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1995 News Releases



Release Date: 6/13/1995
Contact Information: Paula Bruin, U.S. EPA, (415) 744-1587

   (San Francisco)--The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(U.S. EPA) will hold a public meeting to discuss the recently
completed tests to solidify the hazardous waste at the McColl
Superfund site, Fullerton, Calif.

     The meeting will be held Thursday, June 15, 1995, from 7 to
9 p.m. in the Parks Junior High School Music Room, 1710 Rosecrans
Ave., Fullerton, Calif.  An informal open house will be held the
first hour to allow the community to discuss their concerns about
the solidification technology and health and temporary relocation
issues.  During the second hour, U.S. EPA will present survey and
test results.  Residents will be able to ask additional questions
following the presentation.

     The tests which were conducted earlier this year are part of
the cleanup plan selected by U.S. EPA.  The cleanup plan involves
neutralizing and solidifying the upper portion of the sumps at
the site and installing a multilayer, impermeable cap.  If the
solidification results do not meet the Agency's performance
criteria, the plan will proceed directly to the cap.  U.S. EPA
expects to reach a decision in late July.  

     The 22-acre McColl Superfund site was used during the early
1940s as a waste disposal facility.  Waste sludge, a highly
acidic by-product of oil refinery operations, was dumped at the
site.  Over the years the waste was covered by oil drilling muds
and top soils.  The 12 sumps are filled with nearly 100,000 cubic
years of highly acidic sludge and soils.  The waste periodically
seeps to the surface through fissures in the covering.

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