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12/29/2006Resolve to E-cycle Old Electronics
12/28/2006Kansas City Area EPA Executive Wins Presidential Rank Award
12/28/2006Boston-based Bus Company Faces Penalty for Diesel Emission Idling Violations
12/28/2006EPA Finds Lead in Plants and Animals at Ringwood Mines/Landfill Superfund Site
12/27/2006Outdoor Burn Ban Lifted for Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington State
12/27/2006EPA: Ohio county meets ozone standard
12/27/2006EPA: 5 more Michigan counties meet ozone standard
12/26/2006U.S. EPA redesignates Miami, Ariz. area as attaining federal sulfur dioxide standard
12/22/2006EPA awards $50,000 to Tuscola Intermediate School District for clean school bus project
12/22/2006EPA Publishes Updated List for Boutique Fuels
12/21/2006EPA Fines Syngenta $1.5 Million for Distributing Unregistered Genetically Engineered Pesticide
12/21/2006EPA awards over $170,000 in CARE funds to the Pacific Institute
12/21/2006Cleanup Begun at the Camilla Wood Preserving Site in Camilla, Ga
12/21/2006Incentives Proposed for Clean Water Permit Fees
12/21/2006EPA Seeks Additional Toxic Emissions Reductions
12/21/2006Coeur Alaska Inc. agrees to pay over $100,000 to settle Clean Water Act violations
12/21/2006Winter Tips to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
12/21/2006Mercedes-Benz Pays $1.2 Million for Clean Air Act Violation Also Spends $59 Million for Voluntary Recall
12/21/2006EPA Inspection Results in CEMEX Correcting Violations and Paying Fine
12/21/2006EPA Solicits Nominations for 2007 Environmental Quality Awards
12/21/2006EPA to Require Monitoring for Unregulated Contaminants
12/20/2006U.S. EPA approves Los Angeles’ experimental permit to inject treated sewage sludge under Terminal Island
12/20/2006EPA awards $50,000 to Fort Wayne, Ind., Community Schools for Clean School Bus project
12/20/2006EPA awards $95,000 grant to Next Energy Center for Clean School Bus project
12/20/2006Outdoor Burn Ban Called for the Yakama Indian Reservation
12/20/2006United States and Europe Renew Agreement on International Energy Efficiency
12/20/2006Tips to Avoid Carbon Monoxide PoisoningConsejos para evitar el envenenamiento por el monóxido de carbono
12/20/2006EPA cites Indianapolis landlord for lead-based paint violations; $52,724 penalty proposed
12/19/2006Emission Solutions, Inc. joins Blue Skyways Collaborative
12/19/2006U.S.G.S. releases report on rock and soil in El Dorado Hills, Calif.
12/19/2006Officials: “Emergency Phase” of Puget Sound Energy Diesel Spill Near Crystal Mountain is Over….Long-Term Cleanup Continues
12/19/2006Palo Alto is First California Green Power Community Recognized by Environmental Protection Agency
12/19/2006EPA: 3 Ohio counties meet ozone standard
12/19/2006EPA Sharpens Focus on Ecological Benefits of Regulations
12/18/2006EPA Provides Incentives to Reduce Chemical Emissions and Increase Recycling NationwideEPA brinda incentivos para reducir las emisiones químicas y aumentar el reciclaje a nivel nacional
12/18/2006EPA to begin sediment sampling in Detroit River
12/18/2006EPA Finalizes Toxic Release Inventory Rule
12/15/2006Update on Environmental Clean-up Efforts at Danversport Explosion; Public Meeting Dec. 20
12/15/2006Grant to help Shreveport prevent water pollution
12/15/2006Poland Joins Methane to Markets
12/15/2006Sinclair Tulsa Refining Company, Two Managers Plead Guilty to Felony Pollution Charges - $5 Million Criminal Penalty, Plus Half Million Community Service Payment
12/15/2006U.S. EPA, SEPA and Asian Development Bank Collaborate on Environmental Protection
12/14/2006EPA proposes to remove collectible cars from Phoenix, Tucson smog program
12/14/2006EPA, ADEQ complete latest round of petroleum tank inspections in Arizona
12/14/2006EPA and Long Beach Redevelopment Agency award nearly $800,000 to Miller Children’s Hospital for $151 million expansion; EPA, City and Hospital officials tour site slated for revitalization
12/14/2006Bethlehem Commerce Center Wins Top Environmental Award for Innovative Redevelopment
12/14/2006FMC ordered to reduce levels of dangerous gases from former waste pond
12/14/2006EPA Issues Final Rule on Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures
12/13/2006Northwest Water Reclamation Facility, in Apopka, Florida receives EPA Clean Water Act Recognition Award
12/13/2006EPA orders Arizona property owner to remove illegal fill from Virgin River
12/13/2006U.S. EPA fines Bio Rad Laboratories $29,900 for waste violations in Richmond, Calif.
