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08/29/2003Clean Air Act Rule Will Reduce Mercury Emissions
08/29/2003EPA Finalizes Emissions Controls for Primary Magnesium Refinery
08/29/2003EPA Finalizes Emissions Controls for Primary Magnesium Refinery
08/29/2003New Air Toxics Rule Targets Organic Liquid Distribution
08/29/2003New Mact Standards to Reduce Emissions from Taconite Ore Processing Facilities
08/29/2003EPA Finalizes Lime Manufacturing Facilities
08/29/2003Vice President and Operations Manager of Detroit Environmental Firm Indicted
08/29/2003W.R. Grace Liable for Libby; Montana Cleanup Costs
08/29/2003EPA Water Infrastructure Fund Programs Promote Water Efficiency
08/29/2003Ohio Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Sentenced
08/29/2003EPA Begins Cleanup In Henniker, N.H.
08/29/2003EPA Announces Funding to Improve Monitoring and Water Quality at RI Beaches
08/29/2003OSHA Issues Safety and Health Information Bulletin on Process Used In Oil Refinery Operations
08/29/2003EPA Issues Stop Sale on Disinfectant/Sanitizer
08/28/2003EPA Cites Erie, Pa. Gasket Maker for Asbestos Violations
08/28/2003EPA Denies Petition to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Motor Vehicles
Waco Woman Is Finalist in National Wetlands Photography Contest
08/27/2003Eastern Diversified Metals Site to be Completed Under Federal Agreement
08/27/2003Microban Systems Settles Pesticides Violations
08/27/2003EPA Announces Next Step to Improve the New Source Review Program
08/26/2003EPA Continues Efforts to Reduce Hazardous Air Emissions
08/26/2003EPA Completes Cleanup at Douglassville Superfund Site - Former toxic waste site transformed into green space, walking trail
08/26/2003Ground Broken for New Bedford Harbor PCB Cleanup Facility
08/25/2003EPA fines Nevada land developer and contractor for Clean Air Act violations; Two companies will pay $90,000 in fines and train personnel in county dust rules
Show details for 08/25/200308/25/2003First Wyoming facility accepted into EPA Program
08/25/2003EPA Grants $8 Million to Maine for Drinking Water Programs
08/22/2003EPA Finalizes Two Rules to Reduce Toxic Air Emissions from Facilities that Apply Coatings to the Surface of Metal Cans and to Various Metal Parts
08/22/2003EPA Accepting proposals for Research on Endocrine Disruptors Using Computer Modeling
08/22/2003Clean Watersheds Needs Survey 2000 Report to Congress Now Available
08/22/2003Agencies Extend Public Comment Period for Draft EIS about Mountaintop Coal Mining
08/22/2003EPA Begins Health Risk Assessments for Six New Chemicals through Agency’s IRIS Program
08/22/2003Comments Received for Nonroad Proposal
08/22/2003EPA Announces New Fellowship Opportunities in Research
08/22/2003EPA recognizes new Arizona environmental Performance Track members
08/22/2003EPA recognizes new California environmental Performance Track member
08/22/2003EPA Proposes Cleanup Plan for Roebling Superfund Site
08/22/2003EPA Takes Final Steps to Reduce Toxic Air Emissions from Cleanup Sites
08/22/2003EPA Recognizes New Environmental Performance Track Members
08/21/2003EPA’s Student Environmental Development Program for Inner City Youth Marks it’s 10th Year -
August 21 was graduation day for Philadelphia students
08/21/2003EPA Lauds Shenandoah County for Protecting Drinking Water
08/21/2003EPA Awards the District of Columbia a $500,000 Environmental Information Grant
08/21/2003Tour EPA’s 135-Foot Ocean Going Survey Vessel At Penn’s Landing
08/21/2003EPA Awards Maryland a $297,700 Environmental Information Grant
08/21/2003EPA Awards Delaware a $297,700 Environmental Information Grant
08/21/2003EPA fines California miners $44,000 for illegal operations
08/21/2003EPA to Conduct Another Round of Residential Well Sampling at the Shpack Landfill Site in Norton, Mass.
08/21/2003EPA to Begin Dredging Portion of New Bedford Harbor Work Will Allow Construction of Cleanup Facility
08/21/2003Poor Air Quality Predicted in Several New England Areas for Friday, August 22
08/21/2003EPA and State of Vermont Launch Mentor Network to Improve Air Quality in Schools
08/20/2003EPA announces national wetlands photography contest winners
08/20/2003Poor Air Quality Predicted in Several New England Areas for Thursday, August 21
08/19/2003Reno Area Receives New Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle; State-of-the-art truck funded by a U.S. EPA grant
08/19/2003EPA Proposes $57,000 Fine Against Department of Veterans Affairs For Lead Paint Disclosure Violations in Maine and Massachusetts
08/18/2003Property Management Company and Property Owners in Richmond Cited for Alleged Lead Disclosure Violations
08/15/2003Lucky Friday Mine's issued new wastewater discharge permit
08/15/2003U.S. EPA and UNOCAL Settle Air Emissions Reporting Case
08/15/2003EPA, Mass. and New Bedford Settle Bankruptcy Claim with Aerovox
08/15/2003EPA and NH DES to hold an open house at the Keefe Environmental Services Superfund site
08/15/2003EPA to review cleanup progress at Ottati and Goss/Kingston Steel Drum Superfund site
08/14/2003Fabricant Announces Resignation as EPA’s General Counsel
08/14/2003EPA proposes Penalty against Arkansas Company for Underground Storage Tank Violations
08/14/2003Federal Agency Team Improves Dredged Materials Management
08/14/2003Cabot Corp. Settles Chemical Reporting And Hazardous Waste Storage Violations at Boyertown Plant
08/14/2003Agencies Extend Public Comment Period For Draft EIS About Mountaintop Coal Mining
08/14/2003EPA and General Electric Reach Agreement on Design of Hudson River Cleanup
08/14/2003EPA Performance Track Criteria to be Considered in Assessments by International Investment Advisory Firm
08/13/2003EPA awards $2.4 million grant to Wheeling to upgrade wastewater treatment system
08/13/2003EPA Will Go Back to School With Students
08/13/2003EPA announces intent to partially delete Monticello Mill Tailings (USDOE) Site from National Priorities List
08/12/2003EPA proposes fine of up to $137,500 against Portland company for violating Clean Water Act
08/12/2003EPA orders Southwick farm to restore 5.5 acres of wetlands
08/12/2003EPA Awarded $2 Million in Environmental Information Grants
08/11/2003Acting EPA Administrator Horinko Lauds Today’s Nomination of Gov. Mike Leavitt as New Administrator
08/11/2003EPA Files Complaint Against Hilo Coast Power and Brewer Environmental Industries
08/11/2003EPA Fines California Hot Tub Manufacturer for Toxic Chemical Release Reporting Violations
08/11/2003U.S. EPA Gives Napa County $72,000 For Wetland Protection
08/11/2003Cleanup to begin at EPAC site
08/08/2003Annapolis Teenager’s Photograph Earns Top Honors in National Contest
08/08/2003EPA and DOJ Recover $2.5 Million In Cleanup Costs at New Hampshire Waste Site
08/08/2003EPA Helps Launch Global Water Quality Monitoring Effort- ‘World Water Monitoring Day’ to Broaden Environmental Awareness
08/07/2003Portland Meadows Assessed $500K Penalty
08/07/2003EPA Proposes Penalty Against Arkansas Company for Underground Storage Tank Violations
08/07/2003EPA Regional Administrator Kenny Honors Performance Track Members; Encourages Companies to Join Program Promoting Environmental Stewardship