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10/15/2014EPA Announces Final Decision to Register Enlist Duo, Herbicide Containing 2, 4-D and Glyphosate/Risk assessment ensures protection of human health, including infants, children
06/11/2014Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe receives $200K to clean up Old Swiftbird Day School site
06/06/2014EPA Ensures Company Discloses Pesticide Hazards
04/30/2013EPA announces Regional Administrator for Region 8 Office in Denver
04/08/2013Ethanol producer to pay $136,500 for risk management and chemical reporting violations at Aberdeen and Huron, S.D. facilities
12/20/2012EPA Updates Rule for Pathogens in Drinking Water, Sets Limit for E. Coli
11/28/2012EPA offers tips on protecting your family from carbon monoxide poisoning
05/24/2012EPA awards $200K to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for cleanup of Smee School Teacher’s facility in Wakapala community
12/01/2011EPA Recognizes Communities for Smart Growth Achievements / Smart growth policies protect health and the environment, strengthen local economies
11/17/2011Federal Partners Unite to Help Rural Communities with Environmental and Economic Goals
10/21/2011EPA Emergency Crews Successful in Snuffing Tire Fire (South Dakota)
10/12/2011John Morrell Company to pay penalty and improve management of ammonia at Sioux Falls meat processing plant
08/25/2011South Dakota programs receive $100k in environmental education grant funding
08/08/2011EPA R8 Enforcement News: Candle Development to pay penalty and restore wetlands at Sioux Falls housing development
07/13/2011City of New Underwood (SD) recognized for drinking water infrastructure
07/12/2011Sitting Bull College receives $300K to grow green jobs
07/11/2011City of Lennox (SD) recognized for water quality infrastructure
06/22/2011EPA contains landfill fire on Pine Ridge Reservation
03/29/2011Cenex Harvest States, Inc. to pay EPA penalty and conduct safety workshops
12/06/2010EPA announces 2010 Enforcement and Compliance Results, includes summary for Mountains and Plains states
10/01/2010Settlements at South Dakota ethanol facilities ensure air pollutant reductions, yield $225K in penalties
07/09/2010Media Advisory: EPA to Host Public Meeting on National Hydraulic Fracturing Study in Denver on July 13
04/21/2010EPA Announces Regional Administrator for Region 8
04/20/2010EPA awards Cheyenne River Sioux $200K for contaminated school property in White Horse
10/22/2009 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe recognized for school chemical cleanout campaign
10/14/2009SDSU students earn EPA grant for effort to improve biodiesel production technology
08/25/2009City of Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Community Water Corporation recognized for wastewater and drinking water excellence
07/09/2009EPA awards more than $7.9 million in Recovery Act funds to clean up underground petroleum leaks in Mountains and Plains states
07/08/2009$9.5 million in Recovery Act funds to bolster Tribal water services throughout the Mountains and Plains region
06/26/2009U.S. EPA awards $500,000 in Recovery Act funding to the Sioux Falls School District to reduce diesel emissions and create jobs
06/02/2009Zelmer, Inc. and Spencer Heights, LLC to resolve Clean Water Act violations at Lincoln County, S.D. residential development
05/19/2009EPA Announces More Than $38.9 Million in Recovery Act Funds for Water Projects in South Dakota to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Public Health
05/08/2009$200,000 in Recovery Act funding to the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Tribe
04/15/2009Recovery Act Funding to Accelerate Cleanup, Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Human Health at South Dakota’s Gilt Edge Mine Hazardous Waste Site
04/08/2009North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming receive Recovery Act funding to reduce diesel emissions, create jobs
03/19/2009EPA Issues Latest Information on Toxic Chemical Releases in South Dakota
09/18/2008Larry Gabriel receives EPA Environmental Achievement Award
09/17/2008Oglala Sioux Tribe employee earns EPA Frank DeCouteau Award
09/16/2008Attorneys for South Dakota Hutterite Colonies receive EPA Environmental Achievement Award
09/04/2008Brownlee Construction to pay $27,500 for damages to Big Sioux River wetlands
09/03/2008South Dakota State Conservationist, Janet Oertly, receives EPA Environmental Achievement Award
05/27/2008EPA issues proposed plan for Gilt Edge Mine Superfund site
05/20/2008EPA report on environment highlights national and regional trends
04/15/2008Menards settles with EPA after destroying stretch of Big Sioux tributary
03/12/2008EPA Strengthens Smog Standards to Better Protect Human Health and the Environment
02/21/2008Toxic Release Inventory data available for 2006
02/12/2008Region 8 Energy Star buildings save $27 million and prevent 700 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions -- annually
11/15/2007Enforcement actions improve environment
10/18/2007EPA orders restoration of damaged South Dakota wetlands
09/14/2007Pickerel Lake Sanitary District receives EPA award for upgrade to wastewater treatment process