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12/31/2005Environmental Response Unified Command to Continue in 2006
12/30/2005Conn. DPW to Pay Over $38,000 To Settle EPA Claims of Clean Water Act Violations
12/30/2005EPA Removes Genesee County Site from the Superfund List
12/30/2005EPA Completes Cleanup in Johnstown, New York
12/30/2005EPA orders Saipan screen printer to stop discharging solid and hazardous wastes
12/30/2005Storm Water Rule Proposed to Comply with Energy Policy Act
12/30/2005New Vehicles Tested For Emissions Durability
12/30/2005$18 Million Targeted for Water Quality Monitoring
12/29/2005EPA Approves Iowa's Water Quality Standards
12/29/2005Aniak, Alaska Vocational Education Center in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act
12/29/2005EPA Reaches $29,000 Settlement with Meridian Beartrack Mine for Discharge Permit Violations
12/29/2005Saint George, Alaska in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act
12/29/2005New Requirements Proposed for Lead-Based Paint WorkProponen nuevos requisitos para labor de pintura a base de plomo
12/29/2005Tacoma Terminals fined $49,927 for Right-To-Know violations
12/28/2005News Brief: Deadline Nears for U.S. EPA Pickup of Large Appliances in St. Tammany Parish
12/28/2005EPA redesignates Douglas area as attaining sulfur dioxide standard
12/28/2005EPA Launches Program to Increase Use of Domestically Grown and Produced Fuels
12/27/2005EPA settles with Doboy on hazardous waste violations; sets $52,246 penalty
12/23/2005More Air Sampling Data Released from Hurricane Katrina-affected Areas in Mississippi and Louisiana
12/23/2005More Sediment Samples Released from St. Bernard and Orleans Parishes
12/23/2005Murphy Oil Sampling Data Released
12/23/2005University of Oregon Campus Recycling Program Wins EPA Award for Waste Reduction
12/23/2005Kitsap County, Washington Wins EPA Award for Waste Reduction
12/23/2005EPA To Improve Reporting of Air Emissions Data
12/23/2005Additional Aspect of the Clean Air Interstate Rule to be Reconsidered
12/22/2005EPA Approves Kansas' Impaired Waters List
12/22/2005Blackfeet Indian Reservation awarded EPA Brownfields Job Training Grant
12/22/2005EPA Selects Southern University for $199,999 Grant
12/22/2005EPA Selects Absentee-Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma for $200,000 Grant
12/22/2005EPA fines BASF Corporation for importing an improperly labeled pesticide
12/22/2005More Air Sampling Data Released from Hurricane Katrina-affected Areas in Mississippi and Louisiana
12/22/2005More Sediment Samples Released from St. Bernard and Orleans Parishes
12/22/2005Sampling Data Posted from 9 NPL Sites in Hurricane Katrina-affected Areas of Mississippi and Alabama
12/22/2005Murphy Oil Sampling Data Released
12/22/2005EPA Announces $200,000 Brownfields Job Training Grant to Goodwill Industries
12/22/2005EPA Announces $161,000 Brownfields Job Training Grant to West Virginia University
12/22/2005EPA Announces $2 Million in Brownfields Job Training GrantsEPA anuncia $2 millones en subvenciones para capacitación laboral en “brownfields”
12/22/2005EPA Selects Two New York Communities for Brownfields Grants
12/22/2005New England Shares in $2 Million of EPA Brownfields Job Training Grants
12/21/2005EPA reaches agreement with Wabash Alloys on clean-air violations
12/21/2005EPA cites Keystone Steel & Wire for clean-air violations
12/21/2005U.S. Announces $94 Million Clean Air Act Settlement with Chrysler Over Emission Control Defects on 1.5 Million Jeep and Dodge Vehicles
12/21/2005EPA: Evansville area meets ozone standard
12/21/2005Stronger Standards for Particles ProposedEPA propone estándares más estrictos para materia particulada
