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01/30/2004Bush Administration Proposes Major New Funding to Reduce School Bus Emissions
01/30/2004EPA/DOJ Enforcement Case Brings Clean Air Benefits to Boston
01/30/2004EPA Finds Cleanup to be Effective at Kingston, NH Superfund Site
01/30/2004EPA Press Briefing for President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2005
01/30/2004Bush Administration Proposes Major New Funding to Reduce School Bus Emissions
01/29/2004Ohio Rubber Company and President Plead Guilty to Clean Air Act Violations
01/29/2004 Public Comment Period Begins for Proposed Power Plant Regulations
01/29/2004 Workshop To Seek Input On Plant-Incorporated Protectant Experimental Use Permits
01/29/2004 More than Half of U.S. Commercial Building Space Now Eligible for ENERGY STAR
01/29/2004Connecticut Based Shipping Company Pleads Guilty to Cover-Up of Discharge of Oil and Sludge into Ocean
01/29/2004U.S. EPA proposes to approve Valley air plan
01/29/2004EPA Settles Complaint With San Fernando Refrigeration Company For $37,000
01/29/2004EPA, Hopi and Navajo Tribes finalize cleanup plan to address Tuba City's leaking underground tanks
01/29/2004Citizens Coordinating Council Meeting on February 4, 2004 for the General Electric / Housatonic River Site
01/29/2004EPA Announces Availability of Administrative Record for Holmes Scrap Yard Removal Site in East Spencer, N.C.
01/29/2004EPA Announces Availability of Administrative Record for Stallworth Timber Site in Beatrice, Ala.
01/29/2004NAS Report Outlines Air Quality Progress, Future Challenges
01/29/2004EPA Issues New Guidance and Database for Research Models
01/29/2004Bush Administration Proposes Major New Funding for Great Lakes CleanupLa administración Bush propone nuevos fondos significativos para la limpieza
de los Grandes Lagos
01/29/2004EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt to Announce Major New Funding to Reduce School Bus Pollution - North Allegheny School District will be Recognized for Clean School Bus Efforts
01/28/2004EPA Awards $5,000 Environmental Education Grant to support conference on outdoor classrooms
01/28/2004U.S. EPA gives $715,000 to Contra Costa for drinking water research;
01/28/2004EPA solicits Environmental Award nominations
01/28/2004EPA Seeks Fine Against West Springfield for Oil Spill at High School
01/28/2004EPA Completes Cleanup at Connecticut Plating Shop
01/28/2004EPA Presents Awards to Cape Citizens
01/28/2004Eleven Companies Agree to Fund Hazardous Waste Removal at Bayonne Barrel and Drum Site in Newark
01/28/2004EPA Region 4 Announces Award Recipients of 2003 Evnironmental Education Grants
01/28/2004EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt to Announce Federal Funding for Great Lakes
01/27/2004Bush Administration Proposes New Funding for Chesapeake Bay
01/27/2004EPA Awards $5,000 grant to fund teacher workshops
01/27/2004Sloan-Kettering Fined for Failure to Properly Manage Hazardous Waste
01/27/2004Bush Administration Proposes New Funding for Chesapeake Bay
01/27/2004EPA Issues New Best Practices Guidance for Research Models
01/26/2004EPA fines Tempe company $17,500 for toxic air emissions
01/26/2004EPA approves changes to Arizona's cleaner burning gasoline program
01/26/2004EPA Honors Bank of America
01/26/2004Automakers and Gasoline Refiners Join EPA to Celebrate Milestone in Clean Air ProgramFabricantes de automóviles y refinadores de gasolina se unen a la EPA
para celebrar logro en el Programa de Aire Limpio
01/23/2004 Wyoming Man Indicted for Clean Water Act Violations Affecting Indian Lands
01/23/2004 Manufacturer Pleads Guilty to Illegal Storage of Phosphorus Waste in $18 Million RCRA Case
01/23/2004 Ohio Man Sentenced for Falsifying Clean Air Act Permit Application
01/23/2004EPA Encourages New Englanders to Warm Up to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
01/23/2004Bamberg Board of Public Works in Bamberg, South Carolina Wins 2003 Consumer Confidence Report Excellence Award
01/23/2004Spartanburg, S.C., Water Sysyem Wins 2003 Consumer Confidence Report Excellence Award
01/23/2004EPA Issues Guidance About Landowners Whose Property May Be Contaminated by a Neighbor's Actions
01/23/2004Leavitt Showcases Newest Generation of Clean Cars and Fuels
01/22/2004EPA Proposes Approval of New Hampshire Fuel Requirements That Will Preserve Air Quality Benefits of Federal Reformulated Gasoline Without Oxygenate Mandate
01/22/2004William C. Murphy of Glencoe, Ala., pleaded Guilty 17 Counts of Violating Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act and 11 Counts of Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods
01/22/2004EPA Recognizes Bank of America in Commemoration of 2nd Anniverary of Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act of 2002
01/22/2004EPA Announces Availability of Administrative Record for Thomaston Tire Fire Site in Upson, Ga.
01/21/2004EPA to Begin Asbestos Removal at Burned Mill in Southington, Conn.
01/21/2004EPA Urges Home Testing for Radon to Reduce Lung-Cancer Risk
01/20/2004U.S. EPA settles Clean Water Act case with Los Angeles developer
01/18/2004 EPA’s Technical Assistance Continued for Thailand
01/18/2004Grants Totaling $6.5 Million Awarded to Measure the Amount of Carbon in Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5)
01/18/2004Alabama Man Pleads Guilty to 28 Counts in Pesticide Case
01/18/2004 Virginia Company and Two Officials Sentenced for Using False Asbestos Training Certificates to Obtain Asbestos-removal Contracts
01/18/2004New Web Portal Launched for Environmental Technology Opportunities
01/18/2004 New Guidance on Supplemental Environment Projects Issued by Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
01/16/2004 Company and Employee Sentenced for Buying False Asbestos Training Certificates
01/16/2004 More Than 100 Food Lion Stores Earn ENERGY STAR
01/16/2004Richmond Man Sentenced for Hiring Untrained Workers to Handle Asbestos During Apartment Renovation
01/16/2004EPA gives $433,000 to Eureka to reduce wastewater overflows
01/16/2004EPA Seeks Nominations for Annual Environmental Merit Awards; Deadline for Nominations is Feb. 2, 2004
01/16/2004EPA to Recognize Food Lion for Earning Energy Star
01/16/2004 EPA Guidelines Promote Truck and Locomotive Idling Reductions
01/15/2004EPA Awards $24,769 environmental education grant to train teachers about lower Potomac watershed
01/15/2004Emporia Foundry Settles Complaint Alleging Hazardous Waste Violations at Virginia Plant
01/15/2004EPA Cites Hazardous Waste Violations at Two Southeastern Pa. Foundries
01/15/2004Portions of Rocky Mountain Arsenal deleted from Superfund
01/15/2004Georgia Middle School Student Wins 2004 National Radon Action Month Poster Contest
01/14/2004Frigid Temperatures Make January a Good Time for Radon Testing
01/14/2004EPA awards $5,000 grant to Rachel Carson Council to support environmental teacher training project
01/14/2004EPA grants support Maryland environmental education
01/14/2004U.S. EPA to host disadvantaged business public hearing
01/14/2004EPA approves partial removal of Oahu's Del Monte site from Superfund List
01/14/2004EPA Charges Three Companies With Stormwater Violations at Massachusetts Development