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EPA, DOJ reach agreement with CNMI and CUC Saipan to move forward with work on oil spill cleanup and prevention at CUC power plants
08/28/2014EPA awards over $4 million to Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands for environmental protection
02/04/2014EPA Issues 2012 Toxic Release Inventory Data for Pacific Southwest Region
12/19/2013EPA West Coast Collaborative announces more than $2 million in grants to reduce harmful diesel emissions in western states and Pacific Island territories
11/18/2013EPA awards over $30 million to the Pacific Territories for environmental protection
01/16/2013EPA Issues CNMI Toxics Release Inventory Data for 2011
12/20/2012EPA Updates Rule for Pathogens in Drinking Water, Sets Limit for E. Coli
10/25/2012MEDIA ADVISORY - U.S. EPA to sponsor free CNMI workshop on Toxics Release Inventory reporting
10/15/2012U.S. EPA Awards over $100,000 to Pacific Territories for Clean Diesel Projects
03/19/2012EPA awards CNMI and American Samoa over $117,000 for clean diesel projects
01/05/2012EPA Issues CNMI Toxics Inventory Data for 2010
11/07/2011EPA partners with federal agencies to track Japan tsunami debris
03/28/2011EPA Monitoring Continues to Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern Have Reached the United States
03/21/2011EPA fines Mariana Acquisition Corp. for air pollution violations in Saipan
06/14/2010EPA issues penalty to CUC for failing to comply with wastewater, drinking water order
04/15/2010Two Exxon Mobil Corp. subsidiaries in Guam and CNMI agree to $2.4 million fine for air pollution violations
02/23/2010EPA boosts funding for Guam, CNMI and American Samoa water projects / Funding to Pacific territories jumps from $3.2 million to $37.4 million
12/23/2009EPA Releases Guam, CNMI, American Samoa Annual Enforcement Results and Mapping Tool
12/16/2009U.S. EPA Launches National Environmental Video Competition to Promote “Three R’s” of Consumer Waste
12/14/2009EPA fines CUC for failing to submit facility oil spill response plan
12/08/2009U.S. EPA Issues 2008 CNMI Toxic Release Data
11/19/2009U.S. EPA Calls for Green Innovators
09/16/2009CNMI Receives $200,000 in Economic Recovery Funds to Improve Water Quality, Create Jobs
08/19/2009EPA announces $350,000 in Recovery Act Funds for Water Projects in CNMI to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Public Health
08/13/2009EPA Announces over $2.9 million in Recovery Act Funds for Water Projects in CNMI to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Public Health
07/27/2009EPA Awards $57,000 in Recovery Act Funds to Clean Up Underground Petroleum Leaks in CNMI
06/16/2009EPA Hosts 26th Pacific Islands Environment Conference in Saipan
05/28/2009EPA Hosts 26th Pacific Islands Environment Conference in Saipan
05/11/2009EPA: $750,000 in Grants for Contaminated Land Cleanup, Economic Development in CNMI
03/19/2009EPA releases 2007 nationwide Toxics Release Inventory data / Reports rank CNMI among the lowest in the nation for toxic releases
03/02/2009EPA reaches settlement with Saipan company to protect soil, ocean ecosystems / Construction and Material Supply, Inc. to pay over $33,000 for used oil issues
01/29/2009Global Shipping LLC and Global Marketing System, Inc. to pay penalties for PCB export violations involving Oceanic
12/04/2008EPA announces Pacific environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2008 / Hazardous waste cases highlight year in CNMI, Guam and American Samoa
11/24/2008U.S. EPA Highlights Ways Everyone Can “Go Green” during the Holidays / Easy and effective ways to reduce and reuse
11/18/2008DOJ, EPA sign stipulated orders to improve water quality and control pollution in CNMI / Action follows Commonwealth Utilities Corp. violations for wastewater and drinking water systems, and for oil spills and oil spill prevention
11/14/2008Saturday is America Recycles Day; Recycle, reduce greenhouse gas emissions / U.S. EPA encourages public to do its part, find ways to increase recycling
08/18/2008EPA fines Commonwealth Port Authority $32,500
for hazardous waste management violations
07/07/2008EPA fines Concorde Garment Manufacturing, Inc. $15,200 for hazardous waste violations
05/12/2008EPA issues final permit decision for treatment of unexploded ordnance at CNMI
04/08/2008U.S. EPA awards CNMI $400,000 to assess and cleanup Brownfields
03/25/2008EPA fines Pacific Marine and Industrial Corp. $20,000 for used oil violations
03/18/2008U.S. EPA files complaint against ship brokers for violations of Toxic Substances Control Act
03/12/2008EPA Strengthens Smog Standards to Better Protect Human Health and the Environment
02/21/2008EPA releases 2006 CNMI Toxics Release Inventory data
02/07/2008U.S. EPA and Hawaii Department of Health host inaugural meeting of the Pacific Basin Brownfields Response Team
01/02/2008EPA fines Saipan company $26,000 for pesticide violations
12/04/2007U.S. EPA program certifies Palau and Yap water quality labs
12/03/2007EPA and CNMI agree on proposed permit and management measures for unexploded ordnance
Public meeting at CNMI’s Division of Environmental Quality on December 11
11/15/2007EPA announces Pacific environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2007
Hazardous waste related cases highlight year
11/06/2007EPA issues complaint to Concorde Garment Manufacturing, Inc., for hazardous waste management violations
07/25/2007U.S. EPA is looking for Water Efficiency Leaders
07/05/2007EPA fines Saipan rock quarry $400,000 for waste violations
05/14/2007EPA awards $200,000 Brownfields grant to CNMI DEQ
04/16/2007EPA to honor Beautify CNMI! as a Pacific environmental hero
03/26/2007Commonwealth Health Center to implement mercury thermometer exchange program for waste violations
Facility to also pay $8,000
03/22/2007EPA releases 2005 nationwide Toxics Release Inventory numbers. CNMI reports slight overall increase in releases to the air
03/21/2007EPA awards additional $1.43 million in grants to CNMI for new drinking water tank
01/08/2007EPA settles with Saipan screen printer for $5,000 over hazardous waste violations
11/15/2006EPA announces Pacific environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2006, Closure of CNMI’s Puerto Rico Dump, hazardous waste related cases highlight year
11/15/2006EPA announces Pacific environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2006; Closure of CNMI’s Puerto Rico Dump, hazardous waste related cases highlight year
10/25/2006EPA orders CUC Saipan to prevent oil discharges at Power Plants 1 and 2
09/12/2006EPA emergency planning workshops, inspections, successful in Guam, Saipan
06/29/2006Saipan company fined $23K for haz waste violations
06/22/2006Oil tanks, fuel contamination removed from Marianas Islands
06/07/2006Guam, American Samoa facilities settle risk management plan deficiencies
05/12/2006EPA awards over $10.3 million in grants to Pacific Southwest groups, governments, tribe to clean up, redevelop abandoned properties
04/18/2006EPA honors Pacific Southwest environmental heroes Willie Nelson, Clif Bar among this year's winners
04/13/2006Agencies plan to remove oil tanks on Marianas Islands
04/12/2006EPA releases latest data on toxic chemicals nationwide. Toxic air releases decreased in Marianas Islands
03/31/2006Public invited to comment on proposed lead-based paint rule
03/29/2006Saipan gets $1 million to fix wastewater problems
03/23/2006Saipan quarry may pay penalties for hazardous waste violations
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