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03/31/2005Cleveland Corp. Agrees To EPA Order To Comply With ‘Sweat Furnace’ Requirements
03/31/2005May Meeting Will Allow Opportunity for Public Input on GE/Housatonic Model Calibration Report
03/31/2005EPA Complaint Against Rhode Island Flooring Contractor Seeks $70,535 Penalty For Violations Related to Its Handling of Asbestos Flooring At Church Building
03/31/2005EPA proposes penalties for underground storage tank violations at two Idaho convenience stores
03/31/2005EPA awards $1 million to Prince George’s County, help protect Anacostia Watershed
03/31/2005U.S. EPA completes radioactive cleanup at Burbank site
03/30/2005EPA New England Offers $5,000 to $30,000 Healthy Communities Grants in New England; Deadline for One-Page Proposals is April 30th
03/30/2005Town of Newtown Faces Fine Of Up To $32,500 For Oil Spill From School
03/30/2005United States Files Superfund Suit for Reimbursement of Cleanup Costs at a Groundwater Contamination Site in Great Neck, New York
Former Location of Stanton Cleaners Dry Cleaning Operations
03/30/2005EPA Announces Record of Decision for Relocating Residents Impacted by Diaz Chemical in Holley, NY
03/30/2005Unitek Environmental Guam to pay $14,000 for hazardous waste violations
03/30/2005EPA orders Oahu Sugar to begin cleanup investigation at Waipio Peninsula pesticide mixing site
03/29/2005Lexington’s “Stand for Children” Holding Teach-in On Indoor Air Quality
03/29/2005The Dangers of Mercury - By Donald S. Welsh, U.S. EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator
03/29/2005EPA fines Yuma company $55,375 for reporting violations
03/29/2005EPA Announces Results of Annual Sulfur Dioxide Auction
03/29/2005EPA Issues "Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment" and Supplemental Guidance on Risks From Early-Life ExposureEPA emite “Normativa para la Evaluación del Riesgo de Carcinógenos” y Asesoramiento Suplementario sobre los Riesgos a la Exposición en las Primera Etapas de la Vida
03/28/2005Cleanup of Dearborn W.R. Grace asbestos site begins next week; meeting April 5, 6:30 p.m.
03/28/2005EPA Praises Maine’s Efforts to Curb School Bus Pollution
03/28/2005Environmental Sampling in Woonasquatucket River to Occur
03/28/2005Maine Gets Energy Star Label for Public Utility Commission Building
03/28/2005EPA announces the availability of the Removal Administrative Record for Altamount Road Drums Emergency Response
03/28/2005EPA announces the availability of the Administrative Record for the Vance Tank Road Battery Site in Bristol, Tennessee
03/28/2005EPA announces the availability of the Removal Administrative Record for the Union Timber Corporation Site in Homerville, Georgia
03/28/2005Stryker Building Mercury Screening Complete
03/28/2005 EPA to Announce Cancer Guidelines
03/25/2005EPA Empowering Communities to Reduce Risks from Toxic Exposure
03/25/2005Response to EPA Inspector General Report on the BioWatch Program
03/24/2005Agency Proposes to Maintain Pollution Permit Requirements for Five Small Industries
03/24/2005Oregon Man Sentenced in Illegal Paint Disposal Case
03/24/2005 Idaho Company Charged with Violating Clean Water Act
03/24/2005Oregon Man Sentenced in Illegal Paint Disposal Case
03/24/2005Idaho Company Charged with Violating Clean Water Act
03/24/2005EPA Announces the availability of the Removal Administrative Record for Impact Creations Drum Emergency Response in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee
03/24/2005EPA announces the availability of the Administrative Record for the Chapman Residential Mercury Spill Removal Site in Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi
03/24/2005EPA announces the availability of the Removal Administrative Record for the VCC - Port of Baldwin Mines Removal Site in Port Royal, Beaufort County, South Carolina
03/24/2005U.S. EPA, city of San Bernardino, announce the completion of a $28 million groundwater treatment system for Newmark Superfund Site
03/24/2005 EPA Provides $10 Million to Improve Beach Water Quality Monitoring
EPA brinda $10 millones para mejorar el monitoreo de la calidad del agua de las playas
03/23/2005EPA, IDEM and local officials continue joint efforts in AMACOR fire cleanup
03/23/2005Ocean dredged material disposal sites designated near mouth of the Columbia River
03/23/2005EPA Superfund Removal to begin at the Red Panther Site in Clarksdale, Mississippi
03/23/2005Richmond Property Management Co. and Owners to Pay $84,224 in Penalties for Lead Disclosure Violations
03/23/2005EPA halts water pollution from construction sites in Benson, Ariz.
