations for Leadership in Clean Energy
11/10/2011Clearing the Northwest’s air with clean diesel technology
11/09/2011Oregon pesticide vendors violated laws aimed at protecting consumers from mishandling products
10/18/2011Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington groups awarded over $219,000 for Environmental Education
10/17/2011Oregon Seafood company fined for failing to track ozone-depleting refrigerants
10/17/2011Tillamook Dairy Owner to Preserve Hoquarten Slough Wetlands
09/29/2011Final Cleanup Plan Selected For North Ridge Estates Superfund Site in Oregon
09/28/2011Trident Seafoods Corp. to Pay $2.5 Million to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations and Spend More Than $30 Million to Upgrade Processing Plants
09/26/2011Oregon Export Company pays $17,000 for illegally exporting hazardous waste to Hong Kong
09/15/2011North Ridge Estates in Oregon added to EPA’s National Priorities List
09/15/2011EPA Advancing Clean Up at 15 Hazardous Waste Sites, Proposing 11 Sites for Action
08/11/2011EPA helps states protect beachgoers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska
06/23/2011Klamath Falls Mini Marts pay $30,000 penalty for failing to check tanks for leaks
06/21/2011Oregon dairy pays $12,000 for alleged animal waste discharges
05/23/2011EPA Region 10 Asks Oregonians to Fight #1 Cancer in U.S. with “Don’t Fry Day” (Friday, May 27)
04/26/2011Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. pays over $3,000 for failure to report ammonia release
04/25/2011Air toxics near Toledo Elementary School are below levels of concern
04/25/2011Air toxics near Harriet Tubman School are below levels of concern
04/14/2011Four Northwest communities awarded EPA funds to protect health, reduce GHG emissions
04/12/2011Federal Court approves $700,000 settlement to resolve EPA claim at Circle DE Lumber site in Klamath Falls
04/06/2011College Works Painting pays $32,508 EPA penalty for failing to inform homeowners or residents of possible lead hazards
03/28/2011Gervais, Oregon-based Fiber-Fab pays $17,000 for failing to report on-site chemical use and releases
03/18/2011Cities Competing to Win EPA’s Green Power Community Challenge / District of Columbia and Brookville, Md. currently lead the green power charge
03/14/2011EPA Announces U.S. Cities with the Most Energy Star Certified Buildings / Third annual list shows dramatic growth, savings of energy efficient buildings
03/09/2011Eastern Oregon farm and trucking company face $34,000 fine for diesel spill
03/08/2011EPA proposes North Ridge Estates near Klamath Falls for National Priorities List
03/08/2011EPA proposes Astoria Marine Construction Company site for National Priorities List
03/08/2011EPA Adds 10 Hazardous Waste Sites to Superfund’s National Priorities List / Fifteen additional sites proposed to be included on the NPL
02/22/2011EPA’s Energy Star Leaders Drive Greater Energy Efficiency
12/16/2010EPA issues latest information on toxic chemical releases - Highlights for Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
12/01/2010EPA praises Portland for its leadership in green urban growth practices
12/01/2010EPA Recognizes Sustainable Communities with Smart Growth Awards
11/18/2010Oregon’s Bear Creek Cleaner Thanks to Watershed-Wide Projects
10/20/2010Portland dubbed one of the country’s greenest communities with EPA designation
10/07/2010Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad pays $272,900 for diesel spill in Cow Creek derailment
10/07/2010Oregon and Washington groups awarded nearly $222,000 for Environmental Education
08/02/2010Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington awarded $190,000 for Environmental Education
06/24/2010Tyler Amon Named “Top Cop” for EPA’s Criminal Enforcement Program in the Northwest and Alaska
04/05/2010EPA Awards $2 Million to Small Businesses to Develop Ground-Breaking Technologies
03/23/2010Portland Recognized as a National Leader in Energy Efficient Buildings
03/03/2010Former Mercury Mine above Cottage Grove Reservoir Added to Federal Cleanup List
