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12/31/2003New York City Universities Will Help Area High Schools Become Better Environmental Stewards; Projects are Part of Consent Orders to Settle Past Hazardous Waste Violations
12/31/2003EPA Cites Alcoa Subsidiary for Hazardous Waste Violations
12/30/2003Se aprueba nuevo estándar para calidad del agua
12/30/2003Water Quality Standard Approved
12/30/2003U.S. EPA orders Yavapai county town to monitor drinking water
12/30/2003U.S. EPA orders Lake Mead town to monitor drinking water
12/30/2003U.S. EPA orders Wickenburg water systems to correct lead problem
12/30/2003U.S. EPA orders home developer to comply with Clean Water Act requirements for construction projects in inland southern California
12/29/2003EPA Announces Opportunity for Public to Present Comments to Peer Review Panel Regarding Ecological Risk Assessment for the Housatonic River
12/29/2003EPA Seeks Nominations for Annual Environmental Merit Awards; Deadline for Nominations is Feb. 2, 2004
Ships’ Engineers Indicted for Conspiring to Illegally Discharge Oil at Sea
12/23/2003 New Jersey Iron Pipe Manufacturer Indicted on Environmental and Worker Safety Charges
12/23/2003 EPA Grants Jump Start Clean Diesel Retrofits
12/23/2003Hydraulic Fracturing Industry Reduces Use of Diesel Fuel
12/23/2003Grant to Mt. Rainier National Park Cleans Up Diesel Emissions
12/23/2003EPA orders Miller's Auto Dismantling to stop polluting local water
12/23/2003 Finalized Revised Policy Regarding Submetered Properties
12/23/2003New Standards for Highway Motorcycles Contribute to Air Quality ImprovementsNuevos estándares sobre las motocicletas contribuyen a mejoras en la calidad del aire
12/22/2003EPA establishes plan to clean up nutrients in Appoquinimink River and tributaries
12/22/2003EPA announces the availability of the Administrative Record for the Red Panther Chemical Site, Clarksdale, Mississippi
12/19/2003EPA Administrator Leavitt Applauds City's Efforts to Protect Drinking Water
12/19/2003EPA Proposes Quality of Life Standards to Minimize the Impacts of the Hudson River Cleanup on Local Communities
12/18/2003Environmental Learning Gets $200,000 Boost
12/18/2003U.S. EPA reaches agreement with Nevada company over costs for mine waste clean up in Placer County
12/18/2003U.S. EPA asks for study of waste ponds at Martinez refinery
12/18/2003EPA orders Connecticut manufacturer to clean up site
12/17/2003 California Woman Pleads Guilty to Environmental Testing Fraud
12/17/2003Two Wisconsin Men Charged with Illegal Asbestos Removal
12/17/2003 Missouri Septic Company Owner Sentenced for Illegal Discharge of Sewage into River Tributary
12/17/2003 Washington Feed Company Fined for Illegally Dumping Diesel Fuel
12/17/2003 EPA Aging Initiative Listserv Invites More Participation
12/17/2003Royal City, WA Feed Company Fined for Illegally Dumping Diesel Fuel
12/17/2003Real Estate Developer Settles Wetlands Violation in Meadville, Pa.
