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03/31/2004Virginia Environmental Firm Owner Convicted for use of False Training Certificates for Asbestos and Lead Removal Work
03/31/2004Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines Can Now Earn the Energy Star
03/31/2004Louisiana Plant and Plant Manager Plead Guilty to Releasing Hazardous Chemicals into U.S. Waters
03/31/2004El Paso Company and Managers Indicted in Fraudulent Hazardous Waste Collection Scheme
03/31/2004Brownfields "Working for Cleaner Communities" Training Grants Awarded in Alaska, Oregon and Washington
03/31/2004Oklahoma Environmental Projects Receive EPA Grants
03/31/2004Texas Environmental Projects Receive EPA Grants
03/31/2004Louisiana Environmental Projects Receive EPA Grants
03/31/2004New Mexico Environmental Projects Receive EPA Grants
03/31/2004Arkansas Environmental Project Receives EPA Grant
03/31/2004EPA establishes clean-up plans for Guyandotte River watershed
03/31/2004EPA gives Brownfields Job Training grant to University of Hawai'i
03/31/2004EPA awards $918,700 in grants to Guam Waterworks Authority
03/31/2004EPA Announces Job Training Grant to Lewiston, Maine
03/31/2004EPA Announces Major Job Training GrantEPA Anuncia Propuesta Monetaria para Adiestramiento de Empleos
03/31/2004EPA Files Complaint Over Hazardous Waste Violations by City of Lebanon, NH
03/31/2004EPA Announces Job Training Grant to Groundwork Providence, RI
03/31/2004Dave King Selected as the New Head of EPA's Hudson River Field Office
03/31/2004EPA Awards Brownfields Job Training Grant to Brownfield Institute in Anniston, Ala.
03/31/2004Proposal to Remove Certain Combustion Turbines from Emissions Control
03/31/2004Over 1,000 to be Trained for Environmental Jobs in Brownfields Communities Nationwide
03/30/2004U.S. EPA gives $85,000 to Phoenix nonprofit to help tribes protect drinking water
03/30/2004U.S. EPA awards $250,000 to Bay Area organization for wetlands protection
03/30/2004EPA orders gas company to comply with Clean Water Act on Navajo land
03/30/2004US EPA orders gravel mine to comply with Clean Water Act
03/30/2004Oyster Bay Superfund Case Settled for Cleanup at the Liberty Industrial Finishing Site
03/29/2004EPA, Neoplan USA settle toxic release reporting case
03/29/2004Demolition of Saraland Apartments Located on Redwing Carriers Superfund Site in Saraland, Ala., to Begin
03/29/2004Association of Metropolitan Water Agency Awarded Two Million Dollars to Enhance Water Security
03/26/2004U.S. EPA awards $200,000 to Contra Costa County for brownfield project
03/26/2004U.S. EPA awards grant to community group to assist in Clear Lake Superfund cleanup
03/26/2004EPA and Boston School Department Announce Results of School Drinking Water Project
03/26/2004EPA Takes Enforcement Action Against Seabrook, NH for Clean Water Act Violations
03/26/2004EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements with Three New York Healthcare Institutions
03/26/2004Green Investing: A Growing Trend
03/25/2004U.S. EPA Orders Seven-Up to clean up waste water discharge from Sacramento facility
03/25/2004EPA takes steps to reduce Denver's air pollution
03/25/2004EPA Releases Draft Final Report for the Residential Dust Cleanup Program
03/25/2004North Carolina Local, State Governments Recognized for Innovation in Air Quality
03/24/2004 Proposed Regulations Ensure Extended Life of Vehicle Emission Controls
03/24/2004Risk Assessment Principles and Practices Staff Paper Released
03/24/2004 Norwegian Shipping Company to Pay $3.5 Million Fine
03/24/2004March Marks Significant Milestone in U.S. Efforts to Protect Ozone Layer
03/24/2004EPA and Texas Declare U.S. Air Force Facility "Ready for Reuse"
03/24/2004EPA expands website for lead in Washington, D.C. water
03/24/2004Alcan Aluminum Pays EPA $14 Million in Landmark Superfund Case
03/24/2004EPA Seeks Comments on Gas Mileage Testing Procedures
03/23/2004EPA's Campaign for National Poison Prevention Week Advises Parents to "Lock it Up"
03/23/2004U.S. EPA enters consent decree at Stringfellow Superfund Site $1.7 million reimbursed for costs of response to restore clean water in Riverside County
03/23/2004U.S. EPA fines LA Water and Power $42,284 for failing to notify authorities of a hazardous chemical release
03/23/2004Clean Air Excellence Awards Recognize 13 Innovative Environmental Efforts
03/23/2004Results of Annual S02 Allowance Auction Announced
03/22/2004Clean Air in Beaumont/Port Arthur Goal of Industry-Community Coalition
03/22/2004EPA orders Bali Hai Villas Limited Partnership to correct stormwater violations on Kauai
03/22/2004Bozeman business wins national award
for exemplary energy savings
03/22/2004Gillette business wins national award
for exemplary energy savings
03/22/2004EPA Announces Environmental Justice Grant Availability
03/22/2004Clean Air Excellence Awards to Recognize Innovative Environmental Efforts
03/19/2004US EPA announces WDI Superfund cleanup in Santa Fe Springs
03/19/2004FDA and EPA Announce the Revised Consumer Advisory on Methylmercury in FishFDA y EPA anuncian revisión en aviso a los consumidores
sobre mercurio metílico en pescado
03/18/2004EPA’s Campaign for National Poison Prevention Week Advises Parents to “Lock it Up”
03/18/2004California Auto Dealer Charged with Violating Clean Air Act
03/18/2004 Three Idaho Men Indicted in Oil-Based Paint Hazardous Waste Disposal Case
03/18/2004Three Idaho Men Indicted in Oil-Based Paint Hazardous Waste Disposal Case
03/18/2004Monsanto and Pharmacia Agree to Investigate Kanawha River Contamination
03/18/2004 Aquatic Ecosystems Research Applications Requested
03/17/2004U.S. EPA Regional Administrator recognizes certified dairy producer in Lodi
03/17/2004EPA Proposes to Remove Three Niagara County Sites from the Superfund List
03/17/2004EPA Takes Action to Ensure that Puerto Rico Highway Authority and Contractors Meet Stormwater Controls
03/17/2004Delay in Actions Called for in Agreement with EPA Costs Compania Petrolera Caribe
03/16/2004Nautilus Foods Settles EPA Clean Water Act Complaint for $15,000
03/16/2004EPA Approves Permit for Pogo Gold Mine
03/16/2004EPA to WASA: Redraw Lead Samples from 2004
03/16/2004Grant for Technical Assistance Awarded to Vieques Community Group
03/16/2004EPA to Hold Availability Session Regarding Rhoderia Drum Site in Stallings, N.C.
03/16/2004U.S. Announces Major Clean Air Act Settlement With Santee Cooper
03/12/2004US EPA awards Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians grant money for pesticide risk reduction work
03/12/2004Consent Decree Entered for Atlas Tack Superfund Site in Fairhaven, MA
03/12/2004EPA Provides Funding to Initiate Nine Environmental Education Projects throughout New Jersey