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Kean University Signs Agreement with EPA To Enhance Sustainability

Release Date: 03/18/2011
Contact Information: Jennifer May (646) 369-0039,

(Union, NJ) Kean University in Union, New Jersey has signed an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enhance environmental practices at the school. The university has pledged to reduce its energy, water and fuel use, increase recycling, and use more environmentally-friendly landscaping practices.

“In signing this agreement to improve its environmental practices, Kean University is setting an example for other colleges and universities in New Jersey,” said Regional Administrator Judith Enck. “Kean University is setting an example for its students and demonstrating that it understands the connection between a healthy environment and their future.”

Under the agreement between Kean University and EPA, the university will:

  • Join EPA’s WasteWise program, which will provide technical assistance to determine how much garbage is generated on campus and find ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. Kean already has a custom-designed aerobic digester which converts all food scraps into compost.
  • Participate in EPA’s RecycleMania, a competition between colleges and universities in the United States, Mexico and Canada to determine which schools can recycle the most.
  • Become an EPA Energy Star partner. Kean’s goal is reduce energy consumption by 10% while using more renewable energy for its facilities.
  • Use water-saving WaterSense products, and consult with EPA’s Greenscapes Program to further improve its sustainable landscaping, water conservation and stormwater management programs.
  • Join EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign and Clean Construction USA program, which will require the university to use equipment with controls that reduce harmful diesel pollution on future construction projects.

EPA has similar agreements in place with a number of major sports organizations, universities, hospital systems and real estate firms in New York and New Jersey. For more information on EPA green agreements, visit For more information on Kean University and its environmental efforts, visit

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