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03/31/2006EPA Extends Public Comment Period on Lead-based Paint ProposalEPA extiende periodo de comentarios públicos para la propuesta de pintura a base de plomo
03/31/2006Public invited to comment on proposed lead-based paint rule
03/31/2006Laconia, New Hampshire To Get Assistance from EPA on Growth Issues
03/31/2006Revised Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Requirements to Help Areas Meet Air Quality Standards for Ozone
03/31/2006Final Amendments Clarify Requirements for Industrial Facilities During Periods of Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction
03/31/2006EPA Review Determines Current Air Toxics Standards for Four Industries Protect Public Health
03/31/2006California, Washington, New Hampshire, Idaho Communities To Get Assistance from EPA on Growth Issues
03/31/2006Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Faces Fine for Ozone Violations in Stratford, Conn.
03/31/2006Participation Sought at EPA Lead Proposal Public Meeting
03/30/2006New Grants Available for Hurricane-Impacted Communities
03/30/2006So. Cal. metal facility agrees to $45K penalty for violating haz waste laws
03/30/2006EPA Offers Grants for Truck Fuel Conservation
03/30/2006Three EPA Programs Nominated for Government 'Oscars'
03/29/2006Two Alaska facilities and one Washington school district fined for PCB violations
03/29/2006Saipan gets $1 million to fix wastewater problems
03/29/2006Bay Area company agrees to pay more than $243,000 for spilling oil
03/29/2006EPA Recertifies DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
03/28/2006USFWS Southwest Regional Office, Gladys Porter Zoo - Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Recovery Program - 2nd PLACE GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
03/28/2006Les Reflections du Bayou - 1st PLACE GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
03/28/2006Sunny Beaches - Corpus Christi, Texas - 2nd PLACE GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
03/28/2006James H. Davis, Sunny Beaches, Corpus Christi, Texas - 1st PLACE GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
03/28/2006EPA gives $388,519 Clean School Bus grant to Okemos Public School District
03/28/2006More Funds to Help Revitalize Properties
03/28/2006So. Calif. company will pay for $25,000 for violating hazardous waste laws
03/28/2006Two Philadelphia-Area Men Charged with Dumping Untreated Sewage into Delaware River
03/27/2006EPA files complaint against Van’s Trading Co. for underground storage tank violations
03/27/2006Altex faces over $134,000 in fines for Clean Air Act and Emergency Planning violations in Alaska
03/27/2006So. Calif. chemical company will pay $31,200 for pesticide violations
03/27/2006EPA: Public Hearing on Lead Renovation, Repair
and Painting Program Rule
03/27/2006EPA, Corps of Engineers Move to Improve Wetlands Restoration and Conservation
03/27/2006EPA Cites Perma-Fix for Clean-Air Violations
03/27/2006Contractors to pay fines for sewage discharges from Delaware Valley Veterans Home
03/27/2006EPA, Corps of Engineers Propose Better Wetlands Protection
03/24/2006EPA Proposes Criteria for Using Chat from Tar Creek and Other Areas
03/24/2006Participation Sought at EPA Lead Proposal Public Meeting in NYC
03/24/2006Report: U.S. Invests $53 Billion in Wastewater Infrastructure
03/24/2006U.S. and Mexico Progress on Key Environmental Border IssuesEstados Unidos y México logran avances sobre temas medioambientales fronterizos claves
03/24/2006Technology Turns Contaminated Sediment into Useful Product; Environmental Headache Can Become Valuable Product
03/24/2006EPA, University of Toledo to Join Forces on Hybrid Vehicle Research
03/24/2006Festival Lovers Can Help Environment by Recycling
03/24/2006U.S., Mexico to Collaborate on Capture and Reuse of Methane GasEE.UU.-México colaborarán en la captura y reutilización del gas metano
03/23/2006Saipan quarry may pay penalties for hazardous waste violations
03/23/2006‘1000 Friends Of Iowa’ Receives $30,000 EPA Grant for Smart Growth Assessment In Des Moines
03/23/2006Media Advisory: Million-dollar partnership to increase fuel economy and cut emissions
03/23/2006Pa. Contractors Settle Cases With EPA Over Demolition of Properties in Huntingdon Valley and Bethlehem
03/23/2006Owner of “Super Soda Center” Stores in Maryland Settles with EPA Over Underground Fuel Tank Violations
03/23/2006Green Power: EPA Walks the Talk
03/23/2006U.S., Japan Partner to Promote Clean Development and Reduce Emissions
03/23/2006New Compliance Options Available to Introduce Clean Diesel Passenger Vehicles
03/23/2006Recycling Project at the National Cherry Blossom Festival
03/22/2006EPA Extends Public Comment Period on information in 'Model Validation' Report for Housatonic River
03/22/2006Participation Sought at EPA Lead Proposal Public MeetingsSolicitan participación pública en reuniones sobre propuesta de la EPA sobre el plomo
03/22/2006EPA Continues Efforts to Understand Effects of Ozone on Human Health and the Environment - Ozone Air Quality Criteria Document Released
03/22/2006U.S., Mexico to Cooperate on Capture and Use of Methane
03/22/2006National Assessment of Toxic Air Pollutants
03/22/2006Hudson Cleanup Plans Near Completion; EPA Also Releases Community Health and Safety Plan
03/21/2006University gets $1.7 million for U.S.-Mexico borderEPA otorga $1.7 millones de dólares a la Universidad de Arizona para estudios fronterizos
03/21/2006Agreement Near on Mercury Switches in Scrap Cars
03/21/2006Children Act Fast. . .And So Do Poisons
03/21/2006Yankee Nuclear Plant in Rowe to Pay Over $48,000 for PCB Violations
03/21/2006Businesses Turn Energy Savings Into a Profit for the Environment
Media Advisory: EPA to co-sponsor Clean Diesel Conference in Detroit and present Clean School Bus grant to Okemos
03/20/2006Higher PCB concentrations found at Duwamish Superfund Site's Terminal 117 in Seattle, Washington
03/20/2006EPA to begin East Chicago lead soil testing; information meetings March 22 - 23
03/20/2006Working towards Global Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation
03/20/2006EPA Reminds Public to Keep Household Poisons Away from KidsEPA exhorta al público a mantener los venenos caseros fuera del alcance de los niños
03/20/2006Vermont School District Receives $173,000 EPA Grant for Clean School Buses
03/17/2006Dogs killed from herbicide misuse
03/17/2006New Requirement to Help Assess Potential Chemical Risks
03/17/2006Cleaner Small Engines are Safe, EPA Study Concludes
03/17/2006EPA Posts Results of Additional Samples Taken at the Murphy Oil Site
03/17/2006India Moves from Landfill Gas to Clean Energy
03/16/2006Guam water agency fined $35,000 for failing to comply with court order
03/16/2006EPA fines Guam Waterworks Authority additional $35,000 for failure to meet federal court order requirements
03/16/2006Calif. transportation agency fined for violating asbestos laws
03/16/2006PCB Violations Result in Major Penalty at Wheeling W. Va. Facility
03/16/2006Court Settlement Signals Go Ahead For Cleanup Of Metal Bank Superfund Site
03/16/2006Hawaii firm ordered to restore wetlands
03/16/2006EPA Acts on Implementation of Landmark Clean Air Interstate Rule
03/16/2006$5 Million Awarded to Study Health and Environmental Effects of Nanotechnology
03/16/2006Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to Implement Sharp Reductions in Sewage Contamination of Charles River