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08/31/2010EPA’s Public Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing Study toTake Place in Binghamton, New York
08/31/2010EPA’s Public Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing Study to Take Place in Binghamton, New York; Meeting Scheduled for September 13 and 15 at the Broome County Forum Theater
08/31/2010EPA Disapproves Components of TCEQ’s Air Permitting Program
08/31/2010Poor Air Quality Predicted for Southern and Eastern New England for Wednesday and Thursday
08/30/2010Wayne County, Neb., Landowner and Excavation Contractor to Pay $30,000 Civil Penalty for Building Unauthorized Dam
08/30/2010EPA Recognizes Staples as One of Nation’s Top Green Power Purchasers
08/30/2010EPA Recognizes Connecticut as One of Nation’s Top Green Power Purchasers
08/30/2010EPA Announces Native American Youth Artwork Contest: “Help Fight Environmental Crime”
08/30/2010No-wake Zone Reduced to Emory River Mile 1.8 to 2.1
08/30/2010EPA, DOT Propose New Fuel Economy Labels/Agencies seek public comment on the most dramatic overhaul in the label’s 30-year historySe proponen nuevas etiquetas de eficiencia de combustible --
EPA, DOT solicitan comentarios del público para los cambios más dramáticos a las etiquetas en su historia de 30 años
08/30/2010TODAY: EPA, DOT to Hold Press Conference Call on Fuel Economy Label
08/27/2010EPA Denies Petition Calling for Lead Ammunition Ban
08/26/2010UPDATE: EPA Administrator Continues New Orleans Visit Commemorating Hurricane Katrina Anniversary
08/26/2010EPA Orders Removal of PCB-Contaminated Materials from Massena, N.Y. Site and Decontamination of Buildings Before Demolition
08/26/2010Blackfeet Tribe applies for Clean Water Act standards program
08/26/2010EPA Administrator Travels to New Orleans to Commemorate Hurricane Katrina Anniversary
08/26/2010EPA Issues Order to Tonawanda Coke for Clean Water Act Violations
08/26/2010U.S. Takes Action to Stop Illegal Acid Waste from Texas Chemical Plant
08/25/2010TOMORROW: EPA Administrator Travels to New Orleans to Commemorate Hurricane Katrina Anniversary/Four-day visit will include visits with students, residents and community organizations
08/25/2010Settlement with Revere, Mass. Addresses Wastewater, Stormwater Discharges
08/25/2010EPA Announces “Green Streets-Green Jobs” Pilot Grants for Anacostia
08/25/2010EPA awards $630,500 Clean Diesel grant to South Shore Clean Cities Inc.
08/25/2010Bayer CropScience LP to Pay $37,790 for Failure to Implement Risk Program, Perform Accident Review at Kansas City Facility
08/25/2010Today, Wednesday: EPA hosts (TELEPHONE ONLY) government press briefing on ongoing Enbridge oil spill response
08/25/2010U.S. EPA to Establish Nation’s Largest Coastal No-Sewage Zone
08/24/2010Somerville to receive $400,000 in EPA funding for Brownfields
08/24/2010Air Toxics at Eden Gardens Fundamental Elementary School Below Levels of Concern
08/24/2010U.S. Announces $26 Million Bankruptcy Settlement with Chemical Manufacturer
08/24/2010EPA Oversees Maintenance at Ambler Asbestos Superfund Site
08/24/2010EPA To Hold Public Hearing on the Proposed Rule to Reduce Interstate Transport of Ozone and Fine Particle Pollution
08/24/2010EPA Schedules Second Public Meeting on Edgewater, N.J. Toxic Site: Public also Given More Time to Provide Input
08/23/2010EPA Invites Public To Meeting On Ten-Mile Drain Site
08/23/2010Western Sugar Cooperative to Pay $56,736 Penalty and Upgrade Plant to Settle Clean Water Act Issues at Scottsbluff, Neb.