03/02/2010EPA Adds Ten Hazardous Waste Sites to Superfund’s National Priorities List

Action builds on efforts to clean up our communities
02/25/2010City of Eugene receives EPA grant to combat greenhouse gases
02/19/2010Recovery Act’s One Year Anniversary: Workers in Pacific Northwest Benefit from Investment in Environmental Protection
12/24/2009EPA Releases National, Regional Enforcement Statistics for 2009
11/02/2009Powell Butte, Ore. Ranch Owners Ordered to Complete Hazardous Waste Cleanup
10/29/2009Early Results from Air Toxics Monitoring at Washington and Oregon Schools Released Today
10/08/2009EPA designates “nonattainment” areas for fine particle air pollution
09/23/2009Former Mercury Mine Above Cottage Grove Reservoir Proposed for Federal Cleanup List
09/16/2009Portland Deli Recognized Nationally For Outstanding Energy Conservation Efforts
09/15/2009Portland small business recognized by EPA for its green power efforts
09/10/2009Head Start on Engineering Work Will Help Speed Gasco and Siltronic Site Cleanup
09/08/2009Dyno Nobel, Inc. to pay $17,000 for Failure to Properly Report Release of Ammonia
09/03/2009EPA Awards $2.7 Million in Recovery Act Funds to Clean Up Underground Storage Tank Leaks in Oregon
08/28/2009Oregon Landowners Ordered to Restore Stream Bank on Rogue River
08/05/2009Oregon Business Development Department Awarded $614,000 Recovery Act Grant for Contaminated Land Clean Up and Local Job Creation
08/04/2009Willamette YMCA and Papé Truck Leasing, Inc. fined $22,000 for Improper Storage of PCBs
07/29/2009U.S. EPA’s Region 10 Awards Over $900,000 in Recovery Funding to Cascade Sierra Solutions to Reduce Diesel Emissions and Create Jobs
07/21/2009Nearly $188,000 is awarded to Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington for Environmental Education
07/20/2009U.S. EPA’s Region 10 Awards Over $1.6 million in Recovery Funding to City of Portland to Reduce Diesel Emissions and Create Jobs
07/09/2009Siletz Indians in Oregon to Benefit from $614,000 in Recovery Act Funds to Improve Water Services
05/19/2009Oregon Receives $447,200 in Economic Recovery Funds to Improve Water Quality, Create Jobs
05/19/2009EPA reminds Americans: “Friday is Don’t Fry Day”
05/08/2009EPA: $200,000 in Grants for Contaminated Land Cleanup, Economic Development in Oregon
05/06/2009Oregon Schools Get National Recognition for Clearing the Air
05/05/2009EPA delivers over $2 Million to help Portland, Multnomah County to reduce diesel pollution
04/28/2009Oregon pest-control company reaches $4550 settlement with the EPA for illegal pesticide use
04/22/2009Oregon State University Gets National Recognition for Green Energy Push at Pac-10 Conference
04/09/2009Oregon Receives $1.73 Million in Economic Recovery Funding from U.S. EPA to Reduce Diesel Emissions, Create Jobs
04/09/2009EPA Announces $28.5 million in Stimulus Funds for Water Infrastructure Projects in Oregon to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Public Health
03/31/20092009 Oregon and Washington ENERGY STAR Award Winners
03/24/2009Portland Community Members Will Benefit from Environmental Justice Grants
03/19/2009EPA Issues Latest Information on Toxic Chemical Releases
03/12/2009EPA Directs Over $297 Million of Recovery Act Funding to Northwest States, Alaska and Tribes to Protect Water Quality, Create Jobs
03/12/2009Mark Measer to Head EPA’s Criminal Investigation Program in Pacific Northwest
03/06/2009Streamflow duration assessment method now available
03/03/2009Seattle Ranks 10th in Nation for Energy-Saving Buildings; Portland 18th
02/18/2009Portland Active Senior Programs Earn Recognition
02/03/2009A-Dec Inc. agrees to pay nearly $326,000 for violating federal pesticide rules
01/26/2009Feedlot Facility pays $8,000 for Alleged Animal Waste Violations
01/15/2009Green Job Training for Portland: EPA Grant Awarded to Oregon Tradeswomen
01/15/2009Report: Columbia River Basin faces continued threat from mercury, pesticides, other toxics
01/15/2009$2.6 Million for Brownfields Environmental Job Training
01/05/2009$140,000 settlement lodged in federal court over 2006 oil spill near Scottsburg, Oregon