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1998 News Releases



Release Date: 12/1/1998
Contact Information: Bonnie Lomax (215) 814-5542

LEWISBURG, Pa. - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region III is proud to announce its newest green community - Union County, Pa.  A ceremony officially recognizing Union County is scheduled for 11 a.m. today at the Union County Planning Commission Office in the County Courthouse, 2nd and St. Louis Streets in Lewisburg.    

The EPA Green Communities Program helps local communities take responsibility for protecting their environmental resources.  A green community values its shared vision for a healthy future and works together toward long-lasting solutions to ensure it.  Through partnering and the on-line assistance kit, EPA’s Green Communities Program empowers citizens and community leaders to solve problems and make decisions that integrate the unique environmental, social, and economic issues in their own communities.

The Green Communities Assistance Kit is the centerpiece of the program, providing a step-by-step, easy to use framework for analyzing, planning and taking action in a systematic way.  The kit contains case studies, tools, information and resources which have al ready proven successful in green communities all over the world.  

The Green Communities Program  is one approach that EPA is using to protect the environment at the local level.  By providing tools and information through the web site, forging partnerships with community-based service providers, and working with a few key communities to ensure the feasibility and usefulness of the program, EPA hopes to act as a catalyst for communities to begin the journey toward becoming a sustainable green community.  

The Green Communities Kit is on the Internet at