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09/30/2008Eighteen agencies gather in Seattle to accept EPA’s "Federal Green Challenge"
09/30/2008Hydranautics fined for not following hazardous waste requirements that protect employees, community

San Diego County firm to pay over $10,000
09/30/2008Los Angeles Department of Water and Power fined for federal asbestos violation
09/30/2008EPA orders owner and operator of Hakimo property to clean up hazardous substances
Location was subject of search warrant in May
09/30/2008U.S. EPA seeks nearly $1 million from 99 Cents Only Stores for pesticide violations
09/30/2008EPA settles with the City of Anchorage for over $40,000 for hazardous waste handling violations
09/30/2008North Dakota developer fined for discharges of pollutants to Lake Elsie wetlands
09/30/2008Anaheim company fined after failing to notify response agencies following chemical release
09/30/2008EPA fines six Arizona charter school operators for asbestos violations
Schools failed to have inspections completed and asbestos management plans
09/30/2008Unified Command Announces Debris Burning Information
09/30/2008EPA Awards Over $290,000 to TCEQ for the Texas Clean Diesel Program
09/30/2008EPA Region 7 Urges Parents to Contact Health Department Following Mercury Spill at Skate Park in Pittsburg, Kan.
09/30/2008EPA Issues Final Yucca Mountain Radiation Standards
09/30/2008Waco student receives EPA science fellowship
09/30/2008Lubbock student receives EPA science fellowship
09/30/2008EPA Awards Maine $492,200 for Clean Diesel Projects
09/30/2008Conway student receives EPA science fellowship
09/30/2008Nation’s 2nd Largest Glass Manufacturer Pays for Air Pollution Violations
Saint-Gobain Glass Containers, Inc. fined nearly $1M by U.S. EPA in 2005; company now facing additional penalties
09/30/2008EPA Awards Over $400,000 to the City of Albuquerque
09/29/2008University of Kansas to Pay $39,431 Civil Penalty and Launch Project to Resolve Hazardous Waste Violations
09/29/2008EPA issues order to American Samoa company to control water pollution discharges
MYD Samoa Inc. could face fines if it fails to prevent shipyard pollutants from entering Pago Pago harbor
09/29/2008EPA fines Super Store Industries for failing to notify response authorities after hazardous chemical release
09/29/2008U.S. EPA takes action against Eqyss International to protect horses and owners from unregistered pesticides
09/29/2008EPA Awards Grant to Drexel University for Water Research
09/29/2008Cleanup of historic Uravan uranium mill completed
09/29/2008EPA settles with Waste Treatment Facility in Richland, Washington for over $304,000 for hazardous waste handling violations
09/29/2008U.S. EPA settles with Westbridge Agricultural Products, protects public from mislabeled product
09/29/2008U.S. EPA requires six Chino dairies to protect water from manure waste
Joint effort with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board
U.S. EPA takes action against Dole for failing to provide toxic chemical information needed by first responders
Atwater facility to pay $32,500 for violations
09/29/2008EPA cites Vector Tobacco for pesticide misuse and alleged worker safety issues
Company to pay $65,000 for violations at Kauai facility
09/29/2008EPA fines Bug Stop Pest Control for pesticide violations
Pesticide contained three times the normal active ingredient, from unregistered facility
09/29/2008Growing a Garden of Future Environmental Leaders -
54 Students Receive EPA Research Fellowships
09/29/2008EPA cites Wisconsin Veneer and Plywood for clean-air violations
09/28/2008Pollution Response Continues in Wake of Ike
09/26/2008U.S. EPA fines Northern California company for failing to report information needed by first responders
09/26/2008EPA Awards $382,000 for Ottumwa's Water Infrastructure
09/26/2008EPA Region 7 Outdoor Classroom to Help Science Students Test Stream and Celebrate Water Monitoring Month
09/26/2008Nearly $1 Million Awarded for Projects to Improve Health of Long Island Sound; Funding for Habitat Restoration, Water Quality and Wildlife Conservation among Initiatives
09/26/2008EPA Seeks Grant Proposals to Help Improve Environmental Quality of Life for Active Aging
09/25/2008EPA fines Nevada wholesaler for allegedly selling unregistered water cleaning product
Thermwell Products Company distributed product to Lowes
09/25/2008U.S. EPA orders JCI Jones Chemical to take steps to protect drinking water from hazardous chemicals at Montrose site
09/25/2008EPA takes action against Del Monte Fresh Produce to protect community, workers from hazardous waste
Company fined $190,000 for improperly stored and handled hazardous waste