12/13/2006EPA Policy and Technology Committee Meets on Watershed Management, Commercialization of Biofuels
12/13/2006EPA fines Flint Hills Resources Alaska, LLC nearly $16,000 for Clean Air Act violations
12/13/2006EPA and Larry Boyer Land and Cattle reach settlement for federal pesticide rules violations
12/13/2006EPA fines El Cajon company $11,900 for hazardous waste violations
12/13/2006EPA Proposes First Onboard Diagnostic Systems for New Large Trucks and Buses
12/13/2006EPA Proposes to Give VIWAPA Five Years to Install State-of-The Art Equipment; Requires Additional Monitoring in Meantime
12/13/2006Hazardous Chemical Release Roundup: EPA cites Detroit Edison for reporting violations, settles cases in Indiana, Minnesota
12/13/2006Gulf Guardians recognized for protecting environment
12/13/2006I’m Dreaming of a Green Holiday
12/13/2006EPA proposes plan needed to implement clean-air designation requested by Wisconsin tribal group
12/12/2006The Hurlburt Field Air Force Base in Florida receives EPA Clean Water Act Recognition Award
12/12/2006EPA Authorizes Critical Uses of Methyl Bromide for 2007
12/12/2006EPA awards $200,000 grant to Indiana to cut diesel emissions at Jeffersonville port
12/11/2006EPA Cancels Outdoor Burn Ban for Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington
12/11/2006EPA Makes Fuel Economy Estimates Stick
12/11/2006Test Your WaterSense about Water Efficiency
12/11/2006EPA Continuing Cleanup Progress at Hazardous Waste Sites
12/11/2006$65,000 in EPA Funding to Universities in Puerto RicoEPA otorga $65,000 en fondos a dos instituciones universitarias en Puerto Rico
12/11/2006EPA Cuts Mercury and Hydrocarbon Emissions for New Portland Cement Production
12/11/2006EPA Updating Its Libraries
12/11/2006EPA Announces that Maine Meets Air Quality Health Standards
12/08/2006EPA Files Complaint, Seeks Civil Penalties Against Bruneau Cattle Company (Owyhee County, ID) for Federal Clean Water Act Violations
12/08/2006EPA to Discuss Updates on Library Status
12/08/2006Laconia, N.H. to Hold Smart Growth Design Meetings
12/08/2006Environmental Clean-up Continues at Danversport, Mass. Explosion
12/08/2006Recognizing Quality in Water Quality Trading
12/08/2006Green Energy Facility in Ellenwood, DeKalb County, Georgia meeting energy needs while protecting the environment
12/07/2006EPA joins DeKalb County for ribbon cutting ceremony at the Seminole Landfill Green Energy Facility

Facility meets energy needs while protecting the environment
12/07/2006Two New England Schools Recognized Nationally by EPA for Indoor Air Quality Efforts - Districts in Woodbridge, Conn. and Westborough Mass. Awarded
12/07/2006EPA schedules open house and public meeting on Indiana Harbor disposal facility health study
12/07/2006Students Can Breathe Heavy Sigh of Relief
12/07/2006EPA to Discuss Improved Process for Reviewing U.S. Air Quality Standards
12/07/2006St. Regis Paper Superfund site update: Cass Lake well-pumping test begins
12/06/2006EPA applauds seven Minnesota school districts as national Energy Star Leaders
12/06/2006EPA Seeks Nominations for Annual Environmental Merit Awards - Deadline for Nominations Extended to Jan. 30, 2007
12/06/2006EPA Begins Final Lower Manhattan Testing Program
12/06/2006EPA and IDEM to discuss plan to clean up West Branch of Grand Cal River
12/06/2006Unity Township Municipal Authority Receives Regional Award for Environmental Performance