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08/30/2004EPA recognizes Bay Area company as environmental partner
08/30/2004EPA recognizes two Southern California companies as environmental partners
08/30/2004EPA to Hold Public Meeting Regarding Explanation of Significant Difference at Tennessee Products Superfund Site in Chattanooga
08/30/2004EPA’s Performance Track Announces New Members
08/28/2004EPA Plans Four Possible New and Revised Industrial Wastewater Controls
08/28/2004 Three New Money- and Labor-Saving Methods Approved for Determining Compliance with Uranium Drinking Water Standards
08/27/2004Performance Track Memberships Renewed
08/27/2004Bassett Mirror Co. Settles Hazardous Waste Violations at Two Plants in Bassett, Virginia
08/27/2004EPA recognizes two Nevada environmental partners
08/27/2004Leavitt to Address Air Pollution Control Technology Conference
08/27/2004New Environmental Research Fellowship Opportunities Announced
08/26/2004 EPA Seeks Comment on Plans to Apply New Global System to Improve Pesticide Labels
08/26/2004Bruce Willis Agrees to Pay $21,000 Penalty and Restore Wetlands
08/26/2004New Orleans Area to Receive $600,000 in Brownfields Grants from EPA
08/26/2004EPA Cites Sargent Enterprises for Late Notification of Asbestos Removal at Bucks Co., Pa. Schools
08/26/2004EPA fines Arizona fertilizer supply companies $14,910
08/26/2004U.S. EPA begins soil cleanup at Valley Wood Superfund site
08/26/2004U.S. EPA fines Oxnard insulation manufacturer $152,245 for Clean Air Act Violations
08/26/2004EPA Fundamentals of Environmental Justice Training Course Postponed
08/26/2004Despite Progress, Sewer Overflows Still Pose Health and Environmental Concerns, EPA Reports
08/26/2004 EPA, DaimlerChrysler, and UPS Deliver Zero-emission Vehicles
08/25/2004 Colorado Electroplating Company and Manager Indicted in Sewer Dumping Case
08/25/2004EPA Seeks Penalties from North Andover Company for Idling Violations
08/25/2004U.S. EPA fines Yorba Linda company for selling unregistered pesticide
08/25/2004U.S. EPA passes baton to Nevada to oversee environmental cleanup of old rail yard
08/25/2004EPA settles stormwater violation case with Bali Hai Villas Limited Partnership on Kauai
08/25/2004U.S. EPA approves Clark County air quality permitting rules
08/25/2004EPA Regional Administrator Tours Demolition at Mackenzie Chemical Works
08/25/2004EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements Covering Fourteen New York Hospitals, Two-Thirds of the Hospitals in Greater Rochester Area
08/25/2004EPA Releases Its Draft Community Involvement Plan for Vieques
08/25/2004Connecticut Company to Pay $10 Million for Clean Water Act Violations
08/24/2004EPA Lodges Complaint Against Idaho Transportation Dept., Scarsella Brothers
08/24/2004EPA to Review Cleanup Progress at Gilson Road Site in Nashua, NH
08/24/2004EPA’s Drum Removal Cleanup Complete at Milford, NH Site
08/24/2004EPA fines Phoenix sheet-metal fabricator $19,250 for toxic air emission control violations
08/24/2004EPA Removes Two Niagara County Sites from the Superfund List
08/24/2004EPA Proposes Cleanup Plan for Howell Superfund Site
08/24/2004EPA to Hold Press Conference Regarding Cleanup at Universal Plating Site in Morganfield, Ky.