09/25/2008EPA air permit for Morro Bay power plant reduces emissions, protects air quality
Modernization project will also increase power generation
09/25/2008EPA Awards Connecticut $492,200 for Clean Diesel Projects -- Part of Nearly $2.4 Million State and Federal Grants Funded Across New England
09/25/2008EPA Awards New Hampshire $492,200 for Clean Diesel Projects -- Part of Nearly $2.4 Million State and Federal Grants Funded Across New England
09/25/2008EPA Awards Rhode Island $196,880 for Clean Diesel Projects -- Part of Nearly $2.4 Million State and Federal Grants Funded Across New England
09/25/2008EPA Awards Vermont $196,880 for Clean Diesel Projects -- Part of Nearly $2.4 Million State and Federal Grants Funded Across New England
09/25/2008EPA Awards Massachusetts $492,200 for Clean Diesel Projects -- Part of Nearly $2.4 Million State and Federal Grants Funded Across New England
09/25/2008EPA: Great Lakes Legacy Act Buffalo River Sediment Evaluation Expanded
09/25/2008EPA OKs Michigan Department of Community Health Lead-based Paint Pre-renovation Education Program
09/25/2008Committee Recommends Revisions to Rule to Control Microbial Drinking Water Contamination
09/25/2008EPA Decides Contaminated Buildings at Concord, Mass. Superfund Site Should be Demolished
09/25/2008Massachusetts Water Professionals Prepare to Address Emergency Situations
09/25/2008EPA OK's self-audit agreement with Wisconsin colleges
09/25/2008EPA Selects Environmental Achievement Award Winners -- Three Awardees from Virginia
09/25/2008EPA Selects Environmental Achievement Award Winners -- Two Awardees from Maryland
09/25/2008EPA Selects Environmental Achievement Award Winners -- Delaware Facility Among Awardees
09/25/2008EPA Selects Environmental Achievement Award Winners -- Four Awardees from Pennsylvania
09/24/2008 U.S. EPA approves State of California’s request to redesignate the San Joaquin Valley Air Basin to attainment
EPA also approves commitment for monitoring in East Kern area
09/24/2008EPA Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Changes to List of Impaired Waters for Missouri
09/24/2008Agencies Selected to Receive Almost $5 Million in Diesel Emission Reduction Grants
09/24/2008Manchester, N.H. Landlords Face Fines for Failing to Warn Tenants about Lead Paint
09/24/2008U.S. EPA acts to protect public from Unelko Corporations’s unregistered pesticides
09/24/2008EPA Launches New Chemical Assessment and Management Efforts
09/24/2008U.S. EPA Awards $1.13 Million Grant to West Coast Non-profit to Help Truckers Save Fuel, Improve Air Quality
09/24/2008Maine Company Fined for Clean Air and Emergency Right-to-Know Act Violations
09/24/2008Five New Performance Track Members Pledge to Improve the Environment with Goals that Surpass Environmental Regulations
09/24/2008Keep on Trucking - with Lower Emissions through EPA's $50 Million Clean Diesel Funding
09/24/2008Green Building Award Winners Make New York City More Sustainable
09/24/2008EPA Awards $286,000 for Ellsworth's Wastewater Infrastructure
09/24/2008U.S. EPA Report Targets Local, National Environmental Trends
Highlights from 2008 Report on the Environment released today
09/24/20082008 Report on the Environment: Highlights of National Trends
09/24/2008EPA Powers Up Contaminated Sites into Renewable Energy
09/23/2008EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waiver for Georgia
09/23/2008Attention Returning Galveston ResidentsAtención, residentes de Galveston que están por regresar a sus hogares
09/23/20082 New England Facilities Join, and 7 Re-Commit to Environmental Improvements
09/22/2008Dovex Fruit Company, Inc., Agrees to Pay EPA $98,241 for Risk Management Program Violations
09/22/2008Unified Command Established for Post-Hurricane Ike Pollution Response
09/22/2008Washington Beef agrees to spend at least $115,942 to settle EPA Risk Management Program violations
09/22/2008U.S. EPA orders seven Southern California businesses to clean up San Fernando Valley Superfund Site
09/22/2008Massachusetts Contractor to Pay Nearly $64K for Lead Paint Violations
09/22/2008Two Fall River Seafood Companies Pay Fines for Chemical Reporting Violations
09/22/2008Owners of Maine Vacation Parcel Pay $115,000 Fine for Filling a Wetland
09/22/2008New Permit Issued for Industrial Stormwater Discharges Offers Improved Features
09/22/2008Cleaned-Up Superfund Site to Benefit New Jersey Town
09/22/2008New England Experienced Fewer Smog Days During Recent Summer
09/22/2008Federal Agencies Map Plans to Address Marine Debris
09/22/2008Blog Question of the Week: Do you compost yard waste and why?
09/19/2008EPA Region 7 Welcomes Three New Midwest Members to the National Environmental Performance Track Program