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09/30/2004 Ship's Captain and Engineers Arrested on Ocean Dumping Charges
09/30/2004 DuPont PFOA Case Proceeds Before EPA Administrative Law Judge
09/30/2004 Idaho Man Sentenced in Paint Waste Case
09/30/2004 EPA to Recognize Winners of Laboratories for the 21st Century Student Design Competition
09/30/2004EPA Chief Helps Kick-Start $1.475 Million in Diesel Reduction Projects
09/30/2004EPA, Governor, Climate Trust Announce I-5 Truck Diesel Emission Reduction Project
09/30/2004EPA, Governor, Mayor Help Kick-Start Electrification of Docked Princess Cruise Ships
09/30/2004New England States Experienced Fewer Smog Days During Recent Summer
09/30/2004Moundsville receives $2.2 million EPA grant to help pay for water treatment plant
09/30/2004U.S. EPA settles with Stockton company for chemical release reporting violations
09/30/2004U.S EPA, Union Pacific, BNSF and SJVAPCD kick off diesel reduction in Central Valley
09/30/2004U.S. EPA seeking $357,000 from Arizona company for selling illegal pet products
09/30/2004EPA seeking $341,000 from Hawai'i company for selling illegal pet products
09/30/2004U.S. EPA seeking $357,000 from Arizona company for selling illegal pet products
09/30/2004U.S. EPA settles with So. Calif. company for $50,000 for selling illegal pet products
09/30/2004U.S EPA, California, Oregon, Washington join to announce comprehensive West Coast diesel initiative
09/30/2004U.S. EPA, San Diego Air Pollution Control District, Mexican authorities,
kick off diesel reduction in San Diego
09/30/2004EPA highlights $200,000 grant to reduce truck idling
09/30/2004EPA awards $71,000 to Bay Area Water Transit Authority
09/30/2004U.S. EPA fines two Ontario, Calif. companies for pesticide violations
09/30/2004Riverton WY man convicted of CWA violations for building three earthen dikes without permit
09/30/2004EPA Recognizes Fortune 500 Companies for Providing Commuting Options; Intel Heads the List
09/30/2004Fowler High Test Local Waters
09/30/2004Fowler High Test Local Waters
09/30/2004EPA Removes Love Canal from Superfund List
09/30/2004EPA announces Availability of Administrative Record for Tifton Property Removal Site in Lakeland, Fla.
09/30/2004EPA Recognizes Best Workplapces for Commuters from Fortune 500 Companies in Southeast
09/30/2004 Inspector General’s Report on New Source Review (NSR) Rule Change
09/30/2004EPA Reminds Pesticide Retailers Diazinon 'Stop-Sale' Date Approaching
09/29/2004EPA Awards Grants for Environmental Learning, Looks for New Projects
09/29/2004EPA Will Hold Public Meeting and Begin Work In Lancashire Street Neighborhood
09/29/2004Taunton Heating Oil Company to Pay $5,000 for Violations of Oil Regulations
09/29/2004Workshop for Reducing School Bus Pollution to be Held Oct. 5 at Tufts University; Topics Will Include $20 Million of New Grants for Bus Retrofits
09/29/2004NH Real Estate Developer and Contractor to Settle Clean Water Act Case
09/29/2004Urban Youth Vegetable Garden Project Gets Federal Funding
09/29/2004U.S. EPA settles with Lodi company for chemical release reporting violations
09/29/2004U.S. EPA removes Ralph Gray Trucking Co. Site in Southern Calif. from Superfund list
09/29/2004EPA waives fine after Arizona company discloses chemical release reporting violations
09/29/2004U.S. EPA seeks $154,000 from Oakland, Novato, Calif. facilities for selling unregistered, misbranded pesticides
09/29/2004EPA reaches settlement with KB Home over Clean Water Act violations
09/29/2004U.S. EPA selects plan to clean up part of the Lava Cap Superfund Site in Northern California
09/29/2004Nine Colorado companies recognized on EPA list of Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 companies
09/29/2004EPA sets plan to monitor water for town of Jackson, Wyoming
09/29/2004EPA offers free Grant-Writing Workshop
09/29/2004Two Connecticut Counties Identified for Potential Nonattainment Designation Under Fine Particle Air-Quality Standards
09/29/2004EPA Draws Attention to Hazards of Illegal Pesticides in Puerto Rico
09/29/2004EPA and National Urban League Join Forces to Protect Children from Environmental Health Risks
09/29/2004EPA Recognizes Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 Companies
09/28/2004EPA, Environment Canada Release Georgia Basin-Puget Sound Air Quality Study
09/28/2004EPA Seeking Applications for Environmental Education Grants
09/28/2004EPA Begins Full Scale Dredging of Contaminated Sediment from New Bedford Harbor
09/28/2004EPA recognizes GE’s Winchester Lamp Plant for Reducing Waste
09/28/2004EPA files complaint against vegetable farmer for failing to protect field workers from pesticides
09/28/2004Emissions of Principal Pollutants Down in Southeast
09/28/2004Dedication of New Environmental Research Annex
09/27/2004Connecticut’s Second “ No Discharge Area” Designated off the Coast of Groton/Mystic
09/27/2004EPA grant puts kids in the know about environmental health
09/27/2004Virginia gets $4.5 million EPA grant to fight storm water runoff
09/27/2004EPA Completes Short-Term Cleanup in Bainbridge
09/27/2004U.S. Announces Major Clean Air Act Settlement with Mirant Mid-Atlantic
09/24/2004Skowhegan, Maine Paper Company to Pay $78,000 Penalty for Clean Air Act Violations
09/24/2004EPA signs partnership agreement to help protect drinking water in Potomac River Basin
09/24/2004October is Children’s Health Month - The U.S. EPA Tips For Raising Healthy Kids
09/24/2004U.S. EPA fines Long Beach fiberglass firm $29,317 for hazardous waste violations
09/24/2004EPA settles with natural gas company for $57,750 for Clean Air Act violations on Navajo Land
09/24/2004EPA Celebrates National Estuaries Day in New Jersey with Live Webcast for Teachers and Students
09/24/2004EPA Reaffirms 20 Years of Partnership with Indian Tribes
09/24/2004 EPA Solicits Proposals for Up to $800,000 in Brownfields Grants for Low-Income Communities
Throughout the Country
09/23/2004 New Enforcement Initiative Encourages Cleanup and Reuse of Contaminated Property
09/23/2004 Connecticut Man Sentenced for Clean Water Act Violation
09/23/2004 Fuel Suppliers Preparing to Meet Future Low-Sulfur Diesel Requirements
09/23/2004Latest Notifications Page Added to
09/23/2004EPA and DEP Issue Discharge Permit for Marlborough Treatment Plant
09/23/2004EPA Proposes Williston, Vermont Site to Superfund List
09/23/2004Price Battery, Safety Light Proposed for Superfund List
09/23/2004Pennsylvania settles air complaints at Torrance State Hospital
09/23/2004Ravenswood Site Added to Superfund Hazardous Site List
09/23/2004EPA fines Alameda water district $46,000 over chemical release reporting violations
09/23/2004EPA proposes Buena Vista Mine in San Luis Obispo County for national Superfund status
09/23/2004EPA Proposes Arecibo Site for the Superfund List
09/23/2004EPA Proposes Crown Vantage Landfill for the Superfund List
09/23/2004White Swan Site Included on EPA's Superfund List
09/23/2004EPA Proposes Hopewell Junction Site for the Superfund List
09/23/2004EPA Celebrates National Estuaries Day in New York with Live Webcast for Teachers and Students
09/23/2004Three Sites in Southeast Proposed for Inclusion on EPA's Superfund List