12/17/2003Dunbar sanitary board receives environmental award
12/17/2003US EPA orders Seven-Up to comply with storm water discharge requirements
12/17/2003EPA selects Pinellas County for Land Revitalization/One Cleanup Pilot Project
12/17/2003Proposals Requested for Particulate Matter Research
12/17/2003Air Quality Proposal to Deeply Cut Power Plant Emissions is SignedFirman la propuesta sobre la calidad de aire para reducir drásticamente
las emisiones en las plantas energéticas
12/16/2003EPA establishes plan to clean up PCBs in Delaware River
12/16/2003Demolition underway of homes near Escambia Wood Treating Superfund site in Pensacola, Florida
12/16/2003EPA and Army Corps Issue Wetlands DecisionLa EPA y el Cuerpo de Ingenieros emiten decisión sobre los humedales
12/15/2003EPA Administrator Michael Leavitt Addresses Environmental Policy Committee of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
12/15/2003EPA Administrator Michael Leavitt Addresses Environmental Policy Committee of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
12/15/2003Clean Air Proposals Promise Sharp Power Plant Pollution Reductions Propuestas para el aire limpio prometen drásticas reducciones en la contaminación de las plantas energéticas
12/13/2003EPA announced the avialability of the Administrative Record for the Lead Removal Site, Anniston, Alabama
12/12/2003Canadian Shipping Company Fined for Dumping Oil in the Ocean
12/12/2003EPA awards grant to support teacher education project
12/12/2003EPA Recognizes Baldwin Hardware for Its Commitment to Reducing Waste
12/12/2003Claremont, N.H. Agrees to $6,000 Fine for Oil Spill Control Violations
12/11/2003 California Company Executive Sentenced to 37 Months for Hazardous Waste Offenses
12/11/2003Missouri Trucking Company, Owner and Employee Indicted
12/11/2003 California Manufacturer Sentenced for Clean Air Act Violation
12/11/2003 Virginia Company Owner Indicted in False Certificate Case
12/11/2003Canadian Shipping Company Fined for Dumping Oil in the Ocean
12/11/2003 New Report Shows 17 Percent Increase in Underground Storage Tank Cleanup
12/11/2003Collaboration on “Green Suppliers Network” Underscores the Manufacturing Industry’s Environmental Commitment
$2.7 Million in Grants Awarded to Study Hazardous Substance Clean Up at Superfund Sites
12/11/2003National Student Competition for Sustainability Designs
12/11/2003 Industrial Cleaning Proposal to Protect Public Health by Increasing Solvent Recycling
12/11/2003EPA increases environmental enforcement actions in Pacific Islands by 119 percent in 2003
12/11/2003EPA increases California environmental enforcement cases by 33 percent since 2001
12/11/2003EPA increases Arizona enforcement actions in 2003
12/11/2003U.S. EPA orders Palmdale Water District to remove chemical from drinking water
12/11/2003EPA increases Hawai'i environmental enforcement actions by 67 percent in 2003
12/11/2003EPA, NDEP enjoy strong enforcement, compliance assistance year
12/11/2003EPA Continues Successful Enforcement Program Nationally and in Region
12/11/2003EPA Defers the Broad Brook Mill Site to Connecticut DEP for Cleanup under State Authority
12/11/2003EPA’s New England Office Announces Strong Enforcement Results for 2003
12/11/2003EPA and DEP Issue Draft Discharge Permit for Marlborough Treatment Plant
12/11/2003Community Smog Reduction Agreements to Offer Head Start in Meeting More Protective New Standards
12/11/2003Pollution Reduction Enforcement Numbers More Than Double; Agency Using Better Data to Guide Enforcement InitiativesLa aplicación de las leyes ambientales elimina el doble de la contaminación en el 2003;
La Agencia utiliza mejores datos para sentar las bases de dicha aplicación
12/09/2003Tar Creek Agreement Reached
12/09/2003EPA and Louisiana Declare ExxonMobil Facility "Ready for Reuse"
12/09/2003Want More Money in Your Pocket during the Holiday Season?
12/09/2003EPA Congratulates Ashford’s Webelos Pack 92 Eagle Patrol
12/09/2003EPA Completes $1 Million Cleanup of Historic Building in Bellows Falls, VT
12/08/2003EPA orders pest control company to stop selling illegal pesticide
12/08/2003Holiday Shoppers: Look for the ENERGY STAR
on Home Electronics
Consumidores Navideños: Busquen los electrodomésticos ENERGY STAR
12/05/2003EPA Awards $9,686 grant to Glenville State College to support Little Kanawha Watershed project
12/05/2003EPA Awards $5,000 environmental education grant to Children’s Treehouse Child Development Center
12/04/2003EPA Announces Significant Agreement with Governor's New Air Quality Designations for Texas
12/04/2003EPA Agrees with Governor's New Air Quality Designation for Louisiana
12/04/2003EPA Agrees with Governor's New Air Quality Designation for New Mexico
12/04/2003Most of Arkansas Should Meet New Ozone Air Quality Standard
12/04/2003EPA Recommends Evaluation of Four San Antonio Counties for New Air Quality Designation
12/04/2003All of Oklahoma Should Meet New Ozone Air Quality Standard
12/04/2003EPA Recommends Evaluation of 12 Dallas/Fort Worth Counties for New Air Quality Designation