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10/04/2006EPA Grants Waiver for Ponce Wastewater Treatment Plant
09/26/2006Two Sites in Puerto Rico are Added to EPA’s Superfund National Priorities List
09/21/2006EPA Seeks Public Comment on Cleanup of Former Naval Station Roosevelt Roads Base
08/30/2006EPA Slams Developer for Flouting Clean Water Act
08/15/2006EPA Says More Landfills in Puerto Rico Must Be Addressed
06/22/2006Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority Indicted For Environmental Crimes; Will Pay $10 Million in Criminal and Civil Fines and Spend $1.7 Billion Improving Wastewater Treatment
06/13/2006As Hurricane Season Begins, EPA Reminds Local Facilities to Be Prepared
06/01/2006EPA Takes Off to Kick Off Beach Season
05/18/2006EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Puerto Rico
05/12/2006$1.5 million Available for Clean Diesel Projects in Caribbean and Northeast; EPA solicits applications for Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program and Clean School Bus USA
05/09/2006EPA Proposes Steep Fines for Companies that Failed to Curb Polluted Storm Water
04/18/2006Public Water Supply Wells in Maunabo Proposed for Superfund Cleanup
04/12/2006Chemical Releases To Air and Water in Puerto Rico 50% Less in 2004 Than 1998 Totals
03/15/2006EPA Proposes to Grant Waiver for Ponce Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/08/2006Puerto Rico Administration of Corrections to Construct $1 Million Water Supply System
11/16/2005EPA Enforcement Going Strong Nationally And Locally
10/05/2005EPA Cites Puerto Rico University at Mayagüez For Multiple Violations of Environmental Safety Rules
09/15/2005EPA Orders Bacardi to Comply With Clean Water Act
09/13/2005U.S. EPA Selects Pfizer Cruce Davila for Membership in National Environmental Performance Track
08/10/2005EPA Takes Action to Correct Wetlands Violations In San Isidro
08/02/2005EPA Cracks Down on Illegal Development of Wetlands in Western Puerto Rico
07/05/2005EPA Proposes to Fine Wal-Mart for Clean Water Act Violations
05/25/2005EPA Funding Protects Beach-Goers in Puerto Rico
05/04/2005EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Puerto Rico
04/19/2005EPA and Catholic University to Provide Hazardous Waste Training at Schools
University Will Pay Penalty and Spend $141,000 Implementing School Programs
04/15/2005Navy Issues Draft Final Work Plan for Background Investigation of the Soils in East Vieques
02/07/2005EPA Places the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Area on Vieques on the Superfund National Priorities List
02/03/2005EPA Cites Martex for Failure to Protect Its Workers' Safety at Two Farms in Puerto Rico
01/24/2005EPA Takes Action Against Walmart and Its Contractor for Clean Water Act Violations at Construction Site
01/10/2005EPA Proposes to Deny PREPA Request for Waiver From Cooling Water Temperature Limits
12/17/2004EPA Determines that All Areas of Puerto Rico Meet New Fine Particle Air Pollution Standard
12/07/2004EPA Acting Regional Administrator Callahan Honors Environmental Performance Track Member in Puerto Rico
11/24/2004Property Transfer in Cataño Area Adds Valuable Land for Preservation to Las Cucharillas Marsh
11/10/2004EPA Proposes to Deny Waiver for Ponce Wastewater Treatment Plant
10/27/2004EPA Takes Action to Protect Puerto Rico's Shrinking Wetlands
09/29/2004EPA Draws Attention to Hazards of Illegal Pesticides in Puerto Rico
09/23/2004EPA Proposes Arecibo Site for the Superfund List
09/07/2004EPA and the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board Hold Public Information Sessions on the Proposed Addition of Vieques and Culebra to the Superfund National Priorities List
08/25/2004EPA Releases Its Draft Community Involvement Plan for Vieques
08/13/2004EPA Proposes the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Area on Vieques and Culebra for Inclusion on the Superfund National Priorities List
08/03/2004EPA Cites 19 Contractors for Violating Stormwater Requirements in Puerto Rico
07/21/2004EPA Adds Cidra Ground Water Contamination Site on the Superfund National Priorities List
07/15/2004EPA Reaches Agreement with Cerveceria India to Settle Violations of Clean Water Act
06/28/2004EPA Proposes that All Areas of Puerto Rico Meet Particle Air Pollution Standard
06/25/2004San Juan-Based Organization Receives EPA Environmental Justice Grant
06/24/2004EPA Reaches Settlement to Protect Critical Wetlands in Puerto Rico
06/22/2004EPA Promotes Brownfields Revitalization with Grant to Toa Baja; Puerto Rico Grantee to Receive $200,000
06/03/2004The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Fined for Hazardous Waste Violations
06/01/2004EPA Reaches Agreement with PRASA to Protect Critical Watershed
05/27/2004EPA-Funded Study Shows Educating Families about Asthma Reduces Attacks
04/22/2004EPA Region 2 Administrator Honors Environmental Achievers in Puerto Rico
04/21/2004EPA Regional Administrator Kenny Honors Environmental Performance Track Members
03/17/2004EPA Takes Action to Ensure that Puerto Rico Highway Authority and Contractors Meet Stormwater Controls
03/17/2004Delay in Actions Called for in Agreement with EPA Costs Compania Petrolera Caribe
03/16/2004Grant for Technical Assistance Awarded to Vieques Community Group
03/08/2004EPA Proposes Cidra Ground Water Contamination Site for the Superfund National Priorities List
02/27/2004EPA Settlement Will Bring Puerto Rico Schools into Compliance with Asbestos Regulations
02/26/2004EPA and Government of Puerto Rico Implement Stewardship Program
02/23/2004EPA Provides Interamerican University of Puerto Rico with Funding to Encourage Students to Pursue Environmental Careers
01/05/2004Investigation of Areas of Vieques Begins
12/03/2003EPA Regional Administrator Visits Pfizer Barceloneta to Support Company's Environmental Efforts
11/19/2003EPA Proposes to Fine Ponce Hospital for Illegal Discharge
10/24/2003EPA Takes Action to Protect Puerto Rico's Shrinking Wetlands; Two Developers and a Mayor Charged with Illegally Filling Wetlands; Must Spend Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Create New Wetlands
10/09/2003EPA Files Complaint for Asbestos Violations in Puerto Rico Schools; Continues to Work with Commonwealth Agencies to Ensure School Safety
09/24/2003EPA Responds to Public Comments on Navy Workplans for Investigation of Eastern End of Vieques
09/15/2003EPA to Collect Fine from Lilly Del Caribe Inc.
