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12/31/2009Nominations Sought for 2012 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
12/31/2009EPA Seeks Public Input on Interim Guidance for Dioxins in Soil Cleanup Goals
12/30/2009EPA Submits Comments on New York State Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Drilling Environmental Impact Statement
12/30/2009EPA Announces Actions to Address Chemicals of Concern, Including Phthalates: Agency continues efforts to work for comprehensive reform of toxic substance laws
12/30/2009EPA Identifies Three Industries for Financial Obligations in Cleanup of Environmental Releases

Action is a first step to ensure owners of these facilities, not taxpayers, foot bill for the cleanup of environmental releases
12/29/2009EPA Outlines Framework for Holding States, D.C. Accountable for Reducing Chesapeake Bay Watershed Pollution; Additional $11.2 Million Provided
12/29/2009EPA to Hold Public Hearing on Air Quality Standards for Sulfur Dioxide
12/28/2009EPA Strengthens Transboundary Hazardous Waste Shipment Regulations
12/28/2009EPA and University of Florida Sign Consent Agreement Settling Hazardous Waste Violations
12/28/2009Record Annual Enforcement Results Achieved in the Southeast; New Mapping Tool Released
12/24/2009EPA Releases National, Regional Enforcement Statistics for 2009
12/23/2009U.S. EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results and Mapping Tool
12/23/2009EPA Releases Guam, CNMI, American Samoa Annual Enforcement Results and Mapping Tool
12/23/2009EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results and Mapping Tool / Report summarizes 2009 cases in Hawaii
12/23/2009U.S. EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results, Interactive Mapping Tool Shows Nevada Environmental Enforcement
12/23/2009 U.S. EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results, Interactive Mapping Tool Shows California Environmental Enforcement
12/23/2009U.S. EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results, Interactive Mapping Tool Shows Arizona Environmental Enforcement
12/23/2009EPA Proposes to Expand the Lead Monitoring Network /Proposed changes would help determine if areas meet air quality standards for airborne lead
12/23/2009EPA Releases New Mobile Source Emissions Model
12/23/2009U.S. EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results and Mapping Tool
12/22/2009Guam Fire Department receives new equipment as result of EPA settlement with Shell Guam
12/22/2009Settlement Reached at Sutton Brook Disposal Area Superfund Site in Massachusetts
12/22/2009Great Lakes Legacy Act Ottawa River cleanup underway
12/22/2009EPA Adopts Strong Standards for Large Ships to Curb Air Pollution
12/22/2009EPA Seeks Small Business Input on Air Toxics Rule for Brick Production
12/22/2009Duke Energy to Spend $93 Million to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations
12/22/2009EPA settles with Clear Lam packaging on hazardous waste violations; penalty, environmental project ordered
12/22/2009EPA Seeks to Disclose Pesticide Inert Ingredients
12/21/2009Southwest Missouri Pet Supply Dealer to Pay $56,632 Penalty for Re-Labeling, Selling Misbranded Cattle and Hog Insecticide
12/18/2009EPA Releases First-Ever Baseline Study of U.S. Lakes
12/18/2009EPA Seeks Applications for Environmental Community Grants
12/18/2009Asbestos and Other Hazards Removed from Walpole, Mass. Superfund Site
12/18/2009Cleanup Work Completed at Agawam, Mass. Site
12/18/2009EPA Hosts Symposium on Green Preservation of Older Buildings in Indianapolis Jan. 21, 2010
12/18/2009EPA Awards Over $31 Million to the Texas Water Development Board
12/18/2009EPA Releases National Water Program Research Strategy to Advance and Broaden Research Partnerships
12/17/2009EPA Reaction to DecaBDE Phaseout Announcement
12/17/2009North Charleston, S.C., Partnership Among Winners of EPA’s National Environmental Justice Achievement Awards
12/17/2009Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc agrees to $5 million groundwater and soil cleanup
12/17/2009EPA’s Trailblazer Award Honors Lehigh Valley Health Network
12/16/2009EPA Hosts Video Competition to Promote ‘Three Rs’ of Consumer Waste
12/16/2009EPA Makes Final Decision on List of Impaired Waters for Missouri
12/16/2009Northern California Emergency Responders Receive
New Equipment Following U.S. EPA Enforcement Action, Settlement
12/16/2009U.S. EPA Launches National Environmental Video Competition to Promote “Three R’s” of Consumer Waste
12/15/2009EPA Posts New Schools Air Toxics Monitoring Initiative Data
12/15/2009First Results from Air Toxics Monitoring at Idaho School Released Today
12/15/2009School Air Toxics Monitoring Program samples air at 14 schools in the Southeast. Initial data for Vonore Elementary and Middle School and West Greene High School released today.