08/23/2010EPA Hosted (TELEPHONE ONLY) Government Press Briefing on Ongoing Enbridge Oil Spill Response moves to weekly Wednesday schedule
08/20/2010EPA Releases Draft Strategy for Clean Water
08/20/2010EPA Proposes Plan to Clean Up the Source of Ground Water Contamination at the Cortese Landfill Site in Sullivan County, NY
08/19/2010New England Schools Get Ready for School Year – and Big Energy Savings
08/19/2010Decision on Iowa’s Water Quality Standards
08/19/2010Today, Thursday: EPA Hosts (TELEPHONE ONLY) Government Press Briefing on Ongoing Enbridge Oil Spill Response
08/19/2010EPA Announces a Schedule of Public Hearings on Proposed Coal Ash Regulations
08/18/2010Vermont Receives $800,000 from EPA to Clean Brownfields
08/18/2010Cheese Manufacturer Sorrento Lactalis to Pay U.S. $315,000 for Exceeding Discharge Levels Into Idaho’s Mason Creek
08/18/2010$15,000 EPA Grant Helps Lowell Youth and Environment Program
08/18/2010Sumner, Washington landowners fined $18,000 for wetlands violations
08/18/2010EPA and Lancaster Company Reach Settlement on Chemical Reporting Violations
08/18/2010EPA, Philadelphia International Airport and US Airways Unveil New Low Emission Shuttle Buses for Passengers
08/18/2010EPA Awards $217,036 in Environmental Education Grants
08/18/2010Media Advisory: EPA, State and Local Officials To Hold Media Briefing on Hammond Gas Leak Today
08/18/2010EPA to Take Action on Chemicals Used in Dyes, Flame Retardants, and Industrial Detergents /
Efforts to limit exposure and reduce harm to people
08/17/2010EPA Launches Web Forum on How to Best Protect America’s Drinking Water
08/17/2010Get Your Students Back to School – While Saving Money and Helping the Environment
08/17/2010Administrator Jackson Announces EPA’s International Priorities / Agency to work with other countries to curb pollution at home and abroadAdministradora Jackson proclama las prioridades internacionales para la EPA / La agencia colaborará con otros país para limitar la contaminación a nivel nacional e internacional
08/17/2010Bayer Agrees to Terminate All Uses of Aldicarb
08/17/2010U.S. Files Amended Complaint against Owners and Operators of Massachusetts Plant That Exploded in 2006
08/16/2010EPA accepting comments on proposed Lafarge hazardous waste permit
08/16/2010Today, Monday: EPA hosts (telephone only) government press briefing on ongoing Enbridge oil spill response
08/16/2010EPA Recovers A Quarter Million Dollars In Cleanup Costs at H.M. Quackenbush Site in Herkimer, N.Y., After EPA Removed Tons of Toxic Waste and Sludge
08/13/2010EPA Proposes Sediment Limits for Chesapeake Bay Pollution Diet
08/13/2010Advanced Planning for Back-to-School Can Save Money and Help the Environment
08/13/2010EPA To Hold Public Hearings on Proposed Rule to Reduce Interstate Transport of Ozone and Fine Particle Pollution
08/13/2010EPA Invites Public to Vote in Rachel Carson Contest
08/13/2010EPA Approves Kansas' List of Impaired Waters
08/12/2010EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks Available to Conduct Interviews at Iowa State Fair
08/12/2010$485,000 Grant to De Soto, Kan., for Drinking Water Project
08/12/2010EPA Proposes Rules on Clean Air Act Permitting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
08/12/2010Federal Task Force Sends Recommendations to President on Fostering Clean Coal Technology/ Interagency report marks an important step forward on administration priority
08/12/2010Eight Beef Feedlots in Northwest Iowa Face Enforcement Actions as EPA Emphasizes Compliance with Clean Water Act
08/12/2010EPA Cites International Petroleum Corporation of Delaware for an Oil Spill in Chester County, Pa.
08/11/2010State of Illinois, Chicago Public Schools and Harris Make List of Top Purchasers of Green Power
08/11/2010Work Begins Next Week at Pine Street Canal Superfund Site
08/11/2010Saranac Lake, N.Y. Gas Station Owner to Install New Equipment to Ensure Underground Petroleum Tanks Are Not Leaking Into Groundwater
08/11/2010Removal Effort Begins at Gardner, Mass. Site
08/11/2010Owner of Fertilizer and Feed Supplement Maker in Fairbury, Neb., to Pay $30,000 Penalty for Violations of Clean Water Act
08/11/2010EPA issues order to Estate of James Campbell and Weston Solutions, Inc., to complete final cleanup at former wood treatment facility on Oahu
08/11/2010EPA Proposes Improvements to Chemical Reporting
Actions to help keep children, families safer
08/10/2010EPA, DOJ, State of Hawaii, environmental groups, reach agreement with the City and County of Honolulu to address wastewater collection and treatment systems
08/10/2010Tanco Kansas City to Pay $97,845 Civil Penalty for Violations of Clean Water Act, Failure to Prepare Facility Response Plan
08/10/2010Plains Pipeline to Spend $41 Million to Prevent Oil Spills Across 10,000 Miles of Pipeline
08/10/2010CONSUMER ALERT: EPA Advises Care When Selecting Pesticides for Bedbug ControlALERTA PARA EL CONSUMIDOR:
EPA: Tenga cuidado a la hora de hacerle guerra a las chinches
08/10/2010Government Press Briefing on Ongoing Enbridge Oil Spill Response Shifts to Twice-Weekly Schedule (Mon. and Thursday) Beginning Thursday, August 12
08/09/2010CHANGE OF VENUE: EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Public Meetings Moved to Oncenter Complex Convention Center in Syracuse, New York; Same Times, Same Day, Different City
08/09/2010NEW JERSEY LANDFILL OWNERS AGREE TO COMPLY WITH CLEAN AIR ACT; New Landfill System Maximizes Gas Collection for Potential Energy Recovery
08/09/2010DEQ and EPA Release Additional Results from Air Monitoring in Tulsa Area
08/09/2010EPA Announces $200,000 in Environmental Justice Grants to Support Communities Directly Affected by BP Oil Spill
08/09/2010EPA Sets First National Limits to Reduce Mercury and Other Toxic Emissions from Cement Plants
08/09/2010EPA Announces $200,000 in Environmental Justice Grants to Support Communities Directly Affected by BP Oil Spill