08/24/2004EPA Releases 12th Annual National Listing of Fish AdvisoriesEPA publica 12mo listado nacional anual sobre avisos de pesca
08/23/2004California Real Estate Developer Sentenced for Illegal Asbestos
Removal in Idaho
08/23/2004EPA Proposes $25K Penalty Against Owner of Diamond T Ranch
08/23/2004EPA Press Advisory: Communities Could Gain from EPA Proposal Encouraging Property Purchase
08/20/2004EPA Awards $224,560 to Connecticut for Water Quality Monitoring at State Beaches
08/19/2004EPA Announces $4 Million of Funding for Cleanup at NH Plating Superfund Site
08/19/2004EPA’s Graduates 15 Students From Summer Environmental Program - Channel 6 News Reporter Nydia Han Gives Keynote Address
08/19/2004U.S. EPA awards $74,000 to help teach improved farming practices
08/19/2004U.S. EPA fines Santa Barbara construction company for asbestos violations
08/19/2004U.S. EPA penalizes Los Angeles medical lab $156,000
08/19/2004Lee County Utilities in Fort Myers, Fla., Wins 2004 Safe Drinking Water Act Excellence Award
08/18/2004California Real Estate Developer Sentenced for Illegal Asbestos Removal in Idaho
08/18/2004Texas Painting Company and Owner Plead Guilty in Lead Paint Waste Case
08/18/2004EPA Proposes to Deny Hecla Request for Water Quality Relief
08/18/2004Aqueduct To Begin Citywide Orthophosphate Treatment
August 23 To Control Lead in District Water - Community Outreach Program Underway
08/18/2004Asbestos cleanup at high school in El Dorado Hills complete
08/18/2004 Sabine Transportation Fined for Ocean Dumping
08/17/2004Cleanup Progress at Wells G&H Superfund Site in Woburn, MA Will Be Reviewed
08/17/2004U.S. EPA cites Las Vegas store for selling canceled pesticide product
08/17/2004Global Earth Observation System Could Benefit States
08/16/2004PacifiCorp to clean up contamination in downtown SLC
08/16/2004Global Earth Observation System Benefits to be Featured by EPA and NOAA Administrators
08/13/2004EPA Inspections Find Clean Water Act Violations at 7 Pocatello-Area Construction Sites
08/13/2004ConocoPhillips to Pay $485,000 for Cook Inlet Wastewater Violations
08/13/2004U.S. EPA asks public to comment on Iron Mountain Mine cleanup
08/13/2004U.S. EPA, city of San Bernardino, sign Newmark Superfund site consent decree
08/13/2004EPA Proposes the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Area on Vieques and Culebra for Inclusion on the Superfund National Priorities List
08/12/2004EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Truck Stop Idling Rules
08/12/2004 EPA Funds Study to Determine Truck Drivers’ Exposure to Idling Emissions
08/12/2004 Connecticut Shipping Corporation to Pay $4.2 Million for Dumping Oil at Sea
08/12/2004Back to School with the Environment
08/12/2004Back to School with Clean Air - By Donald S. Welsh, U.S. EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator
08/12/2004U.S. EPA fines San Diego-area mining operators $11,000
08/12/2004EPA orders Pepsi to comply with Clean Water Act requirements
08/12/2004Coalition Announces 2nd Annual List Of New England's Best Workplaces for CommutersSM - More than 110 employers recognized for offering outstanding commuter benefits.
08/12/2004Maine Company to Pay $40,000 for Alleged Environmental Violations
08/12/2004EPA Proposes Critical Use Exemption of Methyl Bromide;
08/11/2004U.S. EPA Waives $124,000 Penalty After Lab Discloses Environmental Violations
08/11/2004U.S. EPA delists San Fernando Valley Verdugo site from Superfund list
08/11/2004Town of Belmont to Pay Fine for Oil Spill at Elementary School
08/11/2004Meat Processing Co. to Pay $26,000 to Settle Clean Air Act Case At New Hampshire Facility
08/10/2004Yardarm Knot Fisheries to Pay $11,000 Penalty for Fish Waste Violations
08/10/2004U.S. EPA files $16 M suit for Waste Disposal, Inc. cleanup costs
08/10/2004Three NH Companies Agree to Pay Fine to Settle EPA Complaint; Case is Part of EPA Push to Improve Compliance with Stormwater Regulations
08/10/2004EPA, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Coordinate Storm Water Compliance, Enforcement Actions in Raleigh
08/09/2004EPA awards grant to Hawai'i Department of Health for drinking water operator training program