08/07/2003EPA Regional Administrator Kenny Honors Performance Track Members; Encourages Companies to Join Program Promoting Environmental Stewardship
08/07/2003EPA Announces More Stringent Environmental Requirements for Construction Projects in Puerto Rico
06/30/2003Toxic Releases to Air, Water and Land in Puerto Rico Decreasing
06/02/2003EPA Fines Board of Caguas Community for Not Treating Drinking Water
05/20/2003EPA Enters Agreement for Cleanup Study at the Vega Baja Solid Waste Disposal Superfund Site
05/06/2003EPA Orders Developer to Restore Wetlands in Las Cucharillas and to Cease Further Construction of Industrial Park
04/30/2003EPA Adds Pesticide Warehouse III Site in Manati to the Superfund National Priorities List
04/24/2003EPA Region 2 Administrator Jane M. Kenny Honors Environmental Achievements in Puerto Rico
04/10/2003EPA Recognizes Puerto Rico Drinking Water Alliance for Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Justice
04/08/2003EPA Agreement Launches Full-Scale Investigation of Contamination at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in Puerto Rico
03/19/2003PRASA to Pay $1 Million Fine and Fund Drinking Water Improvements in Low-Income Communities; U.S. Reaches Agreement with Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority to End Illegal Discharges of Raw Sewage
03/06/2003EPA Grants Waiver to Aguadilla Wastewater Treatment Plant
02/03/2003EPA Proposes to Fine the Municipality of Cataño for Raw Sewage Discharges
12/12/2002EPA Administrator and San Juan Mayor Sign Agreement to Promote the Purchase of Energy Efficient Products throughout the City Government
12/12/2002EPA Administrator Highlights Tens of Millions Given to Commonwealth for Drinking Water Improvements
12/11/2002Whitman Visits San Juan Area School; Teaches Sun Safety to Puerto Rican Students
10/08/2002EPA Grants Waiver to Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Wastewater Treatment Plant
09/04/2002EPA Proposes Contaminated Site in Manati for the Federal Superfund National Priorities List
08/19/2002EPA Announces Plans for Energy-Efficient, Environmentally Sound Facility at the San Juan Landfill
08/19/2002EPA Announces Plan to Preserve and Protect Open Space and Marshland in the Catano Area
08/19/2002EPA Provides Funds to Educate Teachers and Students About Puerto Rico's Bioluminescent Bays and Lagoons
05/29/2002EPA Invites Environmentally-Responsible Companies to Step Up to the Plate; Agency to Hold Half-Day Workshop for Potential Environmental Performance Track Members
05/28/2002EPA Region 2 Administrator Jane M. Kenny Honors Environmental Achievements in Puerto Rico
05/01/2002Searle Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Settles with EPA on Charges It Violated Regs to Prevent Air Releases
04/30/2002EPA Region 2 Administrator Jane M. Kenny Honors Environmental Achievements in Puerto Rico
04/29/2002EPA Grants Waiver for Carolina Wastewater Treatment Plant
11/28/2001EPA Charges PRASA and Compañia de Aguas with Thousands of Violations at Six Treatment Plants; Seeking $616,943 in Penalties for Clean Water Act Violations
11/01/2001Resort Developer in Puerto Rico Pays $20,000 for Filling Wetlands to Build Tennis Court
09/10/2001EPA Proposes Revised Permit for Caribbean Petroleum; Agency to Hold Public Information Session; Take Public Comment
08/28/2001In Settlement with U.S., Puerto Rico Farm Pays Fine and Changes the Way It Applies Pesticides; Agrees to Relief Measures to Protect Local Residents from Drift
07/24/2001Colegio Universitario del Este Environmental Education Project Gets Big Boost from EPA; Project Receives Nearly $25,000 in Funding from EPA
07/18/2001EPA Issued Complaint to PRASA for Bypasses of Puerto Nuevo Plant; PRASA Ordered to Immediately Comply; Faces Penalties of up to $137,500
07/17/2001PREPA Signs $1 Million Contract with UPR Graduate School of Public Health to Monitor Compliance with EPA Consent Decree