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02/27/2004EPA's Pacific Islands Contact Office Manager in Honolulu retiring after 37 years of service
02/27/2004EPA fines Tucson company $12,995 for failing to report storage of a hazardous chemical
02/27/2004EPA Settlement Will Bring Puerto Rico Schools into Compliance with Asbestos Regulations
02/27/2004New Computer Model Predicts Vehicle Emissions Under More Stringent Future Air Quality Standards
02/26/2004EPA proposes cleanup plan for part of Nevada County Superfund site; public meeting slated to discuss proposal and alternatives
02/26/2004Vermont Receives $25,000 EPA “Healthy Urban Communities” Grant
02/26/2004Franklin, NH Receives EPA ‘Healthy Urban Communities” Grant
02/26/2004Maine Communities Receive $100,000 of EPA ‘Healthy Urban Communities” Grants
02/26/2004EPA and Government of Puerto Rico Implement Stewardship Program
02/26/2004Four New Rules Will Reduce Hazardous Air Emissions
02/26/2004EPA Adjusts Maximum Civil Penalties for Inflation
02/25/2004First U.S. Army Facility Declared "Ready for Reuse"
02/25/2004EPA Offers Free Workshop to Small Businesses on How to Get Technology Funds
02/25/2004EPA Sampling Shows Contamination Not Spreading
02/25/2004EPA fines 22 California companies for failing to file hazardous waste reports
02/25/2004U.S. EPA gives $75,000 to help California tribes protect drinking water systems
02/25/2004MMR: Sandwich Representation Needed for the Impact Area Review Team
02/25/2004EPA Announces Availability of $60,000 to Create Environmental Information Center on St. Croix
02/24/2004U.S. EPA orders developer to comply with Clean Water Act
02/24/2004EPA Funding Will Help Maine Tribes To Assess Pollution Exposure
02/24/2004EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements with Two New Jersey Healthcare Institutions
02/24/2004EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements with Four New York Healthcare Institutions
02/24/2004EPA to Continue Soil Sampling at Residential Properties in Anniston, and Oxford, Ala.
02/24/2004EPA Supplements Proposal to Reduce Power Plant Mercury EmissionsEPA ofrece propuesta suplementaria sobre la reducción de emisiones de mercurio de plantas energéticas
02/23/2004EPA Provides Interamerican University of Puerto Rico with Funding to Encourage Students to Pursue Environmental Careers
02/23/2004EPA Action Brings Better Lead-Based Paint Information to Tenants of 1,800 Apartments
02/23/2004U.S. Sues Dry Cleaners to Enforce EPA Orders
02/23/2004Bamberg Board of Public Works in South Carolina Wins 2003 Consumer Confidence Report Execllence Award
02/23/2004Ohio’s Largest Egg Producer Agrees to Dramatic Air Pollution Reductions from Three Giant Facilities
02/23/2004Greater Environmental Gains & Energy Savings Anticipated By More Efficient Power Supplies For Small Electronics
02/21/2004EPA to Collaborate on Research to Reduce Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles
02/19/2004EPA joins Pennsylvania and Allegheny County in recognizing local governments’ efforts to resolve sewage woes
02/19/2004EPA settles case against Phoenix company for toxic chemical reporting violations
02/19/2004EPA announces free toxics reporting workshops in Salt Lake City
02/19/2004EPA announces free toxics reporting workshops in Denver
02/19/2004Federal Forum - Media Briefing
02/19/2004Public Hearings Scheduled on Clean Air Proposals to Reduce Emissions of Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Mercury from Power Plants
02/18/2004 Michigan Auto Shop Owner Sentenced to 37 Months forIllegal Disposal of Hazardous Waste and Conspiracy Charges
02/18/2004 Ship’s Engineer and Shipping Companies Indicted for Ocean Dumping
02/18/2004 Recommendations Made to Improve the Environmental Health of Children Near the U.S.-Mexico Border
02/18/2004U.S. EPA and local agencies dedicate $20 million water treatment plant in Baldwin Park
02/18/2004Voluntary Partnerships Lead to Waste Reduction and Recycling
02/18/2004EPA and Department of Energy Sign Agreement to Expand Research and Computing CollaborationEPA y Departamento de Energía firman acuerdo para ampliar colaboración en las áreas de investigación y computación
02/17/2004Alaska General Seafoods Agrees to Fix Fish Waste Problems
02/17/2004US EPA demands that Seven-Up correct stormwater runoff
02/17/2004U.S. EPA gives $75,000 to help California tribes protect drinking water systems
02/17/2004EPA and Department of Energy to Sign Agreement for Research and Computing Cooperation
02/17/2004National Standards Announced for Cooling Water Intake Structures at Large Existing Power Plants
02/13/2004U.S. EPA announces intent to reclassify Valley air to extreme
02/13/2004EPA Reaches Agreement with 25 Parties to Study Contamination at Tewksbury, MA Waste Site
02/13/2004EPA Issues a Consent Agreement, Final Order Against Newport Steel Corporation's Wilder, Kentucky Facility for Alleged Violation of Clean Air Act
02/13/2004Butts County Water and Sewer Authority in Jackson, Ga., Wins 2003 Consumer Confidence Report Excellence Award
02/12/2004Detroit High School Engineer Indicted in Mercury Contamination Case
02/12/2004Six Individuals Indicted in Illegal Ocean Dumping of Oil-Contaminated Grain
02/12/2004 Former Saybolt Official Sentenced in Reformulated Gasoline Testing Scheme
02/12/2004Report on Environmental Compliance at Federal Facilities Is Available Online
02/12/2004Asbestos Abatement Supervisor Pleads Guilty in False Training Certificate Case
02/12/2004EPA updates consumer advisory fact sheet on website regarding lead in Washington, D.C. water
02/12/2004U.S. EPA and Clark County officials complete decontamination of Las Vegas property contaminated with mercury
02/12/2004J.R. Simplot agrees to pay EPA $525,000 to resolve Clean Air Act violations
02/12/2004U.S. EPA offers oil spill prevention workshop in Helena
02/12/2004U.S. EPA offers oil spill prevention workshop in Billings
02/12/2004U.S. EPA offers oil spill prevention workshop in Missoula
2004 Integrated Risk Information System Agenda;
02/11/2004EPA Updates Lamond Riggs Community on Site Investigations
02/11/2004U.S. EPA settles lead paint case with Newport Beach management company
02/11/2004EPA assists the CNMI's Department of Environmental Quality with removal of hazardous chemicals and pesticides
02/11/2004EPA assists Guam EPA in removing old hazardous chemicals
02/11/2004EPA recognizes two Utah facilities as environmental leaders
02/11/2004EPA recognizes three Colorado facilities as environmental leaders
02/11/2004EPA recognizes 3M Company-Aberdeen as environmental leader
02/11/2004Competition Reopens for 2004 Brownfields Loans and Cleanup Grants
02/11/2004EPA Announces Availability of Administrative Record for the Continental Turpentine and Rosin Removal Site in Shamrock, Fa.
02/11/2004Performance Track Welcomes 39 New FacilitiesSenda de Rendimiento da la bienvenida a 39 nuevas instalaciones
02/10/2004Oakley awarded $200,000 grant from U.S. EPA
02/10/2004US EPA grants Murrieta $96,000 to plan new sewer lines
02/10/2004Richmond Townhouses Apartments, Ltd., other parties will pay the EPA $1.5 million
02/10/2004Bay State Communities Receive $240,000 of EPA ‘Healthy Urban Communities" Grants