EPA Region 4 Now Monitoring for Air Toxics at 12 Schools in the Southeast
12/15/2009EPA Issues First Set of Air Toxics Monitoring Data from Roland-Story High School in Story City, Iowa
12/15/2009EPA Region 6 Releases Air Monitoring Data from Five Texas Schools
12/15/2009EPA releases data for air toxics monitoring
at Clariton Education Center in Allegheny County
12/15/2009Settlement for Old Southington Landfill Superfund Site Ensures Protections from Contaminated Groundwater
12/15/2009Companies that Illegally Exported Electronic Waste to Hong Kong Agree to Pay Over $21,000 Penalty
12/15/2009EPA Provides New Data from Schools Air Toxics Monitoring Initiative
12/15/2009THURSDAY: EPA to Present National Environmental Justice Achievement Award in Charleston, S.C.
12/15/2009EPA invalidating VOC monitoring data at Spain Elementary School in Detroit
12/15/2009EPA releases first air monitoring data from Elm Street Elementary School in Wauseon, Ohio
12/14/2009EPA fines CUC for failing to submit facility oil spill response plan
12/14/2009EPA and Oglethorpe County High School Officials to Hold Availability Session about the Oglethorpe County High School Mercury Spill in Lexington, GA
12/14/2009President Obama’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Funding to be Used for Immediate Asian Carp Control Measures
12/14/2009U.S. EPA and the Port of Stockton Agree on Improved Management of Storm Water Discharges to the San Joaquin River
12/14/2009New Category of Geothermal Heat Pumps Can Now Earn the Energy Star
12/11/2009U.S. EPA approves California’s 1-hour ozone plan in San Joaquin Valley
12/11/2009U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Announces Information Meetings for the Jacksonville Ash and Brown’s Dump Site
12/11/2009Power Plants Continue to Decrease SO2 Emissions under EPA Cap and Trade Program
12/11/2009Newly-Appointed EPA Regional Administrator Checks Progress at Recovery Act-Funded New Jersey Hazardous Waste Site
12/11/2009EPA Signs Two Rules to Further Protect Ozone Layer
12/10/2009Seven Superfund Sites in EPA Region 7 to Receive Funds from Nation's Largest Environmental Bankruptcy Settlement
12/10/2009Largest Environmental Bankruptcy in U.S. History Will Result in Payment of $1.79 Billion towards Environmental Cleanup and Restoration / Largest recovery of money for hazardous waste clean up ever
12/10/2009TMDL ‘Pollution Diet’ Meetings Set for Virginia
12/10/2009Federal Officials to Hold Conference Call to Discuss Largest Environmental Bankruptcy in U.S. History
12/10/2009EPA reaches agreement with Dow Agrosciences on clean-air violations
12/10/2009EPA Orders Roberson Oil Company to Stop Discharging
12/10/2009Limited EPA Study Finds Low Level of Concern in Samples of Recycled Tires from Ballfield and Playground Surfaces
12/10/2009EPA Releases Final Specification for WaterSense New Homes: This will help homeowners increase water efficiency and save on their utility bills
12/09/2009EPA’s Energy Star Buildings Mark a Decade of Savings
12/09/2009EPA Celebrates a Decade of ENERGY STAR Buildings
12/09/2009EPA Fines Puerto Rico Air National Guard for Improperly Managing Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
12/09/2009EPA Orders Thomas Exploration Company to Stop Discharging
12/09/2009EPA’s Energy Star Buildings Mark a Decade of Savings: Oldest, tallest, largest buildings named
12/08/2009U.S. EPA Issues Arizona Toxic Release Data, Copper and Zinc Among Most Common
12/08/2009EPA releases 2008 Guam Toxics Release Inventory numbers
12/08/2009EPA Releases Most Up-to-Date Information Ever About Chemicals in U.S. Virgin Island Communities
12/08/2009EPA Releases Most Up-to-Date Information Ever About Chemicals in Puerto Rico Communities; Releases in Puerto Rico Down 4 Percent
12/08/2009EPA Releases Most Up-to-Date Information Ever About Chemicals in New Jersey Communities; Releases in New Jersey Down 9 Percent
12/08/2009EPA Releases Most Up-to-Date Information Ever About Chemicals in New York Communities; Releases in New York State Down 15 Percent
12/08/2009TE Product Pipeline Company, LLC, Fined for Violating the Clean Water Act
12/08/2009EPA Issues 2008 Information on Toxic Chemical Releases
12/08/2009EPA Releases Guidance to Help Federal Facilities Better Manage Stormwater
12/08/2009U.S. EPA Issues Nevada Toxic Release Data, Arsenic and Lead Among Most Common
12/08/2009U.S. EPA Issues 2008 American Samoa Toxic Release Data
12/08/2009U.S. EPA Issues 2008 CNMI Toxic Release Data
12/08/2009U.S. EPA Issues California Toxic Release Data, Lead and Ammonia Among Most Common