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01/31/2006EPA Begins Removal of Elkton Farm Contamination
01/31/2006Cleaner Emissions from Staten Island Ferry just the Beginning -- Northeast Diesel Collaborative Expands Efforts
01/30/2006Environmental Appeals Board Approves First Air Compliance Agreements with Animal Feeding Operations - Respondent List
01/30/2006EPA Offers Earth Day 2006 Financial Help
01/30/2006Calif. steel manufacturer agrees to donate equipment to settle hazardous waste violations
01/30/2006Environmental Appeals Board Approves First Air Compliance Agreements with Animal Feeding Operations
01/30/2006EPA settles with Alabama company on hazardous waste transport violations
01/30/2006EPA Joins Other Federal Agencies to Adopt High Performance and Sustainable Building Principles
01/27/2006Environmental Responders Distribute 2 Million Flyers to Southern Louisiana Residents
01/27/2006Southern Calif. plant agrees to reduce chemical use to settle hazardous waste violations
01/27/2006Water Systems Recognized for Excellence in Drinking Water Reporting
01/27/2006Dekalb County Public School System Honored for Efforts to Identify, Resolve Indoor Air Issues
01/27/2006American Samoan gas station ordered to correct underground storage tank violations
01/27/2006Villanova University wins federal funding to reduce pharmaceuticals in the environment
01/27/2006EPA Ocean Survey Vessel Debuts in Puerto Rico -- Open to PublicBuque de reconocimiento oceanográfico de la EPA
Visita Puerto Rico por primera vez
01/26/2006EPA Unveils Plaques Giving Warwick, New York Schools Energy-Efficient Seal of Approval
01/26/2006Route 66 project launched to redevelop abandoned gas stations, clean up underground tank sites
01/26/2006EPA Stops the Import and Sale of Three Illegal RepelleX Pesticide Products
01/26/2006EPA Significantly Strengthens and Expands Safeguards on Human Studies Research
01/26/2006EPA Helps Schools and Child Care Facilities Reduce Lead in Drinking WaterEPA ayuda a escuelas y centros de cuidado infantil a reducir el plomo en el agua potable
01/26/2006EPA Administrator Names John Howard as Head of Policy Advisory Group
01/26/2006EPA Issues Guidance for Protective Cleanups of Perchlorate
01/26/2006Hartford Conn. Schools Win National EPA Award for Indoor Air Quality Program
01/26/2006EPA reaches agreement with Degussa on clean-air violations
01/25/2006The City of Blackfoot and EPA Agree to a $25,000 Settlement for Clean Water Act Violations in Snake River
01/25/2006January is National Radon Action Month (Kansas version)
01/25/2006January is National Radon Action Month (Nebraska version)
01/25/2006January is National Radon Action Month (Missouri version)
01/25/2006January is National Radon Action Month (Iowa version)
01/25/2006United States Settles Environmental Lawsuit Against New York City Involving the City's Underground Storage Tank Systems
01/25/2006EPA Solicits Nominations for 2006 Environmental Quality Awards
01/25/2006MA and NH Developers Agree to Pay Penalties for Storm Water Violations;
Cases are Part of EPA Push to Improve Storm Water Compliance by Builders
01/25/2006RI Manufacturer Agrees to Pay $12,932 for Clean Air Act Violations
01/25/2006Major Work Complete at St. Lawrence County Superfund Site
01/25/2006EPA Approves Ozone Non-Attainment Redesignation Petition for Christian County, Ky.
01/25/2006EPA Seeking PFOA ReductionsEPA busca reducciones en PFOA
01/25/2006EPA Awards $8 Million Grant to Johns Hopkins to Study Health Effects of Air Pollution
01/25/2006EPA Pacific Southwest region awards over $1.5 million to protect wetlands
01/25/2006Borough of Lititz Receives Regional Award for Environmental Performance
01/25/2006Air Force and Whole Foods Top EPA's List of Renewable Energy Users Green Power Purchases Increase by Nearly 100 Percent Since 2004
01/25/2006EPA to Announce New Effort on PFOA
01/25/2006New Tool for Determining Cause of Ecological Harm to Rivers and Streams
01/25/2006EPA Provides Faster Water Quality Tests for Safe Beach Swimming
01/24/2006Borough of Lititz Receives Regional Award for Environmental Performance
01/24/2006Landlords, Property Managers Face Penalties for Violating Lead Paint Disclosure Regulations
01/24/2006EPA approves Clean Water Act authority for Navajo Nation
01/24/2006U.S. EPA offers $3 million in grants for innovative diesel emissions reduction projects
01/24/2006EPA Upholds Air Quality Designations
01/24/2006EPA Offers $3 Million in Grants for Innovative Diesel Emissions Reduction Projects
01/23/2006U.S. EPA honors Los Angeles Unified School District
01/23/2006EPA to Assist in Cleanup of New Orleans Neighborhoods
01/23/2006EPA Ocean Survey Vessel Debuts in U.S. Virgin Islands -- Open to Public for First Time Ever
01/23/2006St. Regis Paper Superfund site update: Cass Lake residential cleaning to begin early February
01/20/2006EPA Marks the Final Phase of Cleanup Work at the General Color Site
01/20/2006Federal Court Approves $11 Million Settlement to Resolve Claims at North Ridge Estates Asbestos Site
01/20/2006Air Screening Data for New Orleans Posted
01/20/20062006 National Environmental Partnership Summit to be Held in Atlanta
01/19/2006U.S. EPA orders soil removal work from industrial site in Torrance, Calif.
01/19/2006Archdiocese of Philadelphia Settles Asbestos
Management Violations at 12 Schools - In settlement with EPA, Archdiocese Agrees to Comprehensive Compliance Plan for 222 Local Schools
01/19/2006U.S. EPA orders soil removal work from industrial site in Torrance
01/19/2006Lawrence, Mass. Preservation Group Shares in EPA Grant
01/19/2006New Haven, Conn. Sustainability Group Shares in EPA Grant
01/19/2006Strafford, Vt. Community Group Shares in EPA Grant
01/19/2006Providence, R.I. Community Gardening Group Shares in EPA Grant
01/18/2006EPA Selects Vashon Island School District for 2006 “Tools For Schools” Excellence Award
01/18/2006Hurricane-Impacted Louisiana Schools Get Help from Environmental Responders
01/18/2006Five Climate Leaders Companies Reach Their Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals
01/18/2006EPA awards $779,982 for Delaware’s wetlands program
01/18/2006EPA awards $780,726 for Maryland wetlands programs
01/17/2006EPA settles with Baleco on pesticide violations
01/17/2006Have You Tested Your Home for Radon - Radon is the Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer¿Ha realizado usted la prueba del radón en su hogar? El radón es la segunda causa principal del cáncer del pulmón
01/17/2006EPA awards $263,443 for Pennsylvania’s wetlands program
01/17/2006EPA awards $762,649 for Virginia’s wetlands programs
01/17/2006EPA Commemorates 35th Anniversary
DISCLOSURE OF LEAD-BASED PAINT HAZARDS - Landlord to Pay $20,000 Penalty, Perform $70,000 Lead Abatement Project
01/13/2006EPA Honors Broward County School Board for Implementing Exemplary Indoor Air Quality Program
01/13/2006More Murphy Oil Sampling Data Released
01/13/2006NPL Data Posted from Hurricane Katrina Affected Area in Louisiana
01/13/2006EPA Posts Results from Samples taken in Hurricane Affected Areas of Mississippi