03/22/2005EPA cites Reilly Industries for clean-air violations
03/22/2005EPA reaches agreement with Aluminum Recovery Technologies
03/22/2005$2.6 million settlement with OMC bankruptcy estate; separate agreement with Waukegan helps revitalization
03/22/200511 Facilities Added to EPA Region 4 Performance Track Program
03/22/2005U.S. Proposes to Settle With Companies at the Kin-Buc Landfill Superfund Site, in Edison, New Jersey
03/22/2005McWane Pipe Manufacturing Facility in Texas Will Plead Guilty to Air Violations, Pay $4.5 MillionEmpresa manufacturera de McWane Pipe en Texas se declara culpable de infracciones a leyes de aire y paga $4.5 millones
03/21/2005Cleanup Continues at Former Chroming Facility in Bangor, ME
03/21/2005EPA and Private Parties Reach Settlement Over Superfund Site in Essex County (Bayonne Barrel and Drum)
03/21/2005EPA Offers Free Workshop to Small Businesses on How to Get Technology Funds
03/21/2005Two Bay Area facilities pay $92,400 to resolve violations of environmental regulations
03/21/2005EPA issues comments on Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Legacy Parkway
03/18/2005Eight New England Facilities Join EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track Program
03/18/2005Five EPA New England Organizations are Joining EPA’s Energy Star Challenge
03/18/2005Cardozo Lockers Screened for Mercury
03/18/2005U.S. EPA settles with Modesto company for chemical reporting violations for $39,270
03/18/2005U.S. Announces Settlement of Landmark Clean Air Act Case Against Ohio Edison - Utility will spend $1.1 billion to reduce air pollution by 212,500 tons per year
03/17/2005EPA Proposes $255,206 Penalty Against Wilmington, Mass. Manufacturing Facility for Hazardous Waste Violations
03/17/2005North Pacific Processors, Inc. Penalized for Waste Discharge Permit Violations in Sitka Harbor Channel
03/17/2005Cairo High School Science Club & Biology Students' Environmental Outreach Program receives Presidential Environmental Youth Award
03/17/2005Nassau University Medical Center Settles Federal Hazardous Waste Case
03/17/2005U.S. EPA orders San Jose, Calif. to correct violations of federal Clean Water Act
03/17/2005EPA grants Petaluma firm $70,000 for green building research
03/17/2005U.S. EPA directs Bay Area air district to enhance refinery permits
03/17/2005Organización de Lawrence, Massachusetts Obtiene Partida de Dinero para ayudar a Reducir Riesgos de Salud a Personas Mayores
03/17/2005Federal Court Sentences Motiva Enterprises to $10 Million Criminal Fine - Motiva Pleads Guilty to Negligent Endangerment and Clean Water Act Violations
03/16/2005San Diego Printed Circuit Board Company and Officers Plead to Illegal Discharge into Sewers
03/16/2005Utah Man Indicted in Asbestos Case
03/16/2005Animal Feeding Operation Air Quality Agreement Comment and Signup Period Extended
03/16/2005EPA cites ADM for clean-air violations
03/16/2005U.S. EPA to Hold Public Meeting and Continue Work at APCO Mossberg Site in Attleboro
03/16/2005Pennsylvania Lab Owner Sentenced to Prison for Falsifying Environmental Test Results
03/16/2005EPA holds public meetings to discuss soil sampling results taken in Hayden, Winkelman, Kearny
03/16/2005Air Quality in Rocky Mountain National Park Focus of Colorado Air Quality Control Commission Meeting