12/21/2005EPA Responds to Oil Spill in the Rahway River
12/20/2005EPA and Florida Sign Brownfields Agreement
12/20/2005LaFourche, Terrebonne Parishes Hurricane Hazardous Waste Collection Completed
12/20/2005U.S. Navy Pays EPA $40,000 for violating Jackson Park Interagency Cleanup Agreement
12/20/2005Central Calif. water district ordered to remove chemical from drinking water
12/20/2005170 parties agree to pay $10 million for cleanup of Omega Chemical Superfund site
12/20/2005Advisory: EPA to Propose New Particulate Matter Standard
12/19/2005EPA cites Domtar for clean-air violations
12/19/2005EPA cites Continental Tire for clean-air violations
12/19/2005EPA Proposes to Find Missouri Plan Inadequate to Attain Air Standard for Lead in Herculaneum
12/19/2005EPA Announces Intent to Issue Navy Approval to Dispose of PCBs
12/19/2005New Assistant Administrator Confirmed for Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
12/19/2005EPA Sends Technical Experts to Israel's Negev Desert
12/19/2005Outdoor Burn Ban Lifted for All Pacific Northwest Indian Reservations
12/19/2005Legislation to Reduce Global Persistent Organic Pollutants Receives Praise
12/19/2005Proposed Wet Weather Policy to Improve Wastewater Treatment
12/19/2005EPA Improves Wastewater Treatment with Proposed Wet Weather Policy
12/16/2005EPA Orders Union Pacific to Complete Omaha Lead Site Soil Cleanup Work
12/16/2005News Brief: EPA Releases Longer Term Analyses of Sediment Data from Hurricane Katrina
12/16/2005News Brief: More Air Sampling Data from Hurricane Katrina Released
12/16/2005Outdoor Burn Ban Update for Select Pacific Northwest Indian Reservations
12/16/2005More Air Sampling Data from Hurricane Katrina Released
12/16/2005EPA Releases Longer Term Analyses of Sediment Data from Hurricane Katrina
12/16/2005EPA Amends Enforcement Provisions for California's Phase 3 Reformulated Gasoline Program
12/16/2005Comments Sought on CAFO Compliance Extensions
12/15/2005Norwood, Mass. Manufacturer Agrees to Pay $8,250 for Pesticide Violations
12/15/2005Renewed EPA Funding for Harvard School of Public Health Research
Focuses on Major Component of Air Pollution
12/15/2005EPA to Award Brownfields Grant to City of Leavenworth
12/15/2005News Brief: EPA Publishes Procedures for Hurricane Vendor Inquiries
12/15/2005EPA helps American Samoa remove soil contaminated with explosives
12/15/2005EPA Announces New Rules that Will Further Improve and Protect Drinking WaterEPA anuncia nuevas regulaciones para mejorar aún más la protección del agua potable
12/15/2005EPA Publishes Procedures for Hurricane Vendor Inquiries
12/15/2005EPA awards $481,100 grant for drinking water treatment plant
12/14/2005Kentucky Receives More Than $3 Million to Protect Watersheds
12/14/2005EPA transitioning household hazardous waste collection to St. Tammany Parish
12/14/2005News Brief: EPA continues to collect household hazardous chemicals from residential waste
12/14/2005Advisory: EPA to Finalize Drinking Water Protection Rules
12/14/2005Results of EPA Air Sampling at Allendale School Released
12/14/2005Advisory: EPA Announces Largest Civil Administrative Penalty In Its History for Dupont PFOA Violations
12/14/2005EPA Eases Permitting Requirements for Small Businesses
12/14/2005After Extensive Analysis, EPA Removes Methyl Ethyl Ketone from List of Toxic Air Pollutants
12/14/2005Tools to Help Small Drinking-Water Utilities Control Arsenic
12/14/2005EPA Settles PFOA Case Against DuPont for Largest Environmental Administrative Penalty in Agency History
12/13/2005EPA to Award Brownfields Grant to Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority