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2002 News Releases


Vehicle Exhaust Emission Standards Amendments Issued

Release Date: 12/04/2002
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Cathy Milbourn 202-564-7824/

(12/04/02) EPA is issuing amendments to clarify the “Tier 2” light-duty vehicle exhaust emission standards. These amendments will provide additional options for light-duty automobile manufacturers to meet the Tier 2 standards in the early years of the program, until low-sulfur diesel fuel becomes widely available. The Tier 2/Gasoline Sulfur program will significantly reduce the emissions from new passenger cars and light trucks. These reductions will provide for cleaner air and greater public health protection, primarily by reducing ozone and particulate matter pollution. The program, which begins in 2004, treats vehicles and fuels as a system, combining requirements for much lower emitting vehicles with requirements for much lower levels of sulfur in gasoline. Several automobile manufacturers have requested EPA to make these changes, which will enable them to certify light-duty diesels meeting the Tier 2 interim standards in 2004. The amendments issued will result in the introduction of cleaner diesel vehicles sooner.