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Partnership to Help Communities Tackle Natural Disasters

Release Date: 12/19/2000
Contact Information: Bonnie Smith (215) 814-5543

Bonnie Smith (215) 814-5543

PHILADELPHIA -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are joining together to teach communities how to enlist nature as a long-term ally to prevent flooding and drought.

Environmentally sustainable ways to prevent destruction from natural disasters include protecting wetlands, stream side restoration, preserving open space in flood plains, and landscaping with vegetatation and permeable surfaces like gravel, instead of concrete.

EPA Regional Administrator Bradley M. Campbell and FEMA Regional Director Rita Calvan will sign a memorandum of understanding establishing a partnership between the two agencies. The signing will be at 10 a.m on Wednesday, December 20 at EPA’s regional office.

Administrator Campbell explained: “I am very pleased to sign this agreement combining resources and talents in EPA’s Green Communities Program and FEMA’s Project Impact. Working together, we can better serve communities which are taking action to reduce their vulnerability to flooding and drought.”

Director Calvan said: “Project Impact is FEMA’s initiative to assist communities become more disaster-resistant before disaster strikes. I am especially pleased that we can partner with EPA Region III, as communities need to be mindful of environmental protection and their disaster vulnerability when they strive toward sustainable development.”

This partnership will help communities meet their local needs. Visit EPA’s website for more information on the Green Communities program. For more information on Project